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    back up lights and blown fuses

    I had to get a new rear hatch put on my Explorer and when i got it back from Carsmetics, i noticed some things wrong. My parking lights, dash lights, radio lights, and rear lights (exept brakelights) dont work. I noticed the fuse was blown so i replaced it and everything worked. Now, the only...
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    Wiring issue?

    BTT Anyone at all???
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    Wiring issue?

    OK i am gonna write a lot so i can give as much detail as possible so maybe someone can help me. About 3 weeks ago i was pulling a trailer and had a blowout. The force of the blowout unhooked the trailer and it bashed my liftgate it. I got another liftgate from a junkyard, paid $400 and it...
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    calling all 4.0 OHV owners

    You all do better than me! I get about 250 a tank, dont know how big the tank is but thats about all i get. I think it averages to about 16mpg and mine is totally stock!
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    Towing capabilities

    I have a 98 Sport with the OHV and i have towed my friends 89 mustang on a 3,000lb car trailer on the bumper for about 70 miles several different times. (and yes my bumper is still straight) I know 70 is a lot different that 900 but as long as you dont beat on it and you get a tranny cooler i...
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    Narrowed the new truck decision down...

    As far as towing goes, i have the 4.0 OHV and ive pulled about 7,000lbs on the bumper and did just fine. I had a 3,000lb car trailer and a Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Most people say the SOHC is better, but my OHV does just fine.
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    '95 Explorer handle

    I have a 98 and had the exact same problem. I had to take it to Ford where they charged me $240 to fix it. I needed a new latch along with some other parts. It drove me crazy cause i fix most everything that goes wrong, but i couldnt figure this one out.
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    Motorcycle question

    well i bought one on the 10th of february, just waiting on it. Hopefully that will solve my problems, i missing some great riding wheather here in Fl.
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    Explorer EGR Pressure sensor?

    thanks guys! i replaced the hoses yesterday and all seems well now. They were actually pretty cheap, only $4.50 per hose from Ford, i couldnt believe it, and they had it in stock!
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    Explorer EGR Pressure sensor?

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    Explorer EGR Pressure sensor?

    hey that is what im talking about, i just wasnt sure what it was called. The sensor itself didnt have a crack, but the nipple where the hose goes into the sensor broke, so i had to replace it. i didnt get new hoses though, maybe i should try that first. This stuff always happens when im...
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    Explorer EGR Pressure sensor?

    I was on my way to Pomano Beach (about 4 hrs away) today helping a friend pick up a motorcycle, when my Explorer started making a really funny noise and lost just about all power. I pulled over and couldnt find anything, so i decided to drive back to the nearest town where there happened to be...
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    Anyone have any experience with JVC head units?

    I had a jvc, one of the chamelon ones that the face turned all black when it was shut off. Worked for about a year then the face went dead! $300 down the drain!!
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    Motorcycle question

    Alright guys i know this is an Explorer forum, but someone out there has to kow something about motorcycles. I have an 83 Suzuki GS1100. Whenever i start it, it will sit there and idle all day, but the minute i rev it up a little, i blow the main power fuse. Any ideas? Please help!!
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    Needm towing help for next saturday

    I have a 98 Sport OHV and i have towed a friends mustang on a 3,000lb car trailer several times for about 70 miles each time on the bumper, and mine is just fine.
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    Problem with battery cable or did I screw something up

    hey i fixed it!!!!! I blew the battery and the alternator at the same time!! Thats an accomplishment. Anyway, they were both under warranty so no big deal!
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    Problem with battery cable or did I screw something up

    I have had some trouble with my Ex starting, and after wiggling the negative cable, it started fine. I decided to replace it tonight, but when i did i didnt have the little ground wire that comes off the terminal grounded, and so the battery made a little fireworks show so i yanked the cable...
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    Numeric keyless entry (Number pad)

    I have a 98 Sport and mine was in the jack compartment. You have to look way in towards the front for it. You will for sure need a flashlight to see it. The way you set a new code is to type in the factory set code, then i think you type yours in after or something like that. It will tell...
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    how much for a thermostat?

    I replaced mine about 2 weeks ago also. Advanced Auto for about $4 plus the $3 gasket!
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    !!!Need help with interface adapter!!!!

