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    1998 Sport D-44 SAS Complete!!!

    Nice pics Linds! Thanks for the update.
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    All Ford Nationals @ Carlisle, PA, Jun 5-7, 2015

    Woah, my account is still active...Sorry Lindsy, I won't be able to make it this year.
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    Comment by 'DasFrem' in media 'New tires 2'

    At that point it had a 3" body lift, a spring over in the back and I cranked up the tortian bars up front and loads of fender trimming.
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    Swapping an SOHC into a 5spd OHV 2nd gen?

    The salvage yard is telling me that if I swap in anything newer than a '99 that I'll need an whole new computer and wiring harness....I think they're full of $#it, but can anyone prove them wrong?
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    Oil Pressure, Rear Main Seal Leak Troubleshooting Help Needed

    So I should have listened to Jeff, instead I got in a hurry and replaced the oil pump and gaskets and rear seal and once I put it all back together sure enough the oils comes spewing out the rear main seal again. So I guess I need to replace the main bearings because once I started it back up...
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    Live from Iraq

    Doug, its always so good to hear from you plus to get your vatage point as a soilder over there. Take care, stay safe.
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    Live from Iraq

    Good to finally hear from you Doug. Quick the first picture of the second batch...are those jumps? 'Cause jumpin' and Hummer seems like a lot of fun. When's your tour end?
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    Oil Pressure, Rear Main Seal Leak Troubleshooting Help Needed

    Jeff, good to hear from you, especially your respected advice. You have a good point, I might as well swap it out, especially when you consider what a PITA it is to get to it. The metal shavings do concern me...there was enough to make a film of grimy silvery mess at the bottom of the pan...
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    Oil Pressure, Rear Main Seal Leak Troubleshooting Help Needed

    So I've been beating myself up about this problem for a couple of weeks and have finally decided to ask for help...(97 4.0 V6 ohv) A few weeks back, I was about 100 miles from home and the oil gauge is dropping to nothing, then back up, and sometimes just flicking back and forth. I know its...
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    Live from Iraq

    Doug its great to hear from you! Those flyover pics are phenomenal...It's crazy to think that you're right outside Sadr City, yet you can grab a cinnabon for breakfast. Keep us posted dude, and stay safe!
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    Look what $2550 will get you!

    wow, how.....practical... Honestly, I like it. The upkeep and MPG has got to be great on a vehicle like that.
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    All Tennessee Members Please Post Here!!!

    Memphis here...although not for much longer...selling my house and moving to S. Florida....anybody intrested in buying my 4x4 since there's not a lot use for it down there?
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    Clutch hydraulic diconnect tool dimensions

    The first time I pulled the hydraulic line I spent (wasted) 2 days looking for that stupid little tool, I then tried a small flat-head screwdriver and it popped right off. The next time I had to remove it I tried the special "tool" and it was a pain in the ass...the flat-head screwdriver was...
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    Oops, I did it again...

    If you look on the bright side, at least you weren't driving 45+mph and had that tire hit two other cars.....the flip side of that is, HOW DID YOU NOT LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE?!?!?!?
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    Greetings from Afghanistan

    I'm posting because I got lazy looking for the "subscribe to this thread" and decided to just say "hi" instead. "hi"
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    Oops, I did it again...

    Yay Lindsy, the closest you've gotten to a SAS yet. 4 years later on and I'm still nowhere close to getting one done on mine. Good luck with it all!
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    Oops, I did it again...

    Have you not learned your lesson yet?
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    Landwind zero star crash test

    You can tell how crappy the frame is on the side view behind the driverside rear wheel. THe frame looks as if its only 2" high.
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    New ARB Safari Snorkel

    I think it was conduit glue. They sell it along side the conduit at Lowes and Home Depot.
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    Mazda or Mitisibishi 5-speed?

