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    Nail in 1 tire --> Told to replace all 4!?!?

    Shop manager is like yep that's the sidewall
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    A unique first gen..

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    Got a toy, for both off & On road

    around the 830 minute mark DAMM
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    sounds like a lifter issue... i would try flushing it out.
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    clearing oil passages

    A rocket engineer dam..... anyways the solid tensioner isn't as low maintenance idk if it were me i would just go with the stock tensioner... maybe replace it but doesn't this motor have a balance shaft?
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    Diagnostic Mystery (Crank, No-Start) [SOLVED]

    Did you actually test to see if a spark is coming out...? if u have a extra plug a good way to do it is to leave the old in get a plug ground it to the valve cover or something metal... probabally not the fuel rail lol... crank it over and check for arching im sure theres a tool too. Check for...
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    Do the 4 way hazard flashers have their own wiring?

    yea im guessing the relay is actually good I just tested my trucks hazards u wouldn't believe it... I got just the front right only to work by not letting the switch come all the way out but they all do work im guessing its probabally sticky inside of there in the switch itself must be where it...
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    Do the 4 way hazard flashers have their own wiring?

    idk this is posted in the first gen forum but that goes from hazard switch to turn signal switch according to haynes and theres switches in there then to the relay... could be the turn signal switch or the relay...
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    1994 explorer AT 4X4 sluggish and vibrations in OD gear

    U didn't actually top it off did you? Your only supposed to check the transmission fluid when hot in park with the engine running it should be on one of the x marks... there may be a overflow but its to release pressure really not so much fluid. You could drop the pan and change the filter in...
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    Spare Tire

    I knew a girl that drove her 90s cavalier on 4 donuts and swore she had not changed the oil in 70k miles
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    Working on a High Idle

    Yea look up inside the old iac valve the shaft may be rusted u can possibly clean it the idle air control valve needs a chance to take over maybe try loosening the back plate screw on the throttle that adjusts the idle down and see if it stays up on its own like around 750rpm also check to see...
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    Spare Tire

    Dang that's a old tire haha what about the ones stored inside the car I got 1 that's 10 years old I don't plan on ever using it so I guess its fine plus its a donut as long as it holds air...
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    diagnosis of codes and sensor readings

    Yea its coming directly from the computer from pulse width modulation and those same wires are used there are no return wires they just measure resistance and power the sensors on the voltage from those should read a certain voltage with the sensor disconnected. It doesn't mean low voltage going...
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    diagnosis of codes and sensor readings

    Do the throttle posistion sensor mod where u dremmel out the mounting holes on the sensor to adjust it's position check it with the voltmeter or loosen the little bolt on the throttle body that adjusts the throttle position till u get the correct voltage. The Idle air control valve should take...
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    Bypassing power steering.

    I have been rolling around with the stock steering box i'd say the worst part is parallel parking lol I will be getting back at it soon I've just been so busy but yea it is possible to steer with no power steering but definitely way tougher... but without those parts ac/ power steering it is a...
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    diagnosis of codes and sensor readings

    according to my vintage ford code reader book' 124 throttle position sensor above normal voltage. 157 mass air flow sensor fault low voltage.
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    diagnosis of codes and sensor readings

    check the vaccum modulator on the transmission ... take the line off that leads to it and check for vacuum pressure I bet your having a leak.
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    Body swap from 1998 SOHC to 1995 OHV

    Is it 4wd Pictures please!
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    diagnosis of codes and sensor readings

    I would say if it is a first gen those numbers look within specs on those numbers. My question is, how did you get the reading for the IAC if its obd1 without a scanner that is capable did you really take all the readings based off the voltage of the sensors? What type of problem are you having>?
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    Body swap from 1998 SOHC to 1995 OHV

    That would be sweet I'm sure someone here has done it and I'm thinking they will not be completely plug and go but definitely could be done for sure. Ford used the same chassis like the frame ect till the 3rd gens idk if u measure the frame rails and body mounts that should let u know it's...
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    Valve Cover and Lower Intake Oil Leaks- 1992 Ford Explorer

    just did mine a few months ago nothing too hard actually really simple lol haha just a few sockets and yea the reverse torques beware u cannot find those anywhere if they strip/break them. Yea just a few hours... since these gaskets are not really under extreme pressure I suggest try re...
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    05 Explorer 4.6 V8- Where does this line go?

    Looks like the vaccum line for the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail...
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    A unique first gen..

    I'm like what the heck is going on with this week man I'm tripping... Ok first that truckster on ebay last week now it's on the explorer forum then I'm watching Jay lennos garage and this pops up.... U can't make this up man it's like I can't avoid it. Idk so strange... My friend rusty crashes...
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    Spare Tire

    Yea should probably replace it... I just roll around with aaa no spare.
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    2004 Explorer, slow oil leak

    Yea that's all milkshake I don't think anything could save you now everything has already been compromised damage has been done. I don't recommend those head gasket sealer additives even if you do get it to seal... it wont be for long. When u drive like that it damages timing chain , rod...
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    Best choice for COP

    So not to recommend trash parts but, I put these on a 4.6 they were the 30 dollar set they also work for the 5.4 I have had them for over a year now I would get the Motorcraft ones but they are 30 dollars EACH as opposed to 30 dolls a set of 8 and I haven't had a single misfire since i've owned...
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    A unique first gen..

    that thing was on ebay last week for like 8k as a vista cruiser no lie I was looking for a vista cruiser and that popped up u know like in Family vacation... lol for real though that explorer was up there for cheaper
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    HELP 2013 3.7L PIU not able to pass inspection due to oxygen sensors not ready

    Just say f## it take out the downstream o2 sensors plug them all up but 1 hole on the tip of each with jb high temp weld.... Reset the ecu and do a few drive cycles.
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    Any word from "Koda2000" ??

    Much respect to Rick, koda , donalds, 410 fortune and all members here going to sign off for 1 month... Till January 21st... Thank you guys all for being here REALLY made me laugh, taught me a thing or two BUT, I'm very busy... I'll be back. :usa::pumpkin::usa: ✌
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    Three Aussie Mechanics cannot repair the axle seals- Unable to remove C clips in rear 8.8 Diff

    Ut oh haha I learned to avoid all triggers I'm going to pick up some honey [or atleast have someone grab it] I could see that working..medication doesn't do much. Now days I just tell people / usually not a problem probably 3 /5 attacks a week but during those it can get ridiculous sometimes it...
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    91 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition is my problem transmission, need help

    Just unbolt the transmission pan, its super easy and change the filter and while your down there check the kickdown cable and vaccum diaphram... The filter is probably full/clogged
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    brake booster compatibility mountaineer/ranger

    Depending on the year yea like pshht like 98/03
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    Brain Dead Kid

    Haha no the jeep is still running but he decided to go street His father is still upset
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    Help:eek: Aussie damsel in distress here:-)

    Woah, wait...hold up c420sailor did you just say something about oil? Lemme read that again, I may have a strong opinion I NEED to share with the crew talking about oil is like my bread and butter!hmm, no looks good but oh man don't even get me started about the...
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    Happy owner of '92 Explorer

    The pigtail is not available I will search at the junk yards but it's a very rare part...if I find it I'll send it no selling