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    Is there a low oil light on the 4.0 SOHC?

    Top of hash mark area = full, bottom and below = low.
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    can you name this part?

    Tires out of round or not balanced correctly. Once I hat to return to a tire store four times after new tires were installed before they were balanced correctly. They had to recalibrate the machine and I had to tell them to take all the weights off and start over.
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    2002 explorer power seat

    The adjusting mechanism in my 2004 seats is integrated into the seat frame. Right now I need to have some ort of working adjustment in my drivers seat so I can sell my Explorer and manual will be fine.. Try it, film it and let us know.
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    2002 explorer power seat

    Motors and tracks can't be swapped out because everything is welded and riveted together. The whole seat needs to be replaced. I have done that once already and had to switch the covers. Now I need to do it again. I will be looking for an XLS or XL with manual driver's seat next time I go to...
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    Headlights flashing while car is off

    Aftermarket alarm?
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    Fog lights for 2002 Explorer XLS

    Try to find a bumper for an XLT. That is what the factory-style "kits" will fit. The wiring is probably there. Then change to a fog light-style light switch.
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    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    I had my upper radiator hose, "secured" by the original spring clamp, blow off the radiator bung. I replaced the original spring clamps with worm screw clamps.
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    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    "Blue Devil" is costly and worthless.
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    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    I just replaced all the hoses, o-rings and seals having to do with the thermostat housing. Had to improvise a bit on the hoses and one seal was particularly hard to find. Eliminated my leakage into the valley under the intake plenum.
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    3rd Gen and 4th Gen body parts

    Wiring needs to be rearranged to install the later tailgate in 2002-2005. There are threads here that explain what needs to be done.
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    Does my Explorer have the wrong bumper or am I missing trim pieces?

    Probably depends on the year, but yours looks like an XLS or XL and those didn't have wheel opening moldings. I had a 2002 XLT that had the side cladding and wheel moldings, my 2004 XLT does not have them.
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    Strange ticking noise under load.

    That's not because the radiator tanks are plastic. It looks like someone got a little over zealous while removing the upper hose. Last summer my upper hose removed itself (!) on a hot day in August. It just popped off while my daughter was driving.
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    2004 4.0 2WD Intermittent/Irregular Ticking Sound at Idle

    My 2004 4.0 with 206,000 miles has an intermittent, irregular ticking sound at idle. Sounds like tapping on the exhaust pipe. Not tick-tick-tick-tick but tick..tick......tick...tick. Is this related to the timing chains or something else?
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    Converting a 5-seater to a 7-seater?

    From the seven seater you will need the backrest and cushion and all the hardware from the third row seat. Whatever is in the footwell for the third row too. Second row you will need the seat base and frame if not the whole seat. Third row seat belts.
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    Oil & Filter Choice?

    Motorcraft/Motorcraft. Leave the "orange" filters on the shelf. From what I've seen they are the worst filters on the market.
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    clicking noise on 02 explorer when trying to start

    The starter "solenoid" is on the starter. Did you have the starter tested at the store?
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    Alternator not failing but...

    Have the new alt checked before you leave the store.
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    P2270 code 04 ford explorer

    Check rubber vacuum hoses. If they are cracked or rotten they can leak, causing a lean condition.
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    Rocking Sound Coming From Behind Passenger Side Dashboard

    Probably the blend door actuator.
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    Radio help!

    I would suspect the radio before the wiring, unless someone has played with the harness. These radios don't last for very long.
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    Heard a pop & a flap slap shut, now air flow is very weak

    Fresh air door broke and fell, blocking the blower motor intake. Do a search for "fresh air door" and you will find lots of help.
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    03 Explorer whine when starting up.

    Doesn't sound like the typical power steering pump whine to me. BTW some plastic-body Ford PS pumps just whine from new.
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    03 explorer 4.0

    Change the timing chain cassettes and guides while you have the engine out. Also the tensioners.
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    Rear signal and brake lights not working.

    There are two screws per side that hold the taillight clusters in place.
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    Replace water pump pulley?

    If it's just the belt squeaking spray a little WD40 on the belt while the engine is running. WD40 is NOT a lubricant and won't make the belt slip. It will clean glaze off the belt and pulleys. I would check to see if the idler or tensioner pulley bearings are bad.
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    Gen 4 hatch (06) swapped to a Gen 3 (02)

    I don't think the "extra" wires are for the backup sensors as they are in the bumper, not the tailgate.
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    Driver seat base motor

    I got a whole seat from a wrecking yard. The cover was different from mine (leather vs. cloth) so I swapped the covers from my seat to the replacement. Not a difficult job, but some of the seat mounting bolts can be difficult to access if you can't move the seat.
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    Unknown control knob

    Adjustable proportioning valve.
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    For Sale Parting out 2002 Explorer XLS

    Interior color? Looking for a black console lid in good condition.
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    Word Crimes

    Intact is one word, A lot is two words......
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    Time to go

    Two days ago I traded my Explorer in on a new Focus. In the short time I owned this vehicle I found this forum very useful in helping to deal with some issues my Ex had. Now the time bomb 4.0 cam chain tensioners, noisy wheel bearings and bad ball joints will be dealt with by someone else, my...
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    Best way to clean/degrease exterior engine block?

    Simple Green or the Awesome degreaser available at 99cent stores.
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    Fog Light Wiring

    My 2002 XLT did not come with factory fog lights. I am wondering if the fog light wiring is in the vehicle, ready to plug in a set of fog lamps. I have a fog-light headlight switch, the fog light housings and the lamps with bulbs and pigtails. Can I just install this stuff, hook up the lights...
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    Serpentine Belt noise

    Spray a little WD40 on both sides of the belt. It will break up any glaze on the belt or pulleys. WD40 is NOT a lubricant and will not cause any problems with the belt's proper operation.
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    04 mountaineer please help!!!

    Same year Explorer, Aviator, Ranger or Mustang.
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    Just bought 02 XLS

    There is no "Gasket" for the windshield. It is glued into place.
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    Parting out 2003 Explorer 4dr 2wd XLT

    Are you still parting this vehicle? I need the wiring for the fog lights.
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    4.0 Eating Antifreeze After Long Block Change??

    Bad head gasket or cracked block/head. Is this a remanufactured/rebuilt long block or just a used one?
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    How many miles on the timing chains typically 4.0L

    I replaced the lower oil pan gasket in my 2002 XLT to fix a leak. I found some pieces of white plastic in the pan. The car has no history of any major engine work performed (Carfax, dealer records, Ford STAR report). Mileage is 92,000. No noises, it starts and runs perfectly. Should I be...
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    Check this before replacing brake light switch

    PS the brake light circuit is live with the ignition OFF.......