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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    And thank you sir for the write up, if you even still post on the forum. Did mine recently. I did have a shop press the old one out and the new one in (don't have a press). Funny, I got a recommendation from the mechanic that I use when I actually use a mechanic. I called the machine shop they...
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    So my 3rd gen has been one headache after the other... albeit at least one issue was my fault. So I replaced the intake manifold because it had a major coolant leak (posted that way earlier). Well, genius me puts everything back together properly except I don't re-clamp the upper coolant hose...
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    2002 explorer excessive rear tire tread wear

    Yeah, brand would be important. There are some cheap tire brands out there where you will be lucky to get 25k miles out of them. That would about match your observation at 7k miles... you would get 25k by frequently rotating them. Also a 4 wheel alignment may be in order. If wear is even on...
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    I had the dreaded "cracked plastic t-stat housing coolant leak." I drive like an old man most of the time, but leaving the house a couple of days ago I decided to "clean the carbon out" by laying in it one time. I looked behind and saw a cloud of white smoke. Pulled over, opened the hood...
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    V6 explorer - mysterious droning sound at startup ? - video

    Highly likely that it's the power steering pump. I have heard torque converters making similar sounds but that is a classic PS pump noise. It's annoying, but the pump may not fail for years after it starts making that noise.
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    Rear diff oil confusion.

    75w-140 is what was originally mandated, but then Ford tried going to the lighter fluid for fuel mileage. It didn't work out so great for the LS differential. I run the 75w-140 with friction modifier in mine and it cleared the rear end chatter that existed because of whatever fluid was in it...
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    2003 Mercury Mountaineer v8 AWD MPG question

    Probably the biggest semi-inexpensive fuel mileage improvement you could get would be from an electric fan and U/D pulley. I don't know what the pulley's go for, probably a couple hundred bucks. You could probably rob an e-fan from a thunderbird or mustang that ran the 4.6 and had them. There's...
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    Digital AC

    I have the digital auto climate. I must admit it is nice for most weather conditions. I can set it to a temperature and it will keep me pretty comfy without having to constantly muck with the fan speed, temp knob, etc. While it is nice and I generally like it, I would not attempt a retro unless...
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    added DRL/style lighting to my 3rd geb headlights

    See I thought of doing the same thing, along with the black paint that you have in your housing. I'm still going to take my housings out and paint, however I don't think our headlight shape caters to the style lights. Your install looks good so I'm not bashing it at all... I just think the...
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    Sorry to hear that... but I guess it could've been worse. Hopefully you put another 100k on this tranny to make it worth it.
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    Cracked Transfer Case

    Dude, if it's a hairline crack I would honestly try JB Weld to stop the leak. Drain the fluid, clean the area around the leak really well, to include de-greasing it. Rough it up with a grinder, then apply JB Weld per instructions. You might think I'm crazy but I grew up on a farm and I've seen...
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    Replace ball joints or the whole control arm.

    I replaced just the upper joints in a few hours using the "how to" thread here. I didn't have any problems and mine didn't push out of the UCA. If you do just the joints, you will not need an alignment (why I went the route I did). If you replace the UCAs, you will definitely need an...
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    UV joint or rear diff?

    Yeah, you can crawl under the truck and probably observe a u joint failure. Plus a u joint also makes more of a constant noise under load... sounds like a baseball card against bicycle spokes the whole time your foot is on the gas.
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    Bad Transfer Case and Rear Differential?

    ^^^ This. Just have the differential fixed and then try it out. Transfer cases are good parts to get from a junkyard... they tend to outlast transmissions by a good bit, they can be self-pulled in a couple of hours, and you can usually get one far cheaper at a junkyard than you could find a...
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    Question on my 2003 Eddie Bauer

    Most folks have steered you right. Fluids, filters, maybe plugs. I would pull a plug and see what it looks like before I changed them. It's pretty cheap to change plugs, but if it doesn't need it then it doesn't need it. The 4.6l holds right at 5-6 quarts. A 5 quart jug from Walmart, plus an...
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    Bi-Xenon Retrofit

    Good looking install. I see the price is coming down some on decent HID retro rigs. It looks like I could shop around in closeout sections maybe walk away with less than 200 bucks in a decent retrofit.
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    Brighter headlights for Sport Trac

    I've had good luck with philips crystal vision. It *IS* coated in a manner similar to the Silver Star Ultras, however they were in fact brighter than my previous bulbs by a good bit. They were also whiter. Not ricer blue. Just pure white. You could look at LED... they're a good bit brighter but...
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    Ranger, what did you use to make your homemade roof rack? Bar Stock and a stick welder or EMT tubing?
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    Advice on Changing Alternator

    Edit, OP responded while I was typing so no need for my two cents.
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    Wanted Bull Bar / Light "Safari" Bar Pictures Wanted

    Not the greatest picture but here's a pic of mine after I first put it on.
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    Advice on Changing Alternator

    As others have said a 3/8" pull bar or ratchet will work to take the tension off the belt. If you find that your ratchet needs to be longer a piece of pipe over the end helps. +1 on disconnecting the battery. You'll be just fine... changing the alternator is about a 20 minute job on this truck...
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    Bixenon or LED?

