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    Farewell 1997 Explorer

    I got a Lexus GX470 SUV with Nav, 14 speaker Levingston audio, third row, t-toally loaded. I picked it up at the Mercedes dealership and it is like brand new. All maintinace since new was performed at the Lexus dealership. Also it is a local one owner car here in NC. It is an awsome ride, I...
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    Farewell 1997 Explorer

    Well after being on this board for some 10 years and racking up 201k on the 97 XLT, I had to trade it in today. The dreadfull P0715 DTC came up with crazy shifting. I was on the way to the tranny shop and took a u turn to the credit union to secure a loan for a vehicle I had test driven over the...
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    P0715 code

    Where will I find the sensor connector? Where is is located on the transmission, top, bottom, front, rear, driver side? Thanks
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    P0715 code

    Can the 0715 trouble code be caused by any other issue besides the sensor itself, like the PCM? Looks like the TSS sensor is internal...not good
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    P0715 code

    On a 1997 XLT, 4x4, SOHC, 5spd auto, 5r55e trans I got the check engine light read. The code was P0715, transimission speed sensor circuit. Can this be replaced externally or is the sensor internal? Also, is this code also realted to the VSS, vehicle speed sensor which I know is external to...
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    SOHC 200,000 Miles Club

    I had the front tensionser and guides put in at 50,000 miles, along with the manifold gasket upgrade. Since then no issues. This engine is one of the best tuned and relaible I have ever owned. Never had any timing chain stretching issues. The 5r55e also gets a bad rap, but I have only had to...
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    SOHC 200,000 Miles Club

    Well I hit the big 200,000 today. Any other 200,000 miles plus SOHC's out there?
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    1997 Explorer XLT front end rebuild... questions inside..

    I take it thet this is a kit currently found on EBAY. Let me know about the quality and fit. I have seen these kits and they are around $130 for all components. Good luck with the rebuild. Let us know.
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    QUestion about Longevity of the SOHC motor and Explorers in many miles

    Ive owned my 97 SOHC V6 XLT since 1999. I bought it with 30,000 on it. Always used Mobil 1 oil changes and tranny flushes every 30k. The front guides and tensioners were revised/changed out at the dealership at 50k. Now have 199,000 miles with no problems. Did recently have the thermostat...
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    Where to buy lower control arms from??

    I'm coming up on 200,000 miles on my 97 and still havent replaced anything in the front end, except for the outer tie rods. Dont know if its worth bothering with now. Everything is still tight, some squeks depending on the outside temperature.
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    Replacing hoses

    I am still running all original hoses at 195,000 miles and 12 years. I do inspect regularly and the appear to be fine. Probably should change them soon for good measure.
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    WallyWorld Super Tech Mercon V

    I was in Walmart this weekend to get trasmission fluid. At my local store, they have removed all transmission fluids including Mobil 1 ATF. They only carry Super Tech Mercon V. A google search of who supplies Super Tech revealed everyone fron Conno Phillips to Warren Oil to Pennzoil. Anyone...
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    195k coming up soon
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    ControlTrac 4x4 front driveshaft

    I appreciate the comment fixing whats wrong, but with 194k on the odometer and a salavage value of $1100, its not economically feasible to put anymore than gas and oil in this thing.
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    ControlTrac 4x4 front driveshaft

    I have a 97 4x4 control trac. I would like to remove the front drive shaft and possibly leave it out if it is the cause of my front end noise. Will leaving the front DS out cause any problems with the front differential? I know the noise is not coming from the hubs as I replaced them...
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    193k on original Oxygen Sensor

    Well I am not one to replace parts w/o subjective evidence, (check engine light or scope values) however I will try sanity in a can, i.e. Seafoam. I would like to see if I have a piece of gargage or builup in an injector that Seafoam can irradicate. The payback period for 1 O2 sensor @...
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    193k on original Oxygen Sensor

    I have 193,000 miles on the original passenger upstream O2 sensor. I replaced the driver side 02 sensor at around 110,000 miles when it was scoped and shown to be slow to respond but no check engine light. My question is, my milege is around 17 mpg in mixed driving, should I replace this and...
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    Paper gasket iac

    If you have the o ring configuration you probably have the SOHC engine. Dont use the cardbord gasket with the oring setup as you will get a check engine light due to a vacuum leak over time...about a week or can remove the o-ring gasket and flip it over and reinsert it as it is...
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    The 5R55E and the infamous 2-3 shift flare issue

    I had the same experience with the 2-3 shift flare for over a year. I repalced the bracket and EPC solenoid, and bam, like you said, problem gone. It has been many miles for me and all is still A ok.
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    -Your Explorer-

