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  1. K

    part identification

    Thank you,that's it.
  2. K

    part identification

    99 ex sport sohc,,I am working on replacing the fuel tank and broke the sensor that is near the vent port,,can someone please tell me what this sensor is so I know what to order? Thanks,Ken.
  3. K

    power steering pressure line

    Well it looks like the first few threads are stripped on the pressure port of the rack and that's why it's leaking,,is replacing the rack my only option? Thanks.
  4. K

    power steering pressure line

    Thanks drdoom,I'll give that a try.
  5. K

    power steering pressure line

    I cant get the fitting to stop leaking,its worse than the one I removed,,anyone have any ideas?
  6. K

    power steering pressure line

    So I've had the line off and on 3 times and can't get the lower fitting to stop leaking,,any ideas other than thread sealing tape?
  7. K

    power steering pressure line

    Thanks,,I got it off last night. I was able to gently remove the pulley and use a claw foot wrench on a ratchet to access the fitting untill I loosened the pump itself and removed the rest with my fingers. On the bottom fitting I cut the line and used a socket
  8. K

    power steering pressure line

    trying to replace the pressure line on 99 ex sport, the lower fitting looks easy enough. How do I get at the top fitting under the pump? Do I remove the pump? Do I remove the pulley? If I do do I need a puller? Thanks.
  9. K

    shock options for 2003 2 door sport

    99 sport,4dr leaf pack,just put load adjust monroes in the back and ranchos on the front, much better than the stock shocks which actually were'nt totally worn out.Cost about $300 canadian
  10. K

    Slotted+Drilled Rotors

    I installed the powerstop slotted and drilled rotors with their matching pads up front,,really happy with them for the price. They have only been on a month or so but they are much better than just regular rotors,,you dont realize how much brakes fade till you install drilled and slotted. Paid...
  11. K

    Need brake line help for 1st Gen Ranger swap to '95-'97 knuckle. I'm stuck!

    I agree that info is a little confusing,sorry I could'nt help.BTW there are 97 non abs rangers and B's, I had one.
  12. K

    The power behind the ohv 4.0

    Rpm's seem about right,,do a search on the throttle cable mod,,could be way stretched out.Some owners have had the actual accelerator bracket crack as well,,long shot but worth a look.
  13. K

    Need brake line help for 1st Gen Ranger swap to '95-'97 knuckle. I'm stuck!

    After a quick search on therangerstation,,they say to use a 97 non abs drivers side flex hose.Hope that helps.
  14. K

    96 Explorer just stopped.

    Your first clue is the cel,,have your codes read and go from there.
  15. K

    1994 Explorer Auto Hubs, (Confused)

    Yup,take those along with the hubs if you find any at the JY.
  16. K

    HELP. I need to grease a non-greasable u-joint. OK to drill cap?

    If you drill the caps you still have to back in and replace anyhow and like delexplorer said you may end up with in more trouble than its worth.
  17. K

    HELP. I need to grease a non-greasable u-joint. OK to drill cap?

    Put it back together,,it'll be fine,,and just go back in there and replace it when you can,,not sure about drilling holes in it.Your truck has locking hubs so just avoid 4x4 til it's replaced. Thats what I would do in your situation.
  18. K

    Weird noise while driving - 2002 ford explorer v6, 4x4, 130k miles

    If your switch says auto 4x,4 high and 4lo all four wheels will spin when its on axle stands, you don't have a 2 wheel drive option. That being said,do a search on the brown wire mod and see if it applies to your vehicle,,it'll give you 2 wheel drive but it does'nt really give you any gains in...
  19. K

    Looking for opinions on a 91 (lift, mods, etc)

    glad to hear that,,they can be difficult to align.
  20. K

    Looking for opinions on a 91 (lift, mods, etc)

    When I had my 97 b4000 I went to a bolt supplier and bought large washers and stacked them under the front springs,,4 under each spring, got about 1 1\2 - 2 inches of lift for $10,,later I installed the 2 inch skyjackers and it handled much better. Those spacers look really tall,,have you been...
  21. K

