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    Need Help with 4.0 -> 5.O in a 95 LTD

    I have 143,000 miles on my 95 4.0 LTD. I was wanting to upgrade on my power some along with gain some reliability. The engine I have now is the pushrod not the SOHC version of the 4.0. I was very interested in doing a swap to a 5.0 but am not sure of where to get the conversion kits if there...
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    Bad Lean To Drivers Rear (ARC)?

    I have a 95 LTD w/ factory air shocks, It is leaning about 3/4" more on the drivers rear. I had the auto leveling system checked by the dealership and they are telling me that my air shocks and height sensors are fine. I have had it realigned, torsion bars adjusted to compensate and no fix...