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    4.0 SOHC used engine compatability?

    I need to get an engine for my 2002 4.0 by 8th Vin is E. What's my options?
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    Overheated Explorer, need help or engine

    This is what happened with my 02 XLT & now might need a new engine. I was a idiot, I forgot I had only water in my radiator. It was about 10 degrees below zero with the wind! I started my truck (02 XLT 4.0 V6) and was waiting for the heat to come on. It never did so I just drove it about 5...
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    Loss Of Power Engine Stutter

    Think it might be o2 sensor or clogged cat?
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    Overheated... Now dead!

    Old post here but I have the same problem. I was a idiot, I forgot I had only water in my radiator. It was about 10 degrees below zero with the wind! I started my truck (02 XLT 4.0 V6) and was waiting for the heat to come on. It never did so I just drove it about 5 min down the road. Meanwhile...
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    How to prime a timing chain tensioner?

    Watch "Priming Timing Chain Tensioners 4 0 SOHC Engine" on YouTube I just saw this video cause im changing both my tensioners, 02 xlt. Figured I'd post that here for everyone.
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    Engine Removal on 2002 Explorer

    I have a 2002 4.0 V6. I think I might have to pull mine & put in a donor. Any other helpful links out there?
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    2003 Blower motor resistor replacement (easy way)

    I changed this on mine last year & it burnt out in about a week. Back to only working on number 4. Any suggestions as to what to do next? I believe all the fuses are OK.
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    Squeak from pully?

    I also have a squeak that recently is going on, I think it's because the change of weather with it getting colder. I'm going to change the serpentine belt cause it's about 5 years old then if it's still squeaking, I'll change the pully or the tensioner. I prefer to change the belt instead of...
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    Serpentine Confusion

    855K6MK is the correct type!
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    2003 Mountainer Front Diff

    They aren't that hard to change. The gear ratio sticker might still be attached to yours but if not there's a door code or just give the vin to the dealer & they can tell you which is the correct kind you have.
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    Ford Explorer 2003 Puddle Light Replacement

    So what bulbs are you guys using besides the original? Definitely need to upgrade to a LED to get that bright.
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    Puddle light on 03 Explorer

    What bulb are you guys using & anyone have any pics if they redid the plastic under the light?
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    Repair Manual

    I just signed up, I'll give it a look when they accept me. Thank you
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    Air Bag Code #34

    I'm thinking of cutting the connections under the seat & putting new connectors there. That might be the fix instead of cleaning the connections & playing around with them espically when the new pretensioner is doing the same thing.
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    Air Bag Code #34

    I've had the same problem for a while now. I disconnected the wires under the seat, sprayed them all & reconnected them. The light went out for a few minutes then came right back on. I got another pretensioner from another 02 explorer and same thing, the light comes on & doesn't go off!
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    Repair Manual

    Same here, been looking for a while & no luck.
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    Power window won't pull up

    Check the wires in the driver door, they break over time. I redid like 5 or 6 wires in mine not too long ago.
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    2002 Explorer Air Bag Light

    I still have this problem. I checked the connections & it was good for a few hours & back to that 3 4 blink. I got a new pretensioner from the junk yard & it still gives that blink.
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    Blew a tire, now she wont start

    Are the wires OK under there? I was gonna also say hit the reset switch on the fuel reset inertia thing.
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    EGR Vacuum hose disconnected

    Does that go to the PCV valve?
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    2002 Ford Explorer Dash Removal (Help)

    There's bolts holding the air bag in from inside the glove box. Just saw this & hope that helps.
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    No airflow from dash vents

    I wish those pictures loaded up cause I have the same problem with my vent. The plastic tab piece broke off & tight spot to drill & wire it. I have that whole assembly to change from the junkyard but taking the dash apart is a pain in the ass it seems. They already had the dash out so taking...
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    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    What happened to all the pictures? I did this 2 times in my explorer, 02 xlt & I never had to cut any part of the dash. Hardest part was getting under there to the right position to get out then get the new one back in.
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    sound like driving over rumble strips

    Sounds like the bearings or maybe just a bad tire?
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    Drivers Side Seat

    Why not check the junkyard or Craigslist for another power seat that works & swap that working bottom for yours.
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    Broken thermostat housing bolt

    Does anyone know what size bolt these are? Maybe I can buy them from the Fastenal store.
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    Tail Light swap 3rd to 4th generation

    I wish all those pics loaded up from the 1st posting. I'm going to attempt this when the weather gets nice. I have a 02 XLT.
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    blend door actuator

    Have you repaired this yet? Is the actuator connected?
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    ABS light on - Where are sensors located?

    2002 Explorer XLT over here. I just changed out my rear ABS sensor this morning & the light is still on. I also changed both my front hubs few months ago. What else is recommended? I'm thinking ofor disconnecting the battery for a few hours, maybe the computer needs to reset itself?
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    2002 Ford Explorer ABS light on please help!

    I have the same problem. I changed both of my front hub bearings & the light is still on. Both fronts needed to be replaced anyway but the damn light is still on. Pep Boys does not have a ABS code reader, I tried there already.
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    Sagging door

    I changed my hinge that was loose. It lasted for a few months but now it's sagging & there is no play in these hinges. I'm about to take the fender off and try to adjust it that way or have the garage weld it so the hinge don't drop again.
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    Vent Selector Switch not working - Easy Fix!!

    Maybe get a screw with a Teflon nut to hold it so the screw won't back off?
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    Air only comes out of the dashboard vents. Help. :-(

    This actually just happened to me last month. I saw the broken tab on the floor but didn't kno what it was from. Good thing I didn't throw it away. Then I opened the glove box and saw what was broke. Do they sell just that plastic piece cause glue will not hold that. It needs to be plastic...
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    Seat Swap

    I'd like to see the difference between the 2. Maybe I'll give that a shot.
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    ABS Module Issue

    What exactly was covered in goop? I'm having that problem with my sensor. I kno the hub bering is good cause I replaced both not too long ago.
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    Thermostat Housing Leak?

    This is the 2nd time I had to change mine. I have a 2002 XLT. What are the brands we should avoid or what besides the OEM is safe to replace with?
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    04 Explorer jerking when coasting

    Sounds like it could be the front differential. It happened 2 me twice. Maybe try to disconnect the shaft & see if that helps.
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    How to: Sagging door FIXED IN 20 MINUTES

    This does not apply for the 2002 explorer. I had to swap out my old hinge completely! They don't sell just the pin, I checked 2 years ago.
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    Coolant leak on 2002 Explorer XLT V6 4.0L SOHC

    What kind of coolant are you guys using? The ford kind is really expensive. Also, why add distilled water and not regular water? I'm about to do this repair next week!
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    How to install cabin air filter [PICTURES]

    Thank you! I will try to do this sometime this week & come back with the results!