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  1. Z

    Gas pedal too short?

    Once you think about it, I think the size of a vehicle relates to the size of the pedals. Here's my logic. A Toyota Yaris, small 4 cylinder econo box. It's pedal is no where near the size of say, a tractor trailer pedal. An X/Mounty is middle of the roadish, it's pedal fits in the middle...
  2. Z

    Gas pedal too short?

    I don't ever notice my gas pedal. The only thing that makes me mad is when I let someone else use it to grab lunch. They adjust the seats,mirrors, and my pedal has the button for adjustment(forward and backward)
  3. Z

    Drivers Info Center: Diagnostic Mode

    I've been trying to get my info center into the diagnostic mode to see the information like in this thread. I've become very interested in the day my truck was built because I've owned it for 31k miles of it's 68k mile life. I...
  4. Z


    I'm Joey I own an 04 Mountaineer V6 AWD. Other than my sad lil V6 I do believe I have all the other 2004 options offered for an Oklahoma based Mountaineer. I was active duty, I bought it in Oklahoma and now I reside in Ohio where Mountaineers have sunroofs:( with DVD players. Anyways I'm...