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    how to get 39's on a 92' X

    That is what i am doing I am gonna get an old 1ton to beat.
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    how to get 39's on a 92' X

    i told him that he said then he will change the truck over to v8,and 1ton driveline. either way he wants to go as big as possible now. Even SASing what size lift will it take?
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    how to get 39's on a 92' X

    My buddy has a 92 explorer with 6" of lift with 33's and wants to go to a big tire now. I know he can use 35's with some trimming but what about trying to get into the 40" range 2 more inches in spring spacers and a 3" body lift and 2" rear blocks? Where will 11"s total lift take him tire size...