    99% chance its the Mazda 5 speed and you'll need ATF for it. I've never seen a Mitsu in an Ex as of yet, but I know the Hayens mentions it. To the best of my knowledge, the Mitsu came behind the 2.3 4cyl in rangers, but never in Explorers. Also the Mistu has a removeable bellhousing whereas...
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    Removing Manual Transmission

    What I do is lower your tranny jack so that the tranny/motor tilts down and then use a long extention (24 or so inches) to get at it. Like Doug I've also done it quite a few times now (just finished doing it again last week)
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    Official BS thread!!

    Yeah Draper!!!! Happy 40th!!!!!
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    Official BS thread!!

    Uh, Lindsy, is it me or is Tank looking a little too shiny?
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    Official BS thread!!

    Yeah, It'll probably be a while before I can get up there again seeing as I don't get much vacation with my current job (not to mention I went though all of it in Italy). But I'll get back up there eventually. And oh and Chris, its not a painting, to prove I was there here's a pic of me, well...
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    Official BS thread!!

    So I thought I'd drop a line to you guys seeing as I've been MIA for a while. I went to Italy last month for two weeks 'cause I needed some time away plus I've been busy as hell at work. So the first pic is of me in Venice, and the second is of how the two trucks are doin'. I haven't done...
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    1998 Sport D-44 SAS Complete!!!

    I think both Lizard and I accomplished this by simply unbolting the brake line on the driver side spring perch and routing the hard line above the spring. Doesn't exactly follow the lines above the spring, but it does the trick and still allows for all the flex you'll get out of those springs.
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    Who are your favorite authors?

    Bill Bryson Douglas Coupland Earnst Hemingway David Sedaris Tim Dorsey Henry Kissinger
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    Demand for snorkles

    I did a write up on building your own a while back, the only problem I had with it was how long it took for ARB to ship the top piece from Australia. Check it:
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    Late spring Hot Springs run

    I think I'll ask off that weekend at work. Hopefully I can make this, been way too long since I've wheeled.
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    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Damn you kids looked like you had a ishtload of fun. I will prevail and make it out next year. Jeff, you Zuk always amazes me with how badass it looks. Oh yeah, after being a member of this board for over 4 years, I finally hit 1000 posts.
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    What to do with the top on my sport???

    I'll be cutting mine soon, but I have to wait on a few varibles with my job situation. I already took the doors off a few months back and enjoy the open feeling of it all. When I cut mine I'm cutting from the b-pillar back and then afxing a hinge on the rear tailgate. The latch should work the...
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    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Lizard, you ever get my PMs or emails? What's up dude, you're not writing back.
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    Need to quit the cigs,any success storys?

    My dreams useally rocked, VERY VERY vivid ones. I never had nightmares, but the dreams are unlike any others you've ever had. I'd almost buy a box of the smallest patches to have some cool dreams again.
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    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Yay Doug! Good to hear from you dude.
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    Need to quit the cigs,any success storys?

    I used to smoke 1.5 packs a day for 10 years and I quit over 2 months ago with the patch plus regular chewing gum. A few weeks prior to quitting, I also started working out on a regular basis, as to provide extra insentive. I've quit in the past using the patch and it worked ok, but I was...
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    2001 XLT D44-SAS

    Let the air out, that helps ;)
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    BBQ Time

    hmmmmm bbq..... BBQHotdogs, you would have loved to see what was going on last week here when we hosted the International BBQ Championships. The tv station that I work with covered it, so I got to spend 3 days of going booth to booth getting free bbq and beer. Granted I had to lug my camera...
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    anyone use this doubler?

    Hey Danger, any updates on your prototype? I'm employed again and back to looking into this.
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    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Ha ha, Jeff actually has a car that's fast. I mean like seriously, fast....not 16.5 second 1/4 fast for a small economy car or mid size suv fast, but like v8 small rwd car fast......Go Jeff! Dave, I'll call you soon, I swear....I work f'ed up hours so I don't useally get off work until 10pm+...
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    Anyone have a Hookah Pipe?

    Whoever he is, he's f'in baked. It's been a while since I've felt the way that dude looks.