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    neutral safety switch connector diagram?

    Thank you! had the info i needed
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    neutral safety switch connector diagram?

    Trying to figure out what each wire controls in the 11 hole connecter. Trying to bypass it for a manual swap. Cannot find it on the net. 1999 explorer
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    This Newbie will not be fooled.

    are these shocks only on 4 door models? my 97 sport dont have one but my 4 door 99 does.
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    Leaf Springs

    yes. mono leafs i believe. I have a 1997 sport and its the same way. I believe if you have issues with them a set of leaf springs out of a 4 door will fit. I believe but not a 100% on.
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    East Coast List

    Name: Jason Location: Roxboro NC 1999 Explorer 4 door 4.0 OHV auto 1997 Explorer sport 4.0 OHV 5 speed
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    Aftermarket Clutch

    I heard luk is good. That it what ford puts in them new. Amazon have the sets with out slave clylinder for 100 free shipping. Thats what im planning on using
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    Timing Cover Gasket

    not sure what engine you have. But I dont see why you need to remove it. JUst take out the radiator and shroud. Take off the fan and belt. Then water pump. I never did a 4.0 but same principle for all engines just about. While you have it off. Check out the water pump and the timing chain. also...
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    Confused on my fuel pressure

    Thank ya'll for your feedback. I will replace it.
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    Confused on my fuel pressure

    The issues is lack of power on hills and such and hesitation till you get to about 40. only code it has is the after cat o2 sensor. the cat is about 1 year old. had recent tune up by the PO. the past codes was for precat o2 sensors reading lean. replace sensors and code went away. then had a...
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    Confused on my fuel pressure

    I have a 1999 4.0 ohv. After a couple of cylces the fuel pressure goes to 60 and stay there for a few minutes. I cranked it up and idling it stays at 60. I let it run for about 15 minutes and shut if off. Then the pressure drops to about 40. Cranked it back up goes to 60. but it wont hold there...
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    My explorer's being moody :(

    I would check fuel pressure first to check the pump and filter.
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    Rocker Panels and doglegs

    yeah mine will require welding. o well i guess it the nature of the beast of driving older cars and trucks
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    Rocker Panels and doglegs

    These seem to rust out pretty bad on all explorers. What causes it? Is it the running boards and molding?
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    2000 sport 2wd thinking of converting to 4wd

    probely the best way is to buy a doner explorer and start switching. Will not be a easy and simple task with out a doner.
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    Random Stalling/Stumbling

    I thought the fuel pressure should go to about 65 on the first turn of the key?
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    dog legs held in with screws

    Thank yall for the replays. After searching I decided to pop rivet the patch the seal around it. Majority of the rocker is ok. Just rusted out before the weld joint under the door (4 door) the wheel well looks good. The Drivers side is the same way just have not taking off the running board to...
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    dog legs held in with screws

    I have a 99 4 door explorer that needs new dog legs due to rust. Now with winter approaching and with other things I need to work on could I just cut the old out and rust convert and paint the rust and put the panels on with screws and weld then in next spring. I just dont want to rust to get...
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    could dissconnected pipe cause PO420

    ok thank you. Have to fix it sooner then I thought
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    could dissconnected pipe cause PO420

    My 4.0 ohv pipe is rusted away where is connects to the rear of the cat. The cat is about 2 years old. Could this cause a PO420 code?
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    Resetting codes.

    you can also get a 30$ code scanner off amazon that can read the codes and clear them. Comes in handy
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    5 speed shifter knob

    ok Its the same as a 90s f150 they are pressed on. Found one in the junk yard its the same as the explorers
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    5 speed shifter knob

    The knob on my shifter is gone. It doesnt look like there is threads to screw a new one on. Just kinda clamps on. Where can I find one? or can any after market knob fit on it?
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    Front Wheel Bearings - DIY or Paid Mechanic?

    Just loosen the main big nut while the wheel is still on because its tight. Very simple. 4 bolts on the back and the sensor.