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    Colorado Colors Run 2000

    Most of the better know trails are located in the Ouray area. Remember that south of Ouray the grades are steep, speed limits are low, and traffic is heavy. Thirty miles of travel may take an hour each way. I vote for staying in Ouray. It has been a few years for me, but I have run Cinnimon...
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    ARB bumpers

    ARB does not make a bumper/winch mount for the Explorer. I spoke with a local dealer about haveing custom brackets fabricated to fit one for another truck on the Explorer. They didn't think it would be a problem, however I still have not heard back from them.
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    James Duff Shocks

    Unless you run dual fronts, don't even think about the Duff shocks with Superlift springs. The Superlift uses a fairly soft spring rate and without some dampening on the compression you will bottom out. Spend the money and get the Rancho RS9000 you won't regret it. Duff socks in compbination...
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    OK, Here's my itinerary Thursday: Departure, Denver Metro Area: 10:00am Arriveal, Moab via I-70 & UT 128: 5:00pm Accomadations: Inca Inn Dinner: ? Willing to meet anywhere. Friday: Trails:Will probably go with Ray and Gerald to prerun Gemini Bridges...
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    EZ-Locker install, 94 XLT. NOT FUN.

    The Powertrax install is very straight forward. You can probably do it in about an hour, maybe two. Mine became complicated by adding the 4.56 gears. The slip pin requires grinding in order to fit past the ring gear. I used the factory pin rather than destroy the new one supplied with the...
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    I agree. There are a lot of opportunities just off the Gemini Bridges Road. We will find something to satisfy everyone's need for adenalin. 17 days and counting!
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    EZ-Locker install, 94 XLT. NOT FUN.

    Oh No! Sounds like trouble. I am planning to pull my front third member for a gear replacement later this week. The rear is now ready to go back together, just as soon as I sort throught the scattered parts on the floor of my garage.
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    Quick disconnects on the swaybars???

    Several of us are running disconnects and the Superlift 5.5 lift. It is possible for the spring to pull out of the upper perch, so you want to be sure the retainers supplied by Superlift are installed. Do a search for on the topic allot has already been written.
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    Tips for disabling Clutch interlock?

    Ryan, The interlock switch is a multi purpose switch serving three functions. However it appears from the Explorer 4.0 wire diagram that this is a simple single pole switch. Check the number of outlet leads from the switch. If there is one you have no problem bypassing the switch, however the...
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    james duff 2.5" lift

    Ryan is right. Remember with the Superlift 5.5 you still have to by extended brake lines and shocks. And the $600 version does not include extended radius arms. With the Duff lift you will get the shocks and the factory brake lines will still work. The front is a true 2.5", howeverthe rear will...
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    Locker for 4:56

    The spool will make your truck almost uncontrolable in snow or ice. It will also cost as much to install as a Detroit. Are you looking for strength, or just low price. The least expensive option will be one of the insertable type such as Detroit's EZ-Locker or Gearless Locker about $270 either...
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    Shocks to use with Superlifts 5.5"

    Mat, Remember if you go with the Edlebrocks you can not ask for a shock to fit an Explorer with the Superlift 5.5" lift. The salesman will look at you funny and tell you Edlebrock does not make one. Edlebrock shocks are sized not only by length, but also vehicle weight. Determine what truck has...
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    Anyone ever tried Changing their own differential gears?

    Changing the gears really isn't that difficult. The ring and pinon will come as a set and must remain as a set. They will be stamped with the backlash spec's or a card will be included. This value is unique for each set. In order to the job right you will need a high quality dial guage and...
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    Limited Slip and ABS

    The combination is availible from the factor, yoiur friend of a friend of a friend is in error. You should still invest in revovery equipment.
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    James Duff

    According to the BFG Specs the Radial Mud Terrain in a size 32x11.50 R15LT/C diameter and tread width are 31.9" and 9.2" respectivly. BFG recommends an 8" to 10" rim width for these tires. I mounted them on the factory alloys, which I believe are 7" rims. The tires fit great, although the full...
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    James Duff

    Maniak, I am curious, how was the lift modified and what wheels you were using. I never came close to rubbing on the front bumper, even when twisted up.
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    James Duff

    They will fit, but expect minor rubbing on the radius arms. You can even run your factory rims. I've got 30,000+ on my BFG's.
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    Duff dual shocks

    The Rancho 9000 will be the best choice. At the lowest setting they are softer than the Duff 70/30's and much firmer at the high end. A single Rancho at the stiffest setting will provide a managable ride without the sway bar, although I opted for disconnects after one long road trip. Depending...
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    front bumper that good for a winch?

    I have not contacted James Duff since then, at that time the prototype was still in testing. They expected to go into production at the first of the year. Every time I mention mods to my truck, my wife's eyes glaze over. Sure sign she is not receptive to spending more money yet.
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    Where to live? Denver or Phoenix?