    TSB Search for 2000 Explorer headlights stay on

    If your truck has drl's look for the module,,somewhere in front of the drivers front wheel,,and disconect it. Solved my issue with lights staying lit on 99 ex sport.
  22. K

    is it possible to swap my 96 automatic hub with my 94 manual hubs

    Doubt it,,the 94 is a ttb front end and the 96 is a torsion bar that does'nt use any hubs. Take a look at the two trucks and you'll see the difference,,you would have to convert the 96 to a ttb,,not worth it.
  23. K

    No brake lights

    Check to see if it has a trailer hitch pigtail pluged into the harness,,these have caused this issue for me in the past.
  24. K

    Front wheel bearing 2004 Ford Explorer

    hub bearing or cv shaft,easy fix,,personally would'nt do both sides untill the other goes.
  25. K

    Location of Starter Relay

    pretty sure the relay is on the side of the under hood fuse box.
  26. K

    Cold Snap Weather = Fluid Puddle

    Ford will not carry brake lines and if they do they would cost more than your truck,,like I said remove the fittings and bring them with you to the parts store and match them up along with the length you may need. You may not get exactly the length you need so just go a little longer.The...
  27. K

    1992 Ford Explorer wont start please read.

    ummm,,14 year old fuel don't burn too well,,I would suspect less than ideal fuel in the tank, pump, filter,lines possibly the injectors. It did start on starting fluid so it seems fuel is the problem.
  28. K

    Why do my headlights suck so bad?

    my sport had terrible lighting! Used some 1000 grit followed by 2000 grip wet sand paper and had a buddy polish them up,,million times better and best of all it was free.I also did the fog light mod so they stay on with high beams,,but polishing the light s made the best improvement. I've heard...
  29. K

    Cold Snap Weather = Fluid Puddle

    The banjo joint is the connection at the caliper with a rubber flex line that will run to a bracket with a connection to the hard line. Make sure you back up that fitting when you remove the actual broken line, you shouldn't have to mess with the banjo.Flare wrenches are handy but you should get...
  30. K

    Cold Snap Weather = Fluid Puddle

    1 start with just that brake and see how it goes,should only have to bleed that one. 2 no, take the two ends of the line with you to the parts store and match them up,you may need an adapter, 3 measure the distance,,the parts store has different lengths with the correct diameter. 4 no you...
  31. K

    Cold Snap Weather = Fluid Puddle

    Like jremington stated,,isolate the leaking line and replace and then bleed the brakes.The most difficult part will be to bleed the brakes,,never had any luck opening bleeder screws on fords,, but they can easily be opened with a grip-tight socket. Where in Ont are you located?
  32. K

    bad vibration around 60mph and up

    I had a vibration for some time while running 31's on my 99 sport,,turns out it was a rear axle bearing.
  33. K

    help tranny problems in a 03

    For the no start issue, crawl under the truck on the drivers side and check to see if the selector cable hasn't fallen off the ball it attaches to. If the truck has thrown a code post it up and someone will chime in and help out.
  34. K

    Black steel wheels on a 1996 Explorer....

    I ran those first rims on my b4ooo and my ex sport,decent rims for the price,better than stock offset. I ran mine with 31's though,,and my b was beige,,looked good.
  35. K

    New to me '97 Mountaineer

    Must be nice,things rust pretty good up here!
  36. K

    99 sport seat track

    So I have a 99 sport and was wondering if anyone can tell me if 4dr seat tracks would slide further back than 2dr seat tracks. The drivers seat doesnt bother me too much but my 6ft something buddys knees almost hit the dash in the passenger seat.
  37. K

    New to me '97 Mountaineer

    If you can find a socket set called griptight,its meant for rounded nuts and bolts,it;ll get that bleeder loose. Its the only way i;ve been able to loosen a ford bleed screw, they are available here in Canada at canadian tire but not sure where they are available in the US.
  38. K

    Should I buy an Aerostar?

    He's in klm;s,,more like 20mpg I believe,,not too bad for a 4wd van.
  39. K

    weird noise coming from intake!!

    Not sure if it's the same issue ,but my 4.0 ohv made a horrible noise when it was warm out comming from the intake,it was the iac.