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  1. J

    2008 Explorer Limited Issues

    Just Purchased a 2008 Explorer Limited 4.6 v8 Ive found a few issues, and I am ready to get rid of it........ticked off Leaking manifold - Ticking on passenger side when cold, sometimes more... Clunk on Rh front RH front - sounds like a wheel bearing humming..... Are there any other...
  2. J

    How To: Replacing Upper Ball Joints on a 3rd Gen 4x4 [Pictures]

    Thank You for this, started the drivers side upper. What a pain to get the arm out, but its back in. I hope the passenger side is easier. I have the Moog 80008 with the spline, first time replacing at 190,000 miles.
  3. J

    5R55W Fluid Fill

    2002 Explorer XLT 4.0 Auto - 149,000 miles Well I replaced my transmission filter and fluid........this post was a huge help. New Mercon V fluid When I dropped the pan, the only fluid was in it,no excess is this normal ? My old fluid is on the brown side, and there was a bit of sludge...
  4. J

    Oil pump help...

    2002 XLT 4.0 - Has anyone replaced the Oil hard is it to do ???