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  1. K

    Looking for a part 2011

    I am having a hard time finding a small part. I have searched several sites, including My car that I bought used (2011) is missing the wing nut that holds...
  2. K

    Front-end pop noise on 2012 Explorer

    Back from the dealer with new struts. All is quiet again. Drives like new.
  3. K

    Front-end pop noise on 2012 Explorer

    My 2011 was doing exactly what you described. I assumed it was sway bar end links or strut mounts. Took it to the dealer and the tech said it was due to worn struts. Having struts replaced. Should get it back this afternoon. Once I get the truck back, I'll update as to whether this fixed the...
  4. K

    Extra / Spare Explorer Key

    I recently purchased a 2011 that only came with one IA key. Had the dealer later program a second key for me. It was $290 total. Should have thought about working into the deal when I bought the car.
  5. K

    Tire size question

    Yeah, I thought that was odd. I guess it depends on whoever's definition of 4wd vs AWD. I always thought of 4WD as part time, usually two-speed transfer case equipped. Anything that is full-time and not selectable is AWD. Oh well. I'm sure many agree with that. Doesnt really bother me. Though...
  6. K

    Tire size question

    So I was flipping through the owner's manual today, and I came across a part in there that said something like "models with 20 inch wheels are not made to go off-road--dont do it." After thinking to myself "that makes sense..." I thought, that's weird--a car that says 4WD on the back hatch and...
  7. K

    Any 2011+ ham radio guys??

    I've been a ham (tech) since 2006. My call sign is the same as my forum user name, KI4NPZ. I have not yet installed any radios in my Explorer; I've only had the car for a little over a week. I will before too long though I have a Yaseu 7900 (I think) 2m/440 radio and an Larsen NMO that I plan to...
  8. K

    2012 Explorer arm rest splitting at seam due to...

    Mine is doing the same thing. Trying to figure out the best way to repair the split seam. Super glue? Vinyl repair kit? I'm not sure yet.
  9. K

    My Fords that out live anything else I try to buy.

    oh and i also have a GM product: 2014 Camaro
  10. K

    My Fords that out live anything else I try to buy.

    My experience is very similar to yours. I had a 98 Durango and an 03 Ram. Both were such huge pieces of crap! Told my self "no more Chrysler products." I can imagine its only worse since the Fiat merger. I had a1997 F150 that had 180k trouble-free miles when I sold it. A 1996 Town Car and my...
  11. K

    Purchased an Explorer

    Hello everyone. I posted a while back about possibly replacing my old 98 Durango, and yesterday I bought a 2011 Explorer Limited. Very impressed with the rig and all its options. Looking forward to learning more about it and getting to know you all.
  12. K


    Hey everyone, new member here from the Seattle area. Thinking about replacing my aging 1998 Durango with a 3rd gen Explorer. I am intimately familiar with Ford's 4.6L, as I have had a few vehicles with that, and still own one--a 2003 Grand Marquis. However, I have had no experience with the...