    If you do HID it needs to be proper, with an aftermarket projector and everything. While it can be done, it's not cheap. You can probably get a decent set of LEDs for 100 bucks (ish), a good HID setup would be much more. LEDs are bright, but range (highbeams don't shine much further than the...
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    New Explorer owner and Ignition key won't turn!!

    Same here. There was one time I honestly thought the key cylinder had failed and locked up. I finally did the above enough to get it to start. Went to the store and bought some graphite to put in the lock and it's worked well ever since.
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    If a rebuild is in order you will likely be spending at least 2500 (and likely much more). If you are comfortable installing a transmission yourself (it's really not as hard has you might think) you can get a remanufactured one and do it yourself... probably around 1800 dollars going that route...
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    04 Explorer 4.6l V8 NO POWER UGH

    Yeah pull the codes. How many miles do you have on it, and does it smell like rotten eggs when the engine is running (if so it's the cat converter).
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    is it worth it?

    As of last August I paid $3400 (actually $3600 after getting it registered) for an '02 with 120k miles. It's a 4.6l 4wd Eddie Bauer. It's not crapped out either, other than the driver's seat being ripped up pretty bad it's in very good shape. SOO... paying off an engine isn't always cheaper than...
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    So... Antifreeze is really important in the winter...

    This is exactly what I believed happened. I started my truck and let it idle for a couple of minutes before taking my girl to school. When we got in the heat was starting to get lukewarm (meaning water was circulating). A couple of minutes after I hit 55, heat went ice cold. I kept driving...
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    Heat blows cold air when stopped

    Coolant level has everything to do with heat, nothing to do with A/C. That would be a freon or A/C system problem. As to how the coolant got low... well it either leaked out, boiled over, or there is a cracked or warped head and some of the coolant is reaching a cylinder and being vaporized...
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    Transfer Case Gasket Or RTV

    RTV will work, but honestly I've always found it to be a pain to use. If you're saving 25 dollars and/or a few days wait for parts... maybe. If you're saving a 10 minute trip to the parts store and 10 dollars I would probably just go for the gasket.
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    Megapost on Explorer Transmission Rebuild

    Subscribed. My tranny feels kind of weak and sometimes slips for a half second on a shift (mostly going into third)... but I don't have the major issues that you reported. I'm gonna ride on mine a little longer before I make repair plans, but I'm pretty sure I'll eventually need this.
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    So... Antifreeze is really important in the winter...

    ^Oh fear not, I did. No leaks that I can see, no smell of coolant in the exhaust, fluid doesn't disappear. I got stupid lucky I suppose.
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    So... Antifreeze is really important in the winter...

    Yeah, so I do have my moments of semi-intelligence but then at times I can be pretty dense. I just bought my Ex a few months ago and replaced the thermostat shortly after. I didn't put any antifreeze in, just tap water. I didn't lose a lot of coolant, probably about 1/3 of a gallon. Apparently I...
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    Help with misfire codes

    I would replace all the spark plugs and the coilovers on the faulty cylinders. Why? Easy, cheap, and technically could be your issue (although it likely won't be a fire issue for reasons you stated... but it could be). If that doesn't fix it I would compression test those cylinders. Could be a...
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    2004 4.6 tuned up, now mileage has tanked

    Yeah as posted above I would verify the spark plug gap is correct and reset the pcm. I don't really think the TB would cause your mileage issue after a tune up but I suppose it could, plus cleaning it is easy and it won't hurt anything.
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    Lets see your switches!

    My two switches for my front and rear auxiliary lights. I like keeping things clean and discrete. They're micro high-wattage SPST from Radioshack. They're rated at 5 amps at 120v... my lowly power draw won't choke them and I didn't need to use a relay if I got the high-watt versions.
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    Door check strap

    Have you tried a local junkyard? I love junkyards for mundane stuff like this.
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    The pics aren't great and I haven't cleaned my truck since the install so forgive me, and yes I know I need floor mats... The interior floorboard lights. They make a world of difference and this picture doesn't do it justice. They come on when the dome is on, whether it's the light switch...
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    Toggle Switch Installation

    I only have two switches but they fit next to the headlight/dimmer control. I used mini switches and I know there is room for a third, if not a fourth, if you space them close enough together. I'll post pics of my switches tomorrow, but the take way is that I'm almost positive you could fit four...
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    chasing MPG and bolt on HP....

    Rob sounds like you've put in a TON of work. Your city mileage is comparable to my combination of open road/city (probably 70/30), so you've made an obvious improvement. I've never touched 24 on an extended bought of highway driving. I think 20 is about as good as I've ever gotten with ethanol...
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    Joe I really like that bumper you fabbed. Any winch plans in the future? A winch would look sweet on that rig, although it looks fine like it is. Especially with the clevis tow hooks.