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    1996 explorer 4.0 ohv: is the IAT sensor threaded or push on?

    Well I think this is fixed...Hasn't set a code since I redid the EGR gasket. Fuel trims seem OK based on this doc: And I spent 30 mins idling at a city run hazmat collection event today without setting a code, so hopefully it's gone!
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    1996 explorer 4.0 ohv: is the IAT sensor threaded or push on?

    Thanks for the reply! The CTS seems to be reading correctly based on scanner data, but tbh I'm planning to replace it anyway the next time I retorque the lower intake manifold gasket bolts. That should be in December '23 or January '24 (I always do it a few months before smog check, so things...
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    1996 explorer 4.0 ohv: is the IAT sensor threaded or push on?

    Well, I checked the live data on first start this morning and the IAT is reading correctly. It was reading high before because it was sucking air from the engine compartment. Anyway, I tried cleaning the MAF and that didn't help. However, on two previous occasions since the lean codes...
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    1996 explorer 4.0 ohv: is the IAT sensor threaded or push on?

    Hello! Haven't posted here in years since my x has been running like a top. I developed codes 171 and 174 (lean) recently after replacing the plugs. I found that I had broken one of the hard vac lines while replacing the plugs so I fixed that, but I still have the codes. My next target is the...
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    Bad Fuel Pump: Delphi or Spectra?

    The spectra pump is still running problems at all!
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    1995/96 Ford Explorer XL, V6, with spongy brake pedal after new parts

    For the future: when I replaced my master cylinder, I took it to a local brake shop and had them bleed the whole system for like $40.
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    Cranks, pops, no start....

    Just having fuel pressure isn't enough...there needs to be fuel pressure > the minimum spec. Have you tried pounding on the fuel tank with a rubber mallet, and then seeing if that helps it to start?
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    2000 Ford Explorer High Idle

    Most likely a bad IAC valve. They cost like $20 and last like 10 years. I don't know why people even bother cleaning/reinstalling them.
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    CEL comes on for a few weeks then goes off

    Sounds like the car is relatively new to the OP, so I'd do the basics first. OP has to assume that the previous owner slacked off on the maintenance before he sold it, because that's what everyone does. Replace the spark plugs and wires, and see if that doesn't take care of the misfire. P0171...
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    Oil Gauge Question

    Did your other gauges act funny too? For example, my temp gauge will go up the instant I add electrical load (turn on the headlamps, a/c, blower to max, etc...) and go back down the instant I turn things off. My alternator and engine temp needles will "sweep" slightly in synchronization with...
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    Oil Gauge Question

    That's normal. It would be more accurate to call it an "oil pressure indicator" rather than a "gauge" because it doesn't really measure anything. It simply displays the fact that your oil pressure is above the minimum. If it's above minimum, then the "gauge" goes to the middle. If it's below...
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    Climate control, vents blow hot air

    When it comes to getting the new blend door inserted (assuming you're using the "cheat" of cutting a hole in the plenum box...which is really the only reasonable way of doing it), it pays to: 1. Use a tiny bit of lube (I used soap) on the plastic bits that need to squeeze into place, and 2...
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    Lower intake manifold

    I have the 4.0 and you have the 5.0, but it looks to me like you're pretty much done. Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connections, unbolt the lower intake manifold bolts, and lift off. You may need to gently persuade the lower intake manifold to come loose. Use a rubber mallet and a...
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    Need replacement for Moog upper ball joint boots

    Maybe whether the Motorcraft price is worth it or not depends on use. If I expected to put another 100k on the truck in the next 5-7 years, I'd probably go aftermarket. I only put about 2000 miles on it, though, so I'd probably shell out for the Motorcraft parts because I'd think of them as...
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    Need replacement for Moog upper ball joint boots

    I don't get the antipathy towards Motorcraft OE suspension parts. I got my 1996 used in 2002 with 110,000 mi on it, and the OE boots were fine. Here it is 17 years since I got the '96, and the OE boots are 50-70% gone. I'm only up to 182,000 mi, so this must be mostly age-wear. However, the...
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    98 Explorer 4.0LOHV Severe stumbling/bucking under load

    The lower intake manifold gaskets seem to die around 100-150k on the 4.0 OHV. This may be the cause of your p0171 and p0174 codes. When it's hot the engine swells and a bad gasket can keep the intake sealed. When it's cold, the engine contracts and a bad gasket can't seal the intake...
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    2000 Mountaineer gets rear-ended again!

    Nice...glad it was an easy repair! Mine was hit while parked on the street by a drunk driver going 40 who didn't notice that the road narrowed from 3 to 2 lanes at that spot. Luckily, most of the energy went into pushing the Explorer a good 30 feet up the road and into the next car up! Still...
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    2000 Mountaineer gets rear-ended again!

    Sounds like it's not twisted that bad though. Mine was obvious...the rear bumper was twisted up at a 45 degree angle!
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    2000 Mountaineer gets rear-ended again!

