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  1. M

    Which whoops pic should I submit to Peterson's?

    dude, I don't think there are many vehicles that can get out of that without lockers and some boggers, to me, yo look very stuck in 4, plus you have all that mud all over the truck
  2. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    I'm in for Saturday night at what ever campground everyone else wants to hit up
  3. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    I was on break:p, and don't remind me, I hate that tree stump:D
  4. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    Doug, that was outerspare that we hit up on that run, inner has that gnarly drop off and exit , where you hung up on that log this past winter
  5. M

    1998 Sport D-44 SAS Complete!!!

    if you want the truck to ride better through the city, and don't plan on being on the trails every weekend, leave the IFS, the reason car companies use IFS is the nicer rider over the SFA, just my .002
  6. M

    herc removal (please no hootus jokes)

    herculine the rest of it
  7. M

    Tonight sucks!!!!

    I had to put my Pup down in April, hardest thing I've done in a while, except for one thing. It's hard, but remeber the good times, and keep an eye out for another friend to help fill the void, I'm thinking about a Border collie now, I had 2 keeshonds, they are cool dogs, but the hair is too...
  8. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    I'm out for Saturday, See y'all at RC, I can't hit any hard core trails anyway, have a blast guys, hope to meet a few new faces on Saturday night camping, and Sunday wheeling:D
  9. nooner_tshirt


    friends band
  10. M

    Has anyone seen this WJ on 44's yet??

    the guy would be too worried about getting a scratch on the chicken **** stuff I run, the wheels have no where to go, the thing would get off camber and be real tippy, I'm sure it's NOT a joy to drive on the road, that whole, lets build a huge f-ing POS truck, make it look tough, but so scary to...
  11. M

    Watch out for them boulders...

    you play, you pay, my rocker is flat on the Passenger side, comes with the territory
  12. M

    lifting a 2WD

    I'm on 33's, with only 2" skyjacker coils up front:p, not too much trimming, either
  13. M

    Question about D44 knuckles...

    you will need to get the knukles, caliper brackets and spindles from a 78 F150, and you shgould be set, also need the hubs and rotors
  14. M

    Roll Over Posse Board Member Nominations and Elections

    yeah, I'm not sure if I'd still be in the sport if that happened to me
  15. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    Much better way to rephrase that Doug, seeing as some members can't control themselves Jeff, what kind of lockers are you running in the toy now? I hope we don't have to load it up in my truck like I seem to have to do to dirtbikes out in Mahwah:p
  16. M

    Control ??

    RF gain works very much like the squelch, but I think is more effective. It helps eliminate some of the crackle and radio niose, as well as distant transmissions that you can't make out. Noise Blank, or (NB) cancels out electrical interferance. I leave the NB on, and ussually when I'mn on the...
  17. M

    Has anyone seen this WJ on 44's yet??

    why would you say that that jeep could toast many of the trucks here? I bet it couldn't enven follow my stock Rangfer, and I bet that it's no longer sitting on a heep chassis, I'm willing to bet it's on a Ford Frame of some sort:p
  18. M

    random flaming? by jeeper

    I was simply refering to the unibody, soccermom Jeeps, I like the old stuff, up till Crysler, when they bought jeep, everythign went to ****, and now Mercedes will run them into the ground. I would love to have a 52 Willy's 4x4 station wagon, my dad has one in disrepair, but it's only 2wd. Now...
  19. M

    why am i eating wheel bearnings?

    you'l know if the bearings are shot, the cage can be bent, worn, well, it's just an ugly mess when the bearing goes, little pieces of matel in the grease and all that good stuff
  20. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    doug, I'm in, definately, for at least one day, probably saturday, I'll try for the whole w/e, but we'll see
  21. M

    H.I.D. Kits are now ILLEGAL and BANNED in the United States.

    ahh, good, does this now mean I will be able to see again at night without being blinded by blue HID lights?:D
  22. M

    Roll Over Posse Board Member Nominations and Elections

    ok, here's my story, the short version. I was leaving my house, made the turn to go up the road to pick my step brother up from work, in his 94 Mazda B2300, got up to 30 MPH and my friends up ahead of me stop short for some reason. I hit the brakes, non abs truck, no weight in the bed, and big...
  23. M

    what would you do with it

    yes there is, especially on the trail, no piont in having the body up any higher than it has to be to clear tires, looste the BL and chop the fenders:D
  24. M

    locked out!

    don't lock your doors
  25. M

    random flaming? by jeeper

    hahahahahahahaha, Cherokees sinse thbe early 80's have been unibody, and so are comanchees, well, they are weird, GC, and libertys, all Junk!
  26. M

    working with hurculiner!!!

    bah, the instuctions said that acetone would work, but it doesn't, I now have a plastic bedliner in my truck, after the Herc peeled off
  27. M

    what would you do with it

    ditch the body lift
  28. M

    Roll Over Posse Board Member Nominations and Elections

    Does it count if it happened on the road, 1 minute from my house, not being stupid? I better dig up the pics of the Mazda, Kevin, I think I was tyelling you at the Carlisle run:D
  29. M

    Something fell off, what is it?

    Dogfriend, that was the other thing I thought it might be
  30. M

    Something fell off, what is it?

    hmmmm, body mount?:p
  31. M

    You Believe In Deja Vu?

    happened to me today, cutting up a tree at work, and paused, because the setting I was in and what I was doing I thought I had already done, but I got over it fast:p
  32. M

    Something fell off, what is it?

    part of a body mount?
  33. M

    You Believe In Deja Vu?

    this thread reminds me of a movie I think I saw:p I know what your saying, I used to see things before they happened a lot, but not in the last few years, still get it once in a while, but not on a weekly basis like I used to
  34. M

    Transfer Case

    haven't found out anything, can't afford to even think about it
  35. M

    UCP On the Rocks II Aug 9-10

    I'll try to be there
  36. M


    well, I see a Jeep, a VW and a Porch, 2 of those were junk to start, now they are all toast
  37. M

    Should I let my friend buy a Ram?!?!?

    Crysler, building crap since 1972
  38. M


    hehehehehehehehee, I infiltrated the Explorer screensaver with a Ranger:p