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    Coolant consumption

    I would bet my left nut that there's a crack between the valves on one of the cylinders.
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    Ticking sound

    Here's a link to a youtube video on how to rebuild your lifters. It takes some time and attention to detail, but totally worth it. It will cost a pretty penny to replace all of them. I did this when I rebuilt the top end and it helped with top-end noise big time.
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    Cracked Fan First Generation Explorer

    This is interesting and really good timing for me at the moment. Do you have a link to where you bought the m10x1.5x13mm bolts? and does it matter if they're flanged or just regular bolts? Thanks brother
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    Project Get This Running and Ripping

    Nice! Welcome to the community. You're going to love that old truck. I got my 93 from my grandpa as well! Old Blue is pretty mint if you squint. Have the torch and the impact ready to go because every bolt will be rusty. There's a ton of good info on this site for basically anything you want...
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    Is this the water pump leaking? [pics]

    Thank you! Was just doing a little research and I came to the same conclusion. Appreciate the help!
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    Is this the water pump leaking? [pics]

    Trying to figure out if that is the water pump leaking coolant. Trying to get Old Blue back in shape! Used dye and a black light. Here's a link to the pictures Thanks!
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    Coolant on top to the engine?

    Hey guys – I've been following this forum for a while and this is my first post. So long story short I started doing maintenance on Old Blue during quarantine over the summer. Well, that turned into a full-blown project. That's how it goes I suppose lmao. I've done quite a bit of work to the...
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    Extra parts if anyone wants

    I would be interested in the black aftermarket grille and the climate control unit.