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    Overheating, intake or head gasket? How?

    I replaced thermostat, drained coolant and put new coolant in. Drive truck for 10 miles. Still has white smoke, but no overheating. Is this residual coolant? Looks like all coolant is staying in reservoir. Maybe I need to drive it longer. Any thoughts from anyone?
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    Overheating, intake or head gasket? How?

    I will start there this morning. Let you know what happens.
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    Overheating, intake or head gasket? How?

    2003 Explorer XLT 4.0 V6. 215,000mi, temp gauge had always spiked hot for 10 sec every morning. The other day it stayed at HOT. I pulled over and whited smoke came out tailpipe. Coolant leaked out below reservoir. Car novice hear. Checked oil and had no water or grey substance. Towed...
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    Check Engine Light

    :exp:2003 XLT 4.0 V6 This light just came on about 1 day after I replaced the air filter. Of course I through the old one out. Is it just a coincidence? Code: P0401 Insufficient flow Could this be from the new air filter I just replaced?
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    Rumbling steering wheel.

    I have 2003 XLT w/ 170,000 mi. Steering wheel is rumbling over 60mph. I can barely hold the wheel! Anyone have this issue? What could be wrong?