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    AWD 5.0L Transfercase swap!

    I want to change my AWDtransfercase to a 4L,4H,2H transfercase, does anyone have details of this? Thanks! Kevin Cole
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    Lookin to lift a 92

    That`s the cheapest way to go if you do it your self. Go to a junk yard and pick apart a half ton: fornt coils and leaf springs. If you play your cards right it might cost you around $50-$150. And pick up the 3"body lift off of e-bay,It a complete kit, I just installed the older kit on my 96...
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    91-94 3" Body Lift Kit ref; 96Explorer

    I have just installed the kit, it took alot of work. there is a few things you have to do with the kit: you have to make a stearing linkage, notch out the rear bumper and space out the front bumper brackets and drilling the mounts to a 1/2".
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    91-94 3" Body Lift Kit ref; 96Explorer

    I have the complete kit for the 91-94 body lift. Will it work on my 96 Explorer? What will fit and what wont fit? Thanks!
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    Explorer Body Lift, Did I miss the Memo?

    I have the 91-94 Body Lift kit, Will it fit my 96 Explorer?
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    The Best Resource

    Hey this site is the best resource I`ve had found for my Explorer. I have not had any luck in Canada on my ride. I just did a T/T and added a leaf and made a shackels for my Explorer, next is the 3"body lift. Sorry no pic`s yet!