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    410Fortune - 96 5.0L XLT refurbish (making 1 great Ex from 2)

    Where is the lake house in Nebraska?
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    Traction bars? Any out there?

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    Traction bars? Any out there?

    There was a company that makes a single traction bar that looks a lot like a ladder style bar that needs to be welded to the axle and the other end has a (jonny joint) by the transfer case on a shackle mount. I think if you find a jeep catalog, thats what they were oringinally made for. Since...
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    Factory limited slip toast

    I have the D4 rear end, and until last weeks snow I had a working posi rear. But getting stuck in the snow difinately showed my posi is toast. Short of rebuiding, any thing that would help?
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    Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

    It still allowed for A/C. The article has been a few years, but it was a bout building a ranger 'lightening' project and used all currently available over the counter Ford Parts, can't remember if it was svt or some other ford development. Mustang days.
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    Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

    I was thinking the pumpkin on the rockwell was a straight cut gear, meaning the top loading center section could be rotated 180 for ford side driveshaft. Also read in a 5.0 magazine in which they used a van heater box in a ranger to clear the small block without a body lift. But since you...
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    Help!! Can't remember the name of the show.

    The show is on The History Channel, and is called "Rides Reunited". The chevelle one is the only one I have seen.
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    Buy a 1974 f-250 4x4?

    Both the 360 and the 390 are the same series of motors and look identical from the outside. Both are big blocks distinguishable by the valve cover covering part of the head and part of the intake that has the part of the heads casted in to them. The FE series came in 332, 352, 360, 390, 427...
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    Buy a 1974 f-250 4x4?

    No Ford truck with the FE series (352, 390) came with a 4 barrel carb, so if your still have the 2 barrel motorcraft, they leek constantly and you'll need a carb rebuild kit. If you have a 4 barrel aftermarket carb, most can be rebuilt with spring loaded needle and valve seat to stop flooding...
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    cv angle and lifts question

    I'm assumeing you mean for a ttb like your 91 and not the cv angles of 2nd gen ifs.
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    cv angle and lifts question

    naw, your confused. If your buy a 4" kit, the axle drop bracket will be double drilled with two holes, one for the four inch kit and another lower for the 5.5 kit. It's the same bracket for each kit, so they may be referring to it as the 4" kit bracket. The difference being the length of the...
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    4" lift miscellaneous questions

    I have been loking on this site for the set up your talking a bout. I think the best option for the rear is a SOA, but with the spring perches not as tall as the ones from Mountain that I see people putting on. By that I mean if you find a good perch that has less distance between the top of...
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    Identifying a donor for SAS

    If it has disk brakes, then the EB front is a 44 and a 1976 or 77 model year, as those are the only ones with disk on them. Besides the correct width, you can tell if it is a early bronc if the front axle is low pinion.
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    regearing with a 351 and full size axles

    Oh yea, I had a windsor also, mildly built with a carter card.
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    regearing with a 351 and full size axles

    I had a '81 full size bronco with a c6 and 35 and 3.50 gears. Deceided on 4.11 and had plenty of power, stop and go and off road, but the hiway driving killed me, around 3000 rpm. If you run 4.56, plan on the 38.5 fast. Buy the way, ended up running 36 fun countys and had the tranny rebuilt...
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    from 4" coils to 6" need some help

    Yes, without the radius arms being dropped further, your coils will bow forward, also it will throw off the alignment as your vetical centerline will also be leaning forward (top). The pitman arm may work, but might bind at full droop.
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    Explorer on 38's on Ebay...

    This is the same truck that was in 4 wheel and off road magazine a millon years ago when they had an article about Vanir Technology and performance upgrades for the 4.0 ohv. (circa late 90's)
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    FFN's explorer version 2, 19 inches lift, fullsize axles and more

    That red ex is *****in. Totally clean and full of mud. Looks like he has blocks in the rear and a traction ladder bar to compensate . Wonder how that works.
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    4" tough country sus lift

    From the lower list, it looks like the kit includes four add a leafs, 2 per side. So you would be getting one long and one short add a leaf per side. That would make for a stiffer ride. And the ad doesn't include shocks or a pitman arm. Some kits include new radius drop brackets were the...
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    Convert a camping trailer into a utility trailer?