    You are right about the cost of living. Having recently moved about 50 miles north of Denver, I can vouch for that. Average starter homes run $120k, $130+ for new construction, and more in Denver.
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    new to suspension-------need a question answered

    ford5_0, The body lift is the least expensive means of providing tire clearance, without sacrificing factor suspension geometry. The lift involves replacing the factor body mounts with aftermarket hardware. The down side is a body lift does not increase undercarage clearance or provide increased...
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    james duff lift and tire size

    If I understand, you used the bracket Duff provided to mount both the front shock and the sway bar link. Correct? You have two choices since removable disconnect pin on the mount is not an option. A sway bar disconnect similar to the JKS for a Jeep CJ will work. The length may be longer than...
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    james duff lift and tire size

    I ran 32's on the stock rims with a duff lift without any problems. The tires would only rub on the radius arms at full ****. This problem is still pressent on the Superlift 5.5" lift. Tell you the truth I was happier with the Duff lift.
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    front bumper that good for a winch?

    I tried to order a TJM bar several months ago without any luck. I was told they have quit importing to the US because ARB has such a stong hold on the market.
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    94 XLT Lift Kit

    The Superlift 5.5" lift with extended radius arms will run about $900 to $1200 depending on the shocks you select. If you are going to be doing the installation yourself, be sure to check for the right parts before starting. Superlift is notorious for shipping the wrong parts. The Superlift 4"...
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    CJ-7 is getting small

    Paul is right that the interior space of the Explorer far exceeds the Cherokee's. Having been a previous Jeep owner (76 CJ-5&88 YJ), I know the difficulty in choosing. The Explorer uses a Borg-Warner (BW) T-case, Cherokee a New Process (NP). The BW is availible in either electric shift, or...
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    Another maker of Radius Arms....

    The hardware for mounting the shock to the radius arm is availible from both James Duff and Superlift. It will require drilling 3 holes and bolting on the bracketry.
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    My First Explorer Run

    Dan, thanks for sharing your experience. Comments like yours are the reason I visit this site so often. I look forward to meeting you at one of the future runs.
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    Camber adjusters

    Most of your better auto parts stores that supply the local mechanics will have adjustable camber/caster bushings in stock. Installation is simple. Loosen the pinch bolt, pry the old bushing out, drive the new bushing in, and tighten the pinch bolt. This will have to be done with the weight off...
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    What is best price on SuperRunner Bracket Kit?

    If that includes the extended radius arms it is a very good price, if not it is average.
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    2wd lift?

    There are several manufactures who make pre-runner lifts (2WD). Fabtech is the first that comes to mind. I know there are at least two others out there.
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    Hmmm! Sound like a great way to save limited resources of petroleum reserves. Also, I will definately not be breaking any drive train parts, so getting back home will not be a problem... Now that I think about it, I would much rather conquer the trail under my own power. Ryan, you can leave your...
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    help me pick a tire, any tire

    Although I have never used them, the Yokohama Geolander suggested is suppose to be an excellent tire. I have seen the tire perform on slickrock, sand, and mountain trails all with excellent results. On the road it was far quieter than my BFG M/T's. Unless you are off-road alot or in sevier mud...
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    Count me in! I suppose your going to want to take all the tough obstacles, right, just to make sure I get those lockers.
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    Vibration introduce after Superlift

    Hey Joe! First check all the bolts on your lift. All those rocks we were on may have loosened some. Then check your u-joints, I only mention this because you stated the vibration was worse with the hubs locked. Someone probably argue this, but it is possible for the front axel to turn even with...
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    "Custom" Spring-Over Questions

    I am sooo jealous. My wife put the stop to my spending for a short time. I will still have the lift completed for the Moab Run, thanks to my separate checking account. Let me know what you find on the alignment. Be sure to post a photo.
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    29X11.5R15 All terrain tires

    Automatic. I agree hills really suck.
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    29X11.5R15 All terrain tires

    The 3.27 gears will push a lot more tire than you think. I have 32x12.50 BFG Mud Terrain tires, using 3.27. I agree that the truck will not spin the tires, but it still has more acceleration than others. It is also capable of off-roading. It also cruises on the highway. When I mounted the tires...
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    Future Arizona or Moab Run?

    I know that Paul and Barry are going to call me a wimp for this, but 14 hours is a long way to go for a weekend. I vote for the three day weekend on the Phoenix run. At least then I can enjoy a 5 day vacation.
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    Future Arizona or Moab Run?

    Rick, How long did it take you to travel home from Salida? I will have vacation time availible in January, so any date is fine. I won't be able to commit until December, since I will be moving my family just as soon as the house sells. Moab is a definite.