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    VT ECX?

    Yea, that was me. The green 1st generation with roofrack and 31s is sc4wda XLT. He's also an ECX member and goes to VT.
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    Urban legend or not: Self-burned CDs damage CD players?

    shakira is great as long as you can watch the video with the music, heh
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    Hidden Hitch Redesigned it!

    Yep, just 4 bolts. I got mine from but it looks like you found a better price.
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    Parking lights/fog lights

    congrats, i'm glad the pics have been helpful
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    98 Sport, brakes squeal

    Could be the dust seal on the front axle. They made a loud squeak during cold weather on my 98 and had to be replaced by ford. Do a search for about it and you'll get some more info.
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    noise on take off

    I'm almost certain that the problem is the dust seals. I had the same problem and it didn't stop until ford replaced them, which wasn't covered by my warrenty. It appears to be a fairly common problem. Do a search and you can find some more info about it.
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    PIAA 1500 Wiring Help

    I was just rewiring my piaa 1500s a few minutes ago. One of the bulbs blew and i decided to change to 100 watt bulbs and replace all the wiring. Anyway...heres what you need to do. To use the factory switch to control the lights, connect the factory fog light power wire to the positive coil...
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    after TT & shackles

    it looks like the explorer changed colors on ya :)......the lift looks good though
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    Overdrive Shift Question

    ha, thats true about putting it in reverse :rolleyes:
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    4.0 SOHC

    I saw that ad for the EE supercharger at the end of July. I would love to have it, but its just not worth the money. I've done the exact same performance mods as 98FordX24 and been happy with the performace from the SOHC. At least the supercharges gives us SOHC guys something to dream about.
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    Clarion Camoflage Subwoofer

    I bought one of those of ebay about a year ago cause it was a really good deal. I sold it because it wasn't anywhere close to enough bass for me, but that could be expected. I don't think it sounded any better than the stock sub that came with the Mach stereo. If you don't have the stock sub...
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    Fog Lights w/ Parking Driving me Nuts HELP!

    I'm in VA and I drive with just my fogs and parking lights all the time. I passed my NC saftey inspection and drive by cops with the lights on. Nobody has ever said anything about it being illegal.
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    Parking lights/fog lights

    I did the same thing taxxman said to do in his instructions. If you do this it'll work...
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    Parking lights/fog lights

    these might help... Here's some pictures i took when i did this a few months ago. I just found somewhere to host them, so hopefully they'll show up now.
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    If your 4WD switch looks like this AUTO, 4HI, 4LO then...

    Thanks for the pic, Jason. I've been wondering about that brown wire for a while now. Looks like i've got a new project. :)
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    question for everyone with a "stealth box"

    Hey mike, i'll buy that cover from you if tbomb doesn't want it. I've been using a piece of a grey tshirt to cover mine, and its just not working out.
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    Aftermarket sub & amp with factory Mach HU

    They are speaker-level inputs from what I understand. I ran new wires from the headunit when i put in an aftermarket amp and sub. You might can experiment with the factory amp wiring to get it working, but you'll probably have better results if you just run new wires.
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    Aftermarket sub & amp with factory Mach HU

    here ya go... Dead Link Removed
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    Custom gauge faces that you can make out of paper

    How do you make the guages so the warning lights don't show the whole time? It looks like they are all lit up when I print them.
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    Fog Light Modification Question?

    Here ya go... I have some pictures of how to do it as well, but i don't have anyway to post them. Email me and I'll be glad to send them to ya.
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    Fog Light Modification Question?

    It didn't occur to me to cut and retape the sleeve to run the wire inside. I may have to do that sometime later if I have some time. Mine has a separate wire running from the relay to the parking light power wire.
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    Fog Light Modification Question?