    If you can get it cheap, sounds good. Remember that most utlity trailers with 5 bolt rims are the same pattern as explorer/rangers, so I used my stock rims and tires for the trailer after I got new rims. My was an old rusty boat trailer. $50 and I cut it down to 4x8.
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    recommend an all terrain

    Hey, I got the same set up, 98 sport stock with 31's. No rubbing at all. Only I have 15' rims and the 16' you have will be a little more expensive for the tires. I run bfg. As for the rear, add a leafs with the short lower ones will lift and not be as stiff as the longer (top) lift ones...
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    Tuff Country 4" 91-94?

    I meant the axle drop brackets, not the radius arm ones.
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    Tuff Country 4" 91-94?

    I think Tuff County went out of business in the 90s or was bought out by Rough County or Trail master as all were in Michigan. At one time they made a lot of blue or yellow color lifts for ttb fords, as I have installed a few on full size. They are ok, but most except skyjacker, and they had...
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    Apten Who? (Hypnotic Illusions and Bamachips are the new rulers of the SCT world!)

    Noticed most of the increased performance is with the SOHC 4.0, wondering if it's a noticeable increase withe the OHV. Don't mind my sig, I traded to a '98 sport, auto.
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    Door Panel Drama....

    I have the same problem. Most of the parts are grey so I will have to paint mine mocha. The part in the picture will snap fit into the complete panel. It might be better to find a complete inside panel.
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    5.8 in a '93 Explorer?

    Von Zipper
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    Sport: V8 swap and 4WD conversion. What do I need.

    T Hull, do you have any pics of the windsor swap?
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    full size bronco axles

    Also that year would have a 8.8 rear, the same as you have now, minus the difference in width. So even if you could get the front to work, rearwise your just getting the 4.56 gears and locker, not much increase in strenght.
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    Raced a Blown 69 Z28, I

    Didn't want to come of yelling, just like to see pics. This reminds me of 2F2F.
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    Raced a Blown 69 Z28, I

    I find it hard to believe it had a blower with two filters sticking out. Underhood blowers (centrifical) would require f.i. and usually a cone type underhood filter. Roots type would stick out of the hood. Unless it is a roots straight mini blower like the B&M, which can take a carb. but I've...
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    Custom Intake Write Up

    I am wondering if the reducer affects air flow turbulance as it is quite abrupt and close to the runners.
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    mustangs and explorers

    I have never seen it done but, the main reason seems to be the width of motors. Mustang owners will remember the sn95 first came with 5.0 followed by the 4.6 the very next year, changing little if anything of the motor compartment size. By that logic, a romeo motor (not the 5.4) should fit...
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    For those that havent seen this yet...Ghost In A Jar

    Just checked it again and the bid is 14,000?
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    For those that havent seen this yet...Ghost In A Jar

    Follow this till it ends, the bid is half a millon $.
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    A/C not Working

    Nightmare dealer stories are a dime a dozen. Example, my hometown Ford dealership is high in price and repair cost and nobody trust them. I go to college 45 miles away and the dealer is still high in car prices, but the service department is the same cost as other non-dealer repair shops. My...
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    Confused 01 Sport

    What other town is Beaver Lake by?
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    Larger Tires on a '94

    I have the same ('94 Eddie Bauer) and it came with 235/75 tires factory. I put 31" BFG on 30,000 miles ago. Speedo is off by 3 to 5 mph at 60 (I got a ticket). The ABS light comes on intermittenly, but doesn't affect ABS because I've tried to lock it up even in snow to see if it still works...
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    Four X Doctor
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    Four X Doctor

    Any body from Southern Cali know whose X is on the homepage of Four X Doctor? It's yellow and white with at least 35+ mudders.
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    Jefe's Rig - What to do?

    I've always wondered why if people want a four link system and coilovers, instead of the high zoot custom job, let the jeep designers help you and borrow there idea. Get a front from a TJ, use aftermarket links (there are a lot of long arm kits) and use coilovers already set up for your weight...