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  1. K

    Auto stop stopped stopping

    I'll drive around and it won't activate. But as soon as I pull into driveway and stop it'll activate. Like puck you. So I just hit the start stop without shifting into park.
  2. K

    LED headlights

    The 2020 and up have led fogs the same color as the headlights. With all the rain in the list couple weeks. When driving at night the light just gets defused and doesn't project enough but rather gets absorbed by the water.
  3. K

    LED headlights

    The biggest problem I have with the higher K rated bulbs is when it's raining. The '21 model I drive has factory led's and they suck when it's raining. There too blue which diffuses in the rain and leaves hardly enough light to see in a area not well lit. Most legit companies have to list these...
  4. K

    Sync USB Music Issues

    Thats what the explorer does 9 times out of 10. With an occasional completely not going to work thrown in.
  5. K

    Sync USB Music Issues

    Pretty sure this is an ongoing issue years later. Know a guy with a 2020 f150 and his wife drives an '20 ST. He said the truck has no issue loading and playing from USB. The explorer takes for ever and won't read USB most of the time. Which is what I've run into in mine. Has anyone gotten any...
  6. K

    150K Spark Plugs

    I've pulled worse.
  7. K

    Auto Start-Stop Technology

    Not considering price fluctuations. Just the price of a starter replacement alone doesn't justify those system. Talking with a friend that runs his own repair shop. He has told me the price of starters and alternators have about tripled since 2019. We were talking about freon he said he had to...
  8. K

    About Transmission cooler and radiator

    There isn't a car out there with a automatic transmission that doesn't have this type of setup. In all my years of working on equipment and cars. Ive never seen a failure of the oil into the radiator system. Radiators tend to fail elsewhere. If your that concerned about it. Whatever after...
  9. K

    Calling all MY2021 MY2022 Explorer ST, Platinum, King Ranch and Aviators: rear subframe poll

    That looks like it. what I read was its supposed to be a safety to keep vehicle from rolling away when parked.
  10. K

    Calling all MY2021 MY2022 Explorer ST, Platinum, King Ranch and Aviators: rear subframe poll

    Pretty sure the fix for now is to automatically engage parking brake. Could be wrong but that was one of the things I ran across reading into this. Should of saved the site but forgot too. Part of the recall is said that the car will roll away in park. Unless this is a separate issue that I...
  11. K

    2022 Explorer King Ranch gas mileage.

    '21 KR here, short drives from house have been getting around 16 mpg on average. With wife driving it few days a week to work now that kids are out the combined has gone up to about 19-20 mpg. Was kinda disappointed in mpg myself as other family car is a Pontiac G8 GT with 6.0L motor. It gets...
  12. K

    Catalytic Converter theft?

    If your area has a higher rate right now and your worried. Go get some neon high temp paint and blast it. Take pics after and save them. Read a article while back about a landscape company kept getting repeatedly hit. After 2nd go they painted the converters. Which lead cops to catch them due...
  13. K

    Another Recall Coming - Hybrid & PIU Explorers Got this in my daily feed
  14. K

    First oil change advice

    All the talk about oil with a single mention of filter. The biggest issue with oil is the filter will be done before the oil is. Do an oil sample to a lab like blackstone. They'll tell you if you can go longer between intervals. Most filters are done by 3500 miles then they bypass the check...
  15. K

    Blue tooth dropping signal

    Anyone else having issues with the media center disconnecting. It gives a low signal connection and disconnected but then auto reconnects. Swapped from my wife's phone to mine and it still did it. Just wanted to check with others and see if its due to an update or system just faulting.
  16. K

    Contemplating Upgrading to 22 Timberline

    Rule of thumb for me with milage. 1 these test are done on specific set standards that don't measure from person to person or real world applications. North South east west kinda thing makes a difference. Including driver A vs driver B and so on. I consistently get 1-2 miles less then my wife...
  17. K

    Calling all MY2021 MY2022 Explorer ST, Platinum, King Ranch and Aviators: rear subframe poll

    Not sure if road condition will have a lot to due with this part breaking. It's in a suspended position. The torque of the driveline would be what I thought was causing the break. If the control arms or uprights were breaking then I could see road conditions causing that.
  18. K

    Calling all MY2021 MY2022 Explorer ST, Platinum, King Ranch and Aviators: rear subframe poll

    I meant to post to this when it first came up. Got busy but didn't forget. That and to much rain to lay down and look. Door sticker dated 08/21, King ranch model with single bolt. So if I don't break it in the 3 years its under lease it will definitely go back. I hate to say it but Ford made the...
  19. K

    2022 King Ranch

    Well Sufferin' succotash That figures
  20. K

    2022 King Ranch

    Both of those numbers are listed when doing the build. Guarantee you the 400 is wrong. Cause if its not why would they have started selling them in 2021 with lower hp to start with. Because I'm sure going to give them shyt about mine.
  21. K

    2022 King Ranch

    Screen shot from doing the build sheet. Not the same as what you posted. So somethings off from what you linked to what I went to directly at ford.
  22. K

    2022 King Ranch

    I got what you meant. I'm referring that it was probably the wrong info listed. By someone who doesn't know. Assuming they just copied and pasted info from a file folder. You think someone who works in an office knows everything about every car. I highly doubt it.
  23. K

    2022 King Ranch

    Thought it was an Elmore Fud kinda thing. King Wanch I'm betting the info that link goes to was a copy and paste from a SPORT model. I don't see them bumping power up for another model. When it's a special incentive for the sport. If we weren't leasing our KR I'd be looking at doing the...
  24. K

    "Convertible" Cargo Mat

    Yup, the sides each have 4 and the bottom has 2 on the outer corners. My wife just saw it yesterday and said it really fit nicely while we were packing up for hunting trip.
  25. K

    "Convertible" Cargo Mat

    After seeing this thread last week I ordered the husky. It fits nicely, you do have to cut the centet seated area. My guess is if someone wants it solid and not split. Thanks for the info @SES9
  26. K

    2021 explorer keyless entry fob not working for liftgate

    I've found that when walking up to car. You have to stand there for a second. Then start the hokie pokie, put your foot dead center then swipe left or right. If this method doesn't work. You've got a bad sensor under the car. Which could be related to the recall. Have you messed with the lock...
  27. K

    How big of a usb thumb drive can be used?

    The biggest issue I have with the system as a whole. Is it doesn't want to connect to the USB sometimes. Takes up too 5 minutes, by this point its switched over to the radio. Sometimes its doing this with my phones bluetooth connection as well. Could be my phone. The other I don't like when...
  28. K

    Installed skinomi anti glare on touch screen

    I'm used to the feel on my phone and tablet. After putting several hundred miles on captain sparkle. Not liking the feel or the constant finger smudges that don't really clean. I ordered from skinomi for a larger screen size to cut to shape. Turned out well with no fuzz underneath.
  29. K

    Full synthetic oil

    If you've been running Motorcraft blend. Just stay with it. If your really serious about oil quality send a oil sample in for analysis Edit: posted because of adds. People read that an oil is good for 10k miles etc. What they don't realize is that the engine may not need changing buy your...
  30. K

    How big of a usb thumb drive can be used?

    I've been playing with using a 16gb thumb drive. The car seems to be struggling with reading it. I switched it from nfts to fat32 after reading on this. I'm just wondering if using this big of a memory storage is to much for the system to read. Trying a second unit with only ten albums on it next.
  31. K

    Map Update

    I got the email notice and figured it was an attempt to get you to purchase a subscription. The way it was listed as a membership or one time buy thing. How many people just bought it thinking oh I need that. I'm a new owner and Vehicle came with 3 years of navigation.