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    P0457, P1433, Evap/Gas Cap Leak

    Here's what I found on my 2000 Explorer with 63,000mi. After replacing the gas cap & resetting the fault, no help! I took a closer look at the plastic filler neck, where the gas cap O-ring seats, & found a very small crack, felt with your finger nail. Instead of replacing the filler neck, I used...
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    door ajar problem

    Does anyone know how difficult it is to change the door latch switch? Also, has anyone priced the switch from Ford?
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    Have a 4.6L? Here's a problem I bet you all have...

    Thanks KC10Chief! You must be a KC-10 Crew Chief? I was a Crew Chief on C-141B's! Anyways, enough airplane talk. Great post! & very helpful! I just did the repair today on a 2003 Explorer 4X4 4.6L, it was straight forward, without too many difficulties. The hardest part was getting the plastic...
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    4.6L coil pack resistance check?

    Thanks everyone! Mission accomplished! Plug & boot change on my 4.6L was uneventful. None of the plugs were difficult to remove, nor was there any thread damage. What I did was remove all coil packs first, then sprayed some Kroil in each bore, & I think this helped me! I didn't bother with any...
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    4.6L coil pack resistance check?

    Thanks! Zerodevil, I have the Leslie tool for removing the broken tips, I guess I'll have to invest in the Cal Van re-thread insert tool?
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    4.6L coil pack resistance check?

    Waskly, you're right! why bother, but the reason I'll do this, is down the road when I get a cylinder misfire fault, I'll remember that a certain coil pack had high resistance, thus verifying the coil pack change. I like your idea on the boot change! The last time I changed plugs on a 5.4L, I...
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    4.6L coil pack resistance check?

    I'm changing plugs this weekend on my 03, & while I have the coil packs out, why not put an ohmmeter to them, & read their resistance? Does anyone know what the range should be on a good one?
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    4X4 front hub Assy?

    All excellent answers! Thanks! to everyone. The Snap-On truck stopped by where I work last night, but I forgot about going on it? I'll pick-up as short as, & as thin as a 15mm socket I can get, & also a deep offset wrench would work well. I too, was able to use my ratchet & socket about 3/4 of...
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    4X4 front hub Assy?

    I have an 03 Explorer 4X4, & last week I changed one of my front hub assemblies, & found it more difficult than my Jeep. This is because Ford put the three bolts that attach the hub to the spindle, to near where the axle goes thru the spindle, thus not allowing enough room for a normal 3/8" dr...
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    Triton spark plug thread repair kits??

    After doing some research, it looks like the two best kits are the: Cal-Van & Time-Sert, does anyone have any prior experience or preferance, as to which one is the better of the kits? Both of these seem to be better than Heli-Coil. The Cal-Van is about $100 cheaper, but the Time-Sert inserts...
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    Driveshaft Repairs?

    Has anyone replaced/repaired the following: 4X4 front driveshaft aft non-normal looking joint that attaches to the transfer case, & also the rear driveshaft slip-joint needs to be lubed. Ford wants $20 each for the 2-boot clamps, or $191 for the boot kit. This seems very high to me? As for that...