    I'm surprised you didn't have to straighten out the frame rail where the brackets mount. Mine got rear ended and it took an anvil, and iron bar, and a lot of patient beating with a 5 lb sledgehammer to get it shaped back into a rectangle so I could mount the bracket. Looks fine now, though.
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    All instrument and dash panel lights out

    Mine had that issue intermittently. I was able to restore the lights when it happened by the above method--working the dimmer wheel back and forth. I haven't bothered to fix it properly, though, since I almost never drive it at night.
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    Yet another OHV won't idle thread

    I realize you said you checked/rechecked the firing order, but this (missing and struggling at idle, but ran fine under throttle) happened to me once and it was the firing order. I'd check that again, and also look at the wires...maybe they're damaged. I suppose you could also check for a...
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    Intermitent Belt squeak car dies if idling with AC on.

    I had the same exact sound on my 4.0, and I went through the same "it must be the synchronizer" thought process. Ordered the part but didn't install because it just didn't add up. Why was the sound coming from the FRONT, and not the REAR? Why did the sound go away when the belt was removed...
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    cracked heads are off, can I save my bottom end?

    I have a 4.0 also and my head gaskets had a minor leak right around your mileage (115k for me). Mine had never overheated so I was fairly confident that it was just a gasket issue. I took the heads to a machine shop and got them magnafluxed, pressure tested, cleaned and repainted, valve job...
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    Oil pressure gauge flicker

    I swapped out the alternator today, so we'll see. I had a brand new one sitting in the garage so I figured why not.
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    pads rotors

    Stuck caliper? Is it just one wheel or all four?
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    Vent blows hot

    It's way easier to cut a hole in the air box from inside the car, replace the blend door, glue the piece you cut out back in, and then seal everything with aluminium HVAC tape. Takes about 30 mins, and there's even a sticky about it.
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    2000 Explorer SOHC V6 heater issues

    Feel the heater hoses at the firewall to see if hot coolant is getting to the heater core. If the water is hot but the air is coming out cold, then you have a blend door problem.
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    I need some advice 2000 limited camshaft position sensor

    Run. No halfway decent lot would sell a car that was misfiring and throwing codes. And check your state regs, but in California all used car sales must be smogged within 90 days. If your local laws are similar, then you might be buying the ultimate money pit. Besides...5.0 owners can pitch...
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    Oil pressure gauge flicker

    Do the other gages flicker, especially under electrical load? Turn on the headlamps, set the fan to max, and turn on the turn signal. Does the gage flicker a bit more strongly than before? If so, then it's like mine. No idea what causes this, but it seems to be harmless.
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    Performance issues with my 1998 Explorer.

    Check to see if the plugs are wired in the correct firing order.
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    How to drain the gas tank 98 Explorer

    I didn't want to deal with fuel being pumped out under full operating pressure, so I disconnected the fuel filler hose at the tank and started the siphon from there.
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    Could be the end of the line... :(

    So far so's not leaking, and I hope it stays that way! I've heard of heli-coils but never had to use them....and I hope it stays that way! :)
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    Could be the end of the line... :(

    Finished with the job...definitely was the gasket. The Fel-Pro gasket I pulled out had 15,000 miles on it, and it looked a lot worse than the original Motorcraft gasket I removed at 150,000 miles. I replaced with Motorcraft this time, but I had to drive 20 miles to get it. Parts are getting...
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    95' Ford explorer starting problems

    Try pounding on the gas tank with a rubber mallet the next time it won't start. If it fires right up, then it's a worn out fuel pump.
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    Could be the end of the line... :(

    Well shoot...I jacked the car up to watch the freeze plugs thru the wheel well, turned the car on, and...a jet of coolant about as thick as a pencil shot out from the timing chain cover gasket. Sigh...would have to happen during the most ridiculously wet winter we've had here in a generation...
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    Could be the end of the line... :(

    The leak is back, and another bottle of K-Seal didn't work this time around. The leak is on the driver's side, and seems to be coming from above the rack and pinion but below the level of the exhaust manifold and air conditioning. I'm thinking it's the freeze plug that's hidden under the power...
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    O2 Sensor replacement

    The thing with O2 sensors is that they rarely flat out die. They're a wear item that degrades with time, like a spark plug, and over time they become less able to accurately perform their job.
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    O2 Sensor replacement

    I had no problem with the electrical connectors, but I have a 4.0 and IIRC the floorboard thing is really a problem for 5.0. My issue with the passenger side was that the sensor was welded in no matter how much I soaked it/applied heat. I ended up having to drop the Y pipe to get at it, and...
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    O2 Sensor replacement

    O2 sensors are cheap enough. Replace the problem sensor, which is the one easily accessible on the driver's side. I'd replace the downstream cat sensor too, since that one (IME) usually comes out no fuss no muss. I'd leave the passenger side sensor alone, because it's inaccessible and a PITA...
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    Unknown wiring harness elements at master cylinder

    I have a 96, and mine got the recall.