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    front left wheel humming

    Surprised!!! I took the car to work and I put it on the hydraulic lift, ran the car with the wheels off the ground, and NO HUMMING. Check the tires for play, NO PLAY. I told my friend to turn the wheels to the left, and..BINGO. The Sway Bar link was dangling from the right side. The nut on...
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    front left wheel humming

    I have noticed for the last week, that when I'm on the highway the front left wheel has a humming. When I veer to the right the noise dissapears,but when I turn it to the left the noise increases. The car is not pulling to the left side. Tires are in good condition, same brand and balanced...
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    Thank you, Ronin. Excellent information, very self-explanatory.
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    ...If changing my '06 Ex tires from 235 70R 16 to 245 70R 16 would affect driving and handling? I have an Honda Passport 2000 that needs a new engine, but has 4 new tires. I would like to use those tires to change the old Michelin on my Ex with these Firestone. Is there going to be a problem...
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    ac low port fitting

    Hi guys, Does anybody have a picture, diagram or drawing of where the low port fittting is located in an Ex 2006 4.0. My radiator was changed back in December11(the first day I bought it). Previous owner paid for it, but my ac is not working now. the car is really immaculate in and out. Did they...
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    I really like my Explorer!

    I'm very happy with my Ex. Glad I waited one month shopping around. 2006 Ex XLS 4.0:exp: here is my Ex: :)...
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    2006 explorer radiator

    The day after I bought the Ex, the radiator was leaking. Took it back to the previous owner who replaced the radiator. Two days later I changed the cap from 20psi to 16psi, and so far everything is good.:thumbsup:
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    Ford CEO is todays one-percenter

    I drive 30 miles to work everyday, in a Ford, Start at 3am,work 13 hours no overtime and I'm still broke. :scratch:
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    Where can I get these?

    Check this site:
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    Introducing myself

    Just_a_car, Welcome to the forum.
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    She hasn't been in the Explorer yet

    Congratulations on your newborn. Now you will notice how fast time goes by. Soon, she'll be running around the house.:chug::party:
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    had job interview on thursday at ford & lincoln dealership

    I'm almost sure that you will get this job. Positive energy coming out of this thread. Keep us posted on Monday.
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    Hello new member here

    Welcome to the forum, Vinnyodee.
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    Where did you get the Ford logo on the windshield? Looks great.
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    Updated pics of the Expedition

    Beautiful truck. Congratulations.:salute:
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    Replacement spark plugs

    SoNic67 Very interesting point. Thanks.
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    Trouble's New Grille

    Nice lights. Where did you get them?
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    Do you wear a seatbelt?

    In Jersey is: CLICK IT OR TICKET!! Wear it everyday.
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    Poor Gas Mileage and Rough Sounding

    The most I'm getting from my 06 ex is 15.7 on the highway, and it runs really smooth.:burnout:
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    Do I need a new battery? Need my truck this weekend for hauling stuff!!!

    NJExplorerfan, We had no winter in Jersey this year. LOL. The batteries sold by COSTCO are made by Interstate, the price is great and the quality excellent. A lot cheaper than Sears.
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    Kendall oil

    How good is the Kendall Liquid Titanium synthetic motor oil? Anyone with an experience on this? I went to check reviews online and the comments are kind of good. website for Kendall is:
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    Replacement spark plugs

    swshawaii, Thanks for the input. Autolite it is.:thumbsup:
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    Replacement spark plugs

    edwx, I think I will go with autolite.:thumbsup:
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    Replacement spark plugs

    edwx, I think I will go with autolite.
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    Replacement spark plugs

    Thank you feetwet.!! :D
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    Replacement spark plugs

    I'm just about to change the spark plugs on my 2006 Ex, 4.0, and I would like to know what is the best brand to use. In other words, what are the best brands recommended for a complete tune-up? Thank you in advance for all your help on this issue.
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    Disable 98 Kia Sportage CEL

    That's funny. I used to do that for an Astro Chevy van that i owned. It works!!!! lol
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    Chipped tinted window

    Today, somebody hit my rear left glass on my Ex and chipped it. The window is tinted. Is there a kit available to fix it or do I have to go to a windows repair shop? I've been told that it has to be filled with resin. Is that true? Thank you for your input. :scratch:
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    Clean and shiny engine

    First try today. I used Black Magic and a towel. I think I'm going in the right direction. I didn't want to use my power pressure. Thanks for all the advices. Here are some pictures. I think they look good, so far.
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    Clean and shiny engine

    Before I bought my Ex06 last December, I went to several dealers and every car I saw had a clean and spotless engine. Not that it enticed me, but made the car look much better. What should I do to give my car that engine "look"? Is that going to cause some trouble with the electronic system...
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    Lukas2009, Thanks for the input. I bought the cap and so far is good. Car warms up in less than 2 minutes.
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    My 2012 Ford Explorer Limited

    Those pictures are taken in the Flushing Meadow Park, they look GREEEAT!! Awesome car. Congratulations.
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    Thx, Old as Dirt. That's exactly what I need: to prevent it from happening to my new radiator. I'll get the 16psi cap.
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    edwx, the link is great, but it has different opinions. How a 16psi cap radiator will affect te engine, in a weather like the one in the Norteast9New Jersey)? NAPA has the 16psi radiator cap for $8.50. Should I go for it?
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    Feetwet, I'm still undecided with the oil. I have read so many reviews about them that at this moment I'm confused. lol Some of them say that the AMSOIL gets thicker after a while, and it's on the long run no too good for the engine. However, Quaker State, being cheaper has a good reviews. Is...
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    Thx fifthranger. I think I'm gonna get the Wix oil filter. Good references. Thx again.
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    Amsoil and rad cap

    I just bought a 06 Ex Xls, that looks and ride like great. I bought it from the second owner who never used for a year(wife drives a Mercedes 500, don't like trucks). I took the car to my mechanic, and the guy was impressed. Somebody told me to use Amsoil, which is considered the best synthetic...