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    Key Fobs Not Working

    Over the weekend, I disconnected the negative battery and walked away for 45 mins. Reconnected the negative battery, turned the engine on and all 3 key fobs work fine..bizarre.
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    Key Fobs Not Working

    I have a 2012 Explorer with 102,000 miles. It was purchased brand new at the end of 2011. It has been a rough 2018 with this vehicle with all the crazy maintenance but it is paid for and I don't have a loan. I have spent over $7700 in maintenance for 2018. Here is a quick summary 89,950 -...
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    Replace water pump?

    I'm at 98770 miles on the clock. I had my transmission flush at 56K and coolant flush at 80K. I could not find someone to service my PTU and that failed at 97K with the original fluid. Cost $1900 tax included to replace at a Ford dealer. I hope the water pump will last.
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    PTU Flush Cost

    There is a Firestone near me. I will reach out to them next time and see what they say.
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    PTU Flush Cost

    I wanted to have the fluid changed at ~60K but the dealer told me the same thing. I asked my local mechanic that I have used for a few years and he declined the request. My odometer recently passed 95K miles and on a random day driving home through the local streets, my car was making grinding...
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    2011 - 2018 Explorer Power Steering Issue

    I have a 2012 Explorer. My power steering rack has been replaced twice. 1st time at in 2016 @ 64,908 under recall and the 2nd time was last week on 2/5/18 @ 89,950. Total cost = parts + labor + 4 wheel alignment = $2434.15
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    2012 Ford Explorer maintenance record

    I had my first tire replacements at 41K because of a nail. I'm still on my second set of tires at 90K with about 5/32" left on all threads. I plan to replace these before next winter. I'm aiming for Oct - Nov time frame. I agree in a lease situation I would pay less in maintenance cost but...
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    2012 Ford Explorer maintenance record

    I have updated my post with my total cost info.
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    2012 Ford Explorer maintenance record

    Hello All, In case anyone is interested, I am the original owner of this 2012 Ford Explorer. It is still my daily driver. This is my maintenance record so far. This has been my first brand new luxury vehicle that I paid. I purchased this vehicle at the end of 2011 and this will be my 7th...
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    I drive a 2012 with 82500 miles. The only time I have noticed the exhaust smell is when I'm sitting in Boston traffic with my windows open. Knock on wood, I have set to smell anything with windows closed and AC on. This type of news gets me nervous. I purchased my 2012 Explorer brand new and...
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    PTU Problems

    I have a 2012 Explorer with 80,0000 miles. I bought it to the dealer for my 'Works Package' and was advised the PTU was not serviceable. I asked my independent mechanic and he was unable to replace the gear oil.
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    Valvoline Oil Change Trustworthy?

    There are always good and bad shops and there are always human error. I used to bring my previous cars to my local Valvoline about 5 mins from my house. I had zero issues with them. They always brought over the dip stick to show you the current level and I see them bring over a oil filter...
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    Split Armrest Issue

    My 2012 driver side arm rest is splitting too, exactly like Post #268. I applied super glue at first and it helped but it still rips. I need to find a repair shop.
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    OEM Or Aftermarket Brakes? Recommendations.

    I agree with Post#2. I have purchased aftermarkets pads and rotors for my previous cars and they would rust fast and generate lots of brake dust. I do not notice it as much with OEM so I prefer to stick with it. Buying the parts only through Rockauto is a huge plus with great savings.
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    Thinking of Ditching the Explorer

    How much is too much? It seems normal for me. Again I'm a young owner. My previous car was a Scion Tc with zero technology and zero issues but it cost about $20K. My Explorer is twice the cost.
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    Thinking of Ditching the Explorer

    #7 and #8 were maintenance issues were not related to poor build quality. Having 6 issues does not seem that bad.
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    Thinking of Ditching the Explorer

    Here are some positive comments. I'm a young owner and my 2012 Ford Explorer is the 2nd Ford I have owned and I'm one of the lucky ones that have zero problems. I have driven it cross country about 6000 miles and it has not let me down. I purchased extended warranty for 10 year / 100,000...
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    PTU and Rear Diff Fluid Change - 2011 Explorer XLT

    Great write up. Thanks for the tutorial.
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    Push Bar for Explorer