    Just a stupid question, but do you have the RCA's hooked up? i have done that before and been so aggrevated that i totally missed that. As long as you have all the wiring done right, i cant think of why it wouldnt work
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    Need Help: Circuit City - Polk Audio DB 570

    I have a 98 and i have a set of Pioneer 5x7's in the front with no modification at all. Circuit City will try their hardest to get you to buy the warrany, i used to work there, but i think if you get the right bass blockers then you should have no problem.
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    check engine light

    MY check engine light is on and i had Autozone pull my codes today. 3 different things came up, but i already know its my IAC, but i wanted to see what they said. It said that i was running lean on 2 of the codes, and the other code said that only the factory can tell me what it ment. I know...
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    Check out this customized X!!

    I found this on Ebay. Its a 96 Explorer with a BMW front end. Ive never seen anything like it before.
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    freeze plug in block

    i had to replace my freezeplug last year, and i live in florida. Mine had a hole corroded in it. i tapped it in with a hammer and screwdriver, then i was able to stick a pic tool through the hole in the freezeplug and pull it out. It took some time, but i was able to get it out. I have heard...
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    disconecting odometer

    not to mention that unplugging your odometer is a felony!!
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    Overheating problem; PLEASE HELP!!!

    My Explorer is overheating! I replaced the thermostat, checked the fan, check the fluids, adn checked the radiator for leaks. The only thing i can think of is the water pump. When a water pump goes out, does it normally make a weird noise? It overheated when i wass out tonight, so i left it...
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    Please read and help me if you can

    Here in Fl local gas stations have U Haul equipment. I have gone there several times and gotten a trailer. I dont think they know all the rules, either that or they dont care. Either way, it worked out for me.
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    Battery Light

    If you have one, use a volt-meter and see what the reading is. Its probably getting low on volts, and it will probably die. I see that you live in Canada, batteries dont like the cold, so you may wanna change it before it gets too cold and leaves you stranded.
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    4 or 5 speed?

    How can you tell? i have a 98 sport and it has a 5 spd auto. did they put different trannys in different years? i thought all of the newer ones had the 5 spd auto?
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    Help with doorhandle

    thanks a lot, ill try it!!
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    Help with doorhandle

    i was about to leave school today when i opened the door and i felt something pop on the inside of the handle. The door opened fine so i thought nothing of it. I got home and went to open the door from the inside of the X and the handle on the was super hard to pull, alomost as if it was gonna...
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    Which motor SOHC or OHV?

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    Which motor SOHC or OHV?

    Thanks for all the comments. Like i said, i have the OHV, and my friend has a limited with the 5.0 and we raced one night and he didnt have a chance. I guess the weight difference and the torque that the OHV has really shined!
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    Which motor SOHC or OHV?

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience good or bad with the 4.0 OHV motor? I have a 98 Sport with the OHV and its rated at 155hp, and i think the SOHC is rated at 195 i think. Mine has plenty of power and ive pulled way over the limit many times, on the bumper ball and my bumper is...
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    My Car's sound system sounds worse than my clock radio

    the only thing i can think of is a short in the wire somewhere. does it work sometimes when you hit a bump or anything?
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    Mileage problem - looking for help

    I have a 98 sport 2 wheel drive, and i get about 17. the only thing i can think of is your driving habits, how hard you stomp on it and if you use the air all the time. also, your air pressure in your tires can make a difference. also, i would think you would get a little better with the...
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    Tranny fluid question

    I changed the tranny filter and fluid today on my 98 Sport. I went to Discount and bought all te stuff, and i asked the guy behind the counter that looked up the part number for the filter if it said how many quarts of fluid i need. He told me 4. I got home and checked the owners manual cause...
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    is the whining like a howlong noise or a fog horn? i had that problem and i just had to clean the IAC. it was a simple 10 minute job that stopped that annoying sound.
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    tach and gauge mods

    Hey i had the 6 color gauges on my Explorer, but i found that i liked the reverse indiglo better. I got mine off Ebay, from the company procarparts, and they seem to be fine. ive had them in for about a year now and they still work great. If you get them off Ebay, they may be cheaper than...
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    EBAY LCD screens? good, bad?

    I had a 6" no name in my Explorer for a while. It was fine, i think its just like a tv at Circuit City. When its next to other more expensive T.V.'s, you will be able to see a diference, but when its just the car you wouldnt be able to tell a difference. Also, some of them dont look good...