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  1. J

    What do you think?

    Nice! I like the tints, running boards and rear protector! I don't like bug protectors! But your car still looks awesome!
  2. J

    What do you guys think of this grill color?

    I agree, I'm not too big on wood interiors, I actually prefer the interior design of my xlt but I do wish I can afford the limited, lol!
  3. J

    What do you guys think of this grill color?

  4. J

    MFT Black / Blank Screen

    I have the most recent update and never had major issues before the update. I actually think my older version was faster than the new update. I will take my car to the dealer tomorrow, hopefully it's just a minor fix!
  5. J

    MFT Black / Blank Screen

    MyFord Touch Screen disappearead...HELP!!! Hello guys, my MyFord Touch screen disappeared when I drove my 2011 Ford Explorer XLT this afternoon. The screen is totally blank and all you see is the white/bluish light that turns on when you first open the driver side door. But unfortunately, the...
  6. J

    Information Screens Go Blank

    That's the first time I've heard someone having that issue.
  7. J

    My 2012 Ford Explorer Limited with Shark Fin Antenna

    Once again, very nice car! I'm still trying to decide which of those DeeZee boards will look best on a sterling gray metallic. But I've been leaning towards the exact same ones you have. Are those the factory cross bars? Are they pretty quiet?
  8. J

    Gas Pedal Vibration - Any Fix?

    Unfortunately all types of footwear have not helped! lol
  9. J

    Gas Pedal Vibration - Any Fix?

    Hey guys, I have a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT built on 04/30/2011 that's been having this issue from the very beginning. Has anyone been able to get theirs fixed?
  10. J

    2012 Explorer Gas Pedal Vibration 1200-1500RPM

    You are not alone. I have 2011 ford explorer xlt without awd and without tow package. My explorer was built on 04/30/2011. I have the vibration at higher rpms. It's very annoying, I hope Ford can find a way to finally fix this. Any new updates on this issue?
  11. J

    Highway MPG

    Well, I'm getting between 25-27 too but no hills around here!
  12. J

    Highway MPG

    Hey you know what guys, nevermind, I live in the rio grande valley in south texas and there's not a single hill around here for at least 250 miles, so that pretty much sums up the reason why I can get up to 27 mpg.
  13. J

    Highway MPG

    Yes, I have the v6 fwd and for whatever reason I can get 25-27 as long as I keep it between 65-70.
  14. J

    Highway MPG

    v6 engine
  15. J

    Highway MPG

    I have a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT that I bought 6 months ago and I'm able to consistently achieve 27 MPG as long as I keep my speed between 65-70 on the highway. Anyone else have this experience?
  16. J

    Latest Slogging of Explorer by Motor Trend

    I'm sick of MotorTrend! I'm hoping so bad that the new update for the MFT system will be freakin amazing, guaranteed everyone will join the Ford bandwagon then.
  17. J

    Another 2.11 update, went well.

    Anyone else experience losing their Sirius Travel Link data after conversion to v2.11?
  18. J

    Sirius Travel Link not updating

    this started happening to me once I updated to v2.11, anyone know what's the fix for this?
  19. J

    My 2012 X LTD AWD

    Congratulations! Awesome color choice, I have the same one on my XLT!
  20. J

    Ipod & Zune HD Playlist Missing!

    I only have one playlist and no special characters. The Sync team have told me to do a master reset but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the reply!
  21. J

    Ipod & Zune HD Playlist Missing!

    Hey guys, anyone having problems with playlist titles not showing up on MyFord Touch/Sync system. Also, MFT is not shuffling my songs???
  22. J

    On the fence

    Hoy Pinoy! I went with the v6 since this car is our family hauler and will be our primary vehicle for road trips and I thought the smaller engine might be underpowered in certain conditions. Plus we have another vehicle with slightly better mpg that we use to run errands around town. I only...
  23. J

    Ford MFT/Sync Mobile Phones Chart Updated

    To Calb, go to, click on basic features and it should be right on top of the page.
  24. J

    Ford MFT/Sync Mobile Phones Chart Updated

    Wohoo! I haven't tried it yet but according to this chart my Zune HD is now compatible!
  25. J

    What's your favorite voice command?

    "I'm Hungry", "Movie Listings" and Sync Services, "Find a business" and Stock Quotes.
  26. J

    MFT/SYNC feature suggestion / wishlist

    A Apps, Apps, Speed and more Apps, let's start with Pandora!
  27. J

    Toyota Entune vs Ford Sync

    The Toyota Entune system comes with 5 pre-installed apps, Bing, iheartradio,, opentable and pandora. I hope this will push Ford to have pandora available on my 2011 Explorer by the end of the year!
  28. J

    2011 Gas Hog

    Before I get into the highway I usually reset my system so I can get an accurate reading and I noticed if I drive between 65-75 MPH, I average 25-27MPG but if I drive between 75-85 MPH, I average between 23-25 MPG. In city driving, the range really varies from 15 - 20 MPG. I have 3000 miles on...
  29. J

    navigation system on limited a real disapointment

    Navigation and Sync 2.8 I definitely haven't had the same issues both for navigation and Sync 2.8! I usually use voice command for navigation and my wife and I have a little competition who can get directions faster for a POI, her Iphone 4 or Sync 2.8 using voice command and I usually win by a...
  30. J

    Sync 2.11, Features and Benefits?

    I've been delaying my update from Sync 2.8 since I haven't experienced too many issues and I wanted to get more information from those of you who already have it. Is it awesome?
  31. J

    HID Headlights

    Thanks for the help vulnox!
  32. J

    HID Headlights

    Is it possible to install HID lights on the XLT?
  33. J

    Wind wistle

    Wind Noise Yes, I've had wind noise on top of the windshield with strong crosswinds. My dealer had my windshield resealed to solve the problem. I havent had whistling noise since then but the dealer had problems reinstalling my a-pillars back correctly. When I picked up my explorer from the...
  34. J

    Confirmed Version 2.11

    Sync 2.11 Is this mainly a dealer update or can I install using USB, thanks!