    Yeah that sounds about right. I took awhile for mine to arrive.
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    Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    Cool. I never knew either. I have a K&N air filter since my car was new. It has 56K and I have yet to clean my K&N air filter.
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    30,000 Maintenance

    I have about 53K miles on my 2012 Explorer. It cost about $100 at my local Ford for an alignment. I'll get an annual check after our winter season and each time there were some changes but not drastic. But this all depends on your area.
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    Water Leak

    I noticed a water leak in the 3rd row of my car earlier this month after a huge rain storm. I brought it to the dealer to have them inspect it. They said the leaking was coming from body seam and they resealed seam. Cost $130. My recording of my leak.
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    Split Armrest Issue

    I have a 2012 Explorer with about 52K miles now and I had the rip on my arm rest early on. Probably around 30-35K. I used super glue to fix mine.
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    enough doom and gloom, lets hear some high mileage, reliable 5th gen. stories.

    2012 Explorer XLT with 50,600 miles. The Works package every 5000 - 7000 miles and a car wash once a week. She had 3 recalls, each recall was inspected but no parts were replaced. Belt replaced around 40K 4 New Tires around 41K - One of the OEM tires had a nail. I'm sure the OEM tires would...
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    Keyless Entry (Securicode) Door Pad Not working

    I'm having issues with my keypad entering the factory code. Will need to make a visit to the dealer at some point.
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    Looking at used 2013 XLT - what should I know?

    I ordered a 2012 Explorer with 5 miles on it. It currently has about 47K miles with zero issues and a few recalls. This is my first Explorer and SUV so I can't compare it to the previous generations.
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    Dead battery lessons learned

    I bought the same one sale for $60. I have not used it yet either but its in the car for backup.
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    2011-2014 Ford coolant fans

    Purchased my 2012 EX brand new and has about 47K miles. I had a recall related to the coolant fans but it wasn't replaced. Only issue had so far was to replace my sqeaky serpentine belt at 39K.
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    Push Bar for Explorer

    Good idea to spray plastidip. I had my push bar for awhile and I'm in the market for a LED light bar. The one you have is in my budget.
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    Push Bar for Explorer

    Great video!! How's the LED bar working out? I checked Amazon with the one you might have and its around $50 and I have seen other brands for a lot more.
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    212,911 Ford Explorers (2011 - 13) recalled for door handle issue

    I received the recall later the mail. I have not encountered any issues yet with my door latches.
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    Battery Life

    2012 XLT with 44K miles, Boston MA. Still using OEM battery. No issues..knock on wood.
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    Factory Battery Capacity

    I have over 42,x.. on my 2012 Explorer with OEM battery. No issues yet (knock on wood) and it has been freezing the past month here in MA.
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    Driving the EX in snow

    I too had zero issues with my stock Michelin. I replaced my stocks due to a nail in one of them with Mastercraft Courser HSX All Season from Town Fair Tire. We had at least a foot of snow for each snow storm so far here in the NE. I have no issues so far. I put it in snow mode and take it easy.
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    Driving the EX in snow

    Crazy amount of snow here in the NE. I'm using all season Mastercraft tires and I had zero issues so far. I got stuck once when I plowed my car into 2 feet snow bank.
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    Replace Rear Brake Pads & Rotors

    I have about 42350 and I had my rear rotors and pads replaced. Per the tech, the fronts are fine. Rotors: 166.60 Pads 66.63 Solvent: 6.99 Environmental fee: 9.99 Labor: 150 Sales Tax: 15.01 Total cost: $415.22 Total cost: $390.22 (After Ford $25 Rebate) I called Midas around my area and was...
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    Creaking Noise When Steering

    My car stayed overnight at the dealership and I spoke with the Technician who serviced my vehicle and the sound is normal. He says due to the cold weather it makes noises. He was very knowledgeable, explained it in detail and I'm very happy with this dealership. This noise only occurs when...
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    Creaking Noise When Steering

    Crystal, I have about 42,300 miles.
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    Creaking Noise When Steering

    We had another snow storm up here in Boston. My car sat for a few days in the cold and this morning it was 17F. The squeaking noise is back. Argg! Going to schedule another dealer appointment. I hope I don't have to pay for another labor charge.
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    Creaking Noise When Steering

    I returned from the dealership today and they lubricated the lower steering shaft bearing, cost $62.50. Sound is gone but I have not driven the car long after the repair.