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    Fuel Leak

    Only every couple of days while i am driving, i can smell gas. So i get out and cannot see anything leaking. Well it goes away after i stop my car at the store or somthing, and when i drive back home the smell is gone. Well today it was really strong, so i pulled over and saw it leaking. I raced...
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    New Coil Pack For a 91?

    Who makes aftermarket coil packs for a 91 explorer? I was thinking Accel, but am unable to find a coil pack for a 91 v6. Anyone know who makes them and where to get them?
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    Electrical Problems

    anyone have an idea?
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    Electrical Problems

    I bought my 91 Explorer XLT last month and it has a few problems. Things that do not work: The side mirrors contols does not work in any direction, the lock/unlock switch does not work on the driver and passenger side, and the cruse control does not work. I have the remote with the...