    My Explorer- 1) 1997 XLT SOHC 2) Purchased in July. 1999 for $21000.00 3) 30,000 Miles when Purchased 4) 190,000 Miles now
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    hit 187,000 today
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    1999 Limited with 17K Miles

    Has this vehicle been sitting in the frozen tundra for its entire life? If so, I hope it was winterized and started routinely.
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    -Your Explorer-

    1. 1997 XLT 4x4 Sohc 2. $21,000 in 1999 (gallon of gas was $0.98) 3. 30,000 miles in 1999 4. 186,759 miles today (gallon of gas now $3.89)
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    -Your Explorer-

    1. $21,000 in 1999 (gallon of gas was $0.98) 2. 30,000 in 1999 3. 186,759 in 2008 (gallon of gas now $3.89)
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    front end still squeeks ?

    My inners are creaking too. I replaced the outers but the problem noise is coming from the inners, you can feel it when you turn the wheels in the drive way. With 185k on them, i figure a little creaking wont hurt anything. Anyone ever have one brake off, thats what I am concerned about if i...
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    98 5R55E No codes 2/3 flair, other tests?

    I had the mild, but as you noted consistant flare, change the original epc and the problem went away totally. I never recieved an error code either. My shifting flare started about a year ago or longer, cant remember. The epc is not that exspensive and easy to change. I bought my epc off ebay...
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    Curious as to the mileage of the sohc's v6 Explorers here. I have 185,350 miles on a stock all original 1997 XLT and still running like a champ. Any other high milers out there?
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    Outside Door Handle

    Can you provide any tips or a procedure to change the door handle? Mine has been flopping around for about 3 years now.
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    The 5R55E and the infamous 2-3 shift flare issue

    I had the shift flare for about a year...finally changed the epc and updated bracket...problem went away totally with epc change...shifts great now...never had any od light flashing and flare never got any worse just happened more frequntly at low rpm. mileage when flare started about...
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    New to the family

    I would of bought that too. Nice truck. Just realized, my 100th post...took me 9 years
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    hit 185,000 miles today. still running good. I recently replaced the epc more shift flare...thought i was looking at a transmission rebuild...not now with the epc change...shifts great.
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    Front diff gasket problem - help !!!!

    i am leaking about the same amount???both my front and rear differential have been leaking for 9 years...they seem to leak down to mid point where the output shafts intersect with the housings and then they dont leak beyond that point....I top them off every other oil change....i have 185,000...
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    Oxygen sensor replacement question?

    Has anyone used the spliced wire approach, then you are not dealing with the connector location difficulties. I would like to change my passanger side (orig. 184k on it) and too see the difficulties in reaching the sensor. I know the spliced versions are less exspensive as well. When you...
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    Finally changed EPC solenoid...results

    Yes it was a new EPC (OEM number matched what was removed, made in Germany), I had been watching the vendor on Ebay and when I saw a buy it now for around $50, I bid on it. I was exspecting the vendor to catch the mistake but they didnt. The vendor was Monster Liquidators. The original price was...
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    Finally changed EPC solenoid...results

    First a little history..bought the truck in 1999 with 30k miles, always flushed the fluid @ 30k mile intervals. Around 100k started getting a delay going into reverse. Around 145k started getiing flare 1to2 and 2to3 gear shifts. I never got any error codes like flashing od light so I was...
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    5R55E transmission minor Slippage from 1st to 2nd

    I have had the same symptoms (5r55e) for over a year. If I acelerate above 2500 rpm between shifts it is fine. If I get stuck in stop and go traffic,very rare for where I live, it acts up. At 184k miles on the orgianal tranny I am going to ride it till it dies. I have a shop that will do a...
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    Window Controls

    I determined it being a dirty or failing window lock switch on driver door. I held down (open) on the front passanger window switch and toggled the window lock switch on the driver door. After about 10 or so quick toglges back and forth from lock to unclok, the passanger window switch...
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    Window Controls

    Here's my issue: The window controls on all 3 doors (besides the driver) are not working. The driver door window controls still works and will open and close all windows, so not a motor issue on any of the doors. The window lock feature on the driver door is not in the locked position. Any...
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    buying an explorer, what to look for?

    Joe, I have a 97 xlt and have owned it since 1999. It now has 182k with the original drivetrain. If its the sohc engine, look to see if the updates have been made to the cam tensioners. Try to find one that has a service history on the transmission. AC blend door is also a weak spot. I have only...
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    Front end rebuild Parts Source?

    As for the Canada parts off of Ebay mentioned above, has anyone installed these and were you satisfied with the fit and quality?