    I made the same modification a little more than a month ago and haven't had a single problem. I don't think you need to worry about anything.
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    power antenna rattle

    My power antenna only makes a grinding sound when it is supposed to go up or down. It stays up all the time now. I'd also be interested in knowing if there is a way to fix this.
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    MTX Thunderform vs. JL Audio Stealthbox/Vantage

    I don't think the W3 will fit in the JL box without modifications. I've got a W0 in a JL box now and it sounds good, although I'm somewhat dissapointed that it's not louder for the amout of money I spent. It can still make my mirrors shake and takes up no space, so I'm happy with it overall...
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    ECX Uwharrie NF Trail Report May 10-11

    I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Sorry I couldn't make it. Apparently I wouldn't have made it in my explorer anyway.
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    Just calculated...

    Over the past 6 months: Miles - 4711.6 Gallons - 282.32 MPG - 16.7 Before engine survice (first 4 months): MPG - 16.1 After SOHC engine service for the timing tensioner and intake manifold gaskets, a superchip and 93 octane gas (last 2 months): MPG - 17.8...
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    Uwharrie NC Prerun

    Unfortunatly, it doesn't look like I'll be able to make it. It sounds like it would have been more than my stock x could handle anyway. I'm away from home now, so I don't have much time to check up on here. There is a possibility that I can go on saturday, but I would have to ride with one of...
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    Uwharrie NC Prerun

    I'm still not sure if I'll be there. I've got finals for the next week, then I'm driving back home to Charlotte, and I'll have to see what my parents think when I get home. If it was up to me, I'd be there all weekend, but since its not my truck, I can't really make that decision. By the...
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    Uwharrie NC Prerun

    Havn't you guys heard of instant messenger. I kept getting updates for that thread every minute, lol. Anyway, I'm still hoping to make it that Sunday, but don't count on me for sure. I'll see what happens and let you know if I'll be there.
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    Anyone with audio clips of explorers with exhaust?

    I have a 98 SOHC with a Gibson exhaust that I really like. Its not that loud, but sounds nice and deep. Its definitly noticable, but not really annoying on the highway. I bet there's plenty of people that are near you. Where in NC do you live? Here's a link to a sport trac website with...
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    Saleen Explorer XP8

    According to the poster on my wall, the saleen explorer has 286 hp and 333 ft lbs of torque. Anyways, its a very sweet truck, good luck finding one.
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    Uwharrie NC Prerun

    I might be able to go on the 12th if you guys go then. I'll be at home in Charlotte fot the rest of the summer after that, so we'll have to go to Uwharrie sometime later too. My suspension is stock, but it sounded like that wouldn't be a problem. I'll follow this post to see what happens.
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    IAT SOHC(E)?

    On my 98 SOHC it's in the intake tube, but others are integrated in the MAF. If you don't see it in the tube anywhere, then i would assume its in the MAF.
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    that stealth box dilema

    Mike- How much did that custom box cost you? I have a 10" audiobahn sub that i want to get installed in a custom box in the side panel, but the audio store i was talking to said it would cost 350-400 dollars just to get a fiberglass box made. That was a bit more than i was hoping.
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    '01 ST with Rear View Camera/DVD/TV/ and more to come!

    Damn, those area some crazy systems you guys have. Now i want a computer in my x that plays mp3s and movies and all that other stuff . . . yea right . . . not for a long time, thanks for showing all the pictures
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    () 98 XLT w/ 31's MT Classic II , Grille ()

    Those wheels and tires look awsome on your truck. I have a 98 XLT also and would love to have a setup like that. How much did the wheels and tires cost you?
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    Harrisonburg, VA- January

    Here's a few pics that i got uploaded. I have about 70 pictues total and they are WAY too big, so they take up about 70 MB total if i don't resize them. I'm not sure if i can email them to anybody, but we'll see.
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    Harrisonburg, VA- January

    Yea, it was a great trip. Hopefully i'll be able to take my explorer sometime. I'll upload all the pictures i took and post a link to them when i get a chance.
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    Harrisonburg, VA- January

    I'll be driving up saturday morning with sc4wda XLT. I'm still not gonna ride the trail in my x, so i'll probably ride with Jason_25 or anyone else who has a free seat.
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    Damn Snow

    Same thing happened to one of my decals. I was pissed. Luckily i only lost a small letter from the virginia tech sticker on my back window and didn't tear the explorer windshield decal.