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    5.0 Long tube header build

    Exactly, creative criticism exactly why i posted this on the site.
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    I have 351w ideas in my future also, i have designed (well i hope) enough clearance into these headers to run the taller deck height block and still have enough clearance. Once i pop the 302 with nitrous, 351w + strokerkit + $$$$ is the idea.
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    Im no pro, but i enjoy the challenge of making something myself. First set of headers i have built, i am happy with the fitment, just not the welds/welder. i have upgraded from the gas less wire to a gas setup thought. :thumbsup:
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    Space is tight, the tires under full lock have 3/4 of a inch clearance, i am running a 20x8 wheel with 245/35/20's. I took the torsion keys out so the truck would sit down on the bump stops to make sure there was enough clearance. The motor in it is just for mock up puropses. Everything will...
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    I am going to run a set of cutout's on the outside of the frame but, the exhaust will run along the outside of the frame rails, then turn under behind the transmission cross member, and run out the back like normal. Progress pictures. Passengers Side header is done. Now to send them...
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    The steering shaft is not a problem, it has 1" clearance on both the 3rd and 4th primary's, when it is unbolted it collapses together and will lay down on top of the motor mount. the header will come directly out without any fight. Outside of the frame rail is the only place to get a 1 5/8...
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    5.0 Long tube header build

    Been working on a set of Long Tube Headers for the 5.0 in the explorer. Drivers side is mocked up and ready to be welded up for good. Header collectors exit on the outside of the frame rail.
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    Please fix my Eddie! 4.6 Stalling at idle when revved.

    My 2003 Limited with the 4.6 did a similar thing, only when it is cold, i pulled off the idle cont. valve and cleaned it, seems to solved the problem so far.
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    stock explorer with no o2 sensors?!!

    It sounds like the O2's may be turned off inside of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). This can be done with a aftermarket tune.
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    My 2003 Limited

    My 2003 Limited. 4.6 v-8 dumped exhaust under truck aftermarket 20 inch "Forte" wheels All Murdered out. 6000k Hid's Low's 4300K 55w High's 4300k Fog's
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    97 Explorer 5.0 Cobra Intake?

    The #1 Upgrade on a 5.0 Explorer is the aftermarket headers and exhaust. Factory **** is restrictive as hell.
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    Any pictures of an explorer with black wheels?

    Old picture
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    crank wont start 5.0

    Possibly the bolt took out the crank position sensor mounted below the fan on the passengers side of the block.
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    temperature gage does not work

    Both coolant sensors are mounted on the front of the lower intake under the coil packs. One is in the heater hose outlet coming off of the intake, the other is directly mounted in the intake. I am unsure on which one goes to the gauge and which one goes to the pcm.
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    My 96 Turbo Sport

    I need to invest in a better camera.
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    My 96 Turbo Sport

    Its a ebay knock-off, but its been to the turbo shop and been balanced & rebuilt. The wheels look alot better in person, hard to get a decent picture in my small shop with my iphone. They are 20x10's. I did alot of research into the maf's, before choosing to upgrade to the slot style. My tuner...
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    My 96 Turbo Sport

    96 Ford Explorer Sport Mercury Mountaineer Front Clip Aftermarket 20" Wheels Lowered 4" front & 4" rear 5.0 Swap from 00 Mountaineer 2wd Modified 5.0 Foxbody Mustang Turbo kit. Reversed Intake Manifold Custom Fuel Rail's Build 4r70w w/ 3600 Turbo Stall Completly Stock 5.0 from valve...
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    My 03 limited

    A few new pictures... Removed the running board's & roof rack.
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    My 03 limited

    I will have to take some here in the near future (next couple of days). we have had 10+ inches of rain in the last few days.
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    My 03 limited

    they are 20x9's with 245/35/20's in the pictures. the truck now has 275/45/20's on it
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    My 03 limited

    03 Limited 4.6 Lowered Hid's New tires have been installed since pictures.
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    Weird 5r55 Problem

    Vehicle: 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6 V-8 4x4 Symptoms: Ive been having this weird issue since i replaced the engine on my 02. The transmission has 20,000 miles on rebuild, shifted flawlessly and did not throw any codes before engine removal and rebuild. Now it is throwing a Shift...
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    03 explorer 4.6 REAL BAD GAS MILAGE

    I get 14 on the highway with my 02 Eddie 4.6...
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    i had a boosted 2nd gen 4.0 ohv, i ran 10-15 psi on it for a year untuned before it detnated its self to death. here is a short video of it. and my motor had 270k.
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    Removing pinstripe covered with clearcoat?

    I wouldnt recommend removing the stripe if it has been cleared over. You might be able to take a razor blade and remove the stripe, no guarantees that it will look good though.
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    How many shades of Red in 1998...Explorer & Mounty

    Mountaineer Available Body Colors Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic Pacific Green Clearcoat Metallic Oxford White Clearcoat Medium Wedgewood Blue Clearcoat Metallic Black Clearcoat Toreador Red is a ***** to match. My 2001 Sport is the same color, when i painted the body plastics, they...
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    Low oil temp - check gauge light on - cold temps only

    Same problem as OP. Mine is a 01 sport, the colder it gets the worse the delay before the gauge works. Its the Oil Pressure sending unit, not a big deal to change, but it doesent bother me.
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    Random Interior shot picture thread.

    Post up a random picture that you have took of your interior. Here is mine, not my Explorer but whatever....
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    Blown radio fuse on a 2000 Explorer.

    There is 2 fuses that go to the radio.
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    Bought one of those uber rare 4 door 5 speed 2nd gens.

    thats my red sport and its not for sale lol
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    Wow how to get off subject on the OP thread.
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    Eddie bauer with out running board

    It would not be to difficult to go to the local junk yard and get the ground effects off of a explorer that did not come with the running boards and put them on a eddie. Like these: I honestly hate the fugly flares that go around the wheel wells.
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    RPM question- is this normal?

    Check your transmission fluid, the last 97 sport i had with the 5 speed auto (97+) would not shift into lockup. added some trans fluid to bring it up to full and then it shifted into lockup properly. It was turning 2600-2800 @ 70 before. Another good way to see if it is going into lockup is to...
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    My 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4

    Forgot to mension that the 96 sport is rockin a 98+ mountaineer front clip. Here are a few more pictures.
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    My 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4

    Put the 4x4 sport back to stock hight for now... winter is on its way... Took the 20" forte wheels and put them on my other sport 96 EX sport 5.0 Swap from 99 Ex Its a work in progress. the plan is to To a TT setup on the ole 5.0. Still working on a few wiring issues, but it does run and...
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    My 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4

    My new to me 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.... MOD's 2 Inch drop front 3 Inch drop rear 20 Inch "Forte" wheels Lower Plastics Painted Body Color 6000k Hid's Dumped exhaust using factory resonator. Only picture i have uploaded at the moment.
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    Turbo SOHC to Turbo 5.0 V-8 AWD

    Finally have some progress, Took a week to locate a junkyard that would pull off a oil pan, most of the junkyards wanted to sell me a whole motor. Got the underhood harness stuff swapped, tested it out and everything seems to be working. Going to the Junkyard later today to pickup the oil pan...