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    poor MPGs/High rpms..

    hi everyone, I'm posting about my girlfriends 99 sport. its got the 4.0 sohc, and she gets terrible mileage.. about 400-440 kms to roughly 65 litres.. (250-275 miles to 17 gal) so right around 15l/100km or 15mpg, this is mostly highway driving, cruising around 70mph, fairly flat road. I've...
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    Flat Black Explorer (Murdered, Blacked out) Pics

    the trick is to use a flat/matte clearcoat... that way you dont end up with that primer texture
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    Alternative Fog light switch

    just a quick guess but theyre likely for the illumination of the switch
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    red sport with black trim

    hi everyone, ive done some searching but havent found the pics im looking for, i'd like to paint all the bumpers and trim on my red 99 sport black.. was wondering if anyone had a picture of this? thanks