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    Reason You Must Go To Dealer For Sync Update (early builds)

    What dates of build constitute an "early build"? I was surprised today to learn, via, that I have to go in for the update. Bought it in May 2011, and I want to say it was a March 2011 build. I have to look again to make sure. I was really looking forward to avoiding that.
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    MyFord Touch Upgrade Inbound

    That's all I got, too. I installed, and tried to report the install, but it doesn't seem to like the report. I also ran the Vehicle Report successfully, but it's still saying on the web that the old one expired. Ok, Ford.... can you please communicate to us what the heck is going on?
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    I do appreciate the offer, Cory, but Rebecca has done this previously. I did get a test download for the Bluetooth, but it didn't do anything. You know, if I knew there was a definite fix coming in January, with the rumored rebuild of MFT, I'd be happy to just wait it out. The local...
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    More phones getting voice text capability?

    Saw this article a couple days ago: Thoughts?
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    iPhone 4S. Same bluetooth noise.
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    Ford, did you test iOS5 with MFT?

    On my Android phone, I knew how to send an individual contact to MFT. Can't figure out how to do it using iOS5. Help, please!
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    I'll have a new iPhone 4S in a few days. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Bluetooth phone calls really noisy

    Click on FordCustSrvc in his message, then choose "Send a private message...". That'll do it.
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    I got a test download. I wrote to Rebecca, and demonstrated to her how noisy my Bluetooth was. I sent her two audio recordings from my voicemail, one from my ex, and the other with my wife's Ford Flex. Big difference. With Rebecca's help, I received some special whiz bang test download to...
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    Mounting / Wiring Radar Detector

    Is tapping into the mirror a plug n' play sort of thing, or are we talking soldering or something? I don't mind pulling a cover off and clipping things, but anything more than that, and I might be looking at an install job.
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    MFT version 2.11

    I completely understand and agree with you, except when your PC crashes, it's a bad event. When your car crashes, it's a REALLY bad day. I can see where someone tinkers with the software, which inadvertently causes a safety system or alert to malfunction, causing a crash/fatality. No, If...
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    No Tire Pressure Readout?

    TPMS reading I know we have a light that says when a tire(s) is under inflated. Is there any place we can get an actual reading by PSI, on any screen?
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    How is the New 2.11 working?

    The answer from me is, no, I don't think THIS person is expecting too much. I've owned a couple cars with built-in BT, and my wife has an '09 Flex. None of which is as bad as the Explorer BT system. The last car of mine, a Mercedes, most people didn't even know I was driving at freeway...
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    2.11 doesn't fix it. I know first-hand. :(
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    How is the New 2.11 working?

    I got the new 2.11 update yesterday. Made the screens a bit more responsive, but as I was relatively problem free on 2.8, like jrmexplorer said, it isn't going to be any world-rocking change. Glad I got it, tho. I WAS having problem with bluetooth noise, and when I took it in, the adviser...
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    Is BLIS integrated into the MFT software?

    Funny you posted this because I was wondering the same thing. Why? Because I had nearly the same thing happening. I'm sure, in the long run, BLIS is merely a safety tool to assist you, and not meant to replace common sense driving. Stated a different way, we're not flying via instruments...
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    Anyone have an X in Red Candy?

    Ancient Chinese secret! .....ok, ok.
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    Anyone have an X in Red Candy? :D
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    Ford offering a LIVE operator to SYNC service?? I know many other car manufacturers offer a service somewhat similar to SYNC (OnStar, mBrace, BMW Assist, etc). Having last owned an M-B, I missed the option to have a live operator. While...
  20. I is down

    Oh, is this a usual thing? My bad. I thought maybe it was prepping for impending MFT goodness.
  21. I is down

    When you try to log in, you see this: We're working on SYNC Owner, and the site will NOT be available from Saturday, July 09, 5:30 AM to Monday July 11, 08:00 AM (EDT). To access your SYNC account or to register for one, please return any time after Monday July 11, at 08:00 AM (EDT). We...
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    2011 Explorer Bluetooth Noise

    Some people I called had complained about it, so I finally called my answering machine and left myself a message. Man was the noise TERRIBLE! So, there's no official fix for this? I contacted SYNC on the phone, and they just told me to take it into the dealership. But why should I do...
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    Moonroof and ability to resell

    My recommendation is, if you're worried about resale, look at Kelley Blue Book (, go back however many model years you like, and see if a moonroof was a factor on increasing the value of the vehicle. If not, then it won't be a factor for any dealer taking in your trade. It might be...
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    MFT No Asterisk on phone

    Desiring to cover up my caller id, I used the phone interface and dialed *67 before the number. Unfortunately, the call didn't go through. The asterisk was never transmitted through to the phone. Of course, dialing from my cellphone itself worked fine. Ford, fix this please! Thank you.
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    WiFi Internet Usage MySync

    Agreed. When I'm tinkering in my garage, it'd be nice to kink up. Alas...
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    Play MP3s off Thumbdrive in file order.

    I have a long MP3 file (3 hours) that I have broken up into 10 minute segments. Each MP3 file is named in succession (ie: file01of10.mp3, file02of10.mp3, etc.). I move all the files to my thumbdrive and inser it into the USB slot. However, for some reason, the files play out of order. No...
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    oversized front license plate bracket

    Just do what I did-- take the bracket off. Yeah, I know... most states require it. Ehh, it's a fix-it ticket, and I've been cited once in my near 30 years of driving. Oh, and if you do, you'll have two holes. Don't bother looking for expensive bumper plugs-- Ford has plastic rivets that they...