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    My new-at-one-time '95 XLT

    Great find! That '95 looks great, interior and exterior. Exterior trim looks nice and black. See quite a few older Explorers with faded plastic trim especially by the windshield wipers and side-mirror housing. Congrats!
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    '99 Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 AWD

    Bought it used in 2002. Has 87K miles on it now. Daily driver that gets about 15-16 mpg. The only work she gets is pulling our camper 3-4 trips per year. Love my Explorer. Got into auto detailing a year ago, so she's pampered weekly. Polished last Fall with my Porter Cable 7424 and...
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    Correct PSI tire inflation

    Thanks for the replies and the Thread Link. Very interesting!! Will give that a try.
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    Correct PSI tire inflation

    Just bought BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 235/75/15 tires to replace my old Goodyear Wrangler RT/S. What is the correct inflation? On the tire it says...Max Pressure 50 PSI Cold. On the door sticker of my Explorer it says 30 PSI. The tires are inflated at 30 PSI right now, but they look...
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    Soot around Exhaust tip

    Thanks guys. Will check about the FPR. Would that also cause the exhaust tone to change?
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    Soot around Exhaust tip

    Had a problem with bucking, hesitating, and change in exhaust tone. Dealership did diagnostics and found bad plugs and wires. They cleaned the injectors too. Problem with bucking etc. is solved, but still having that change in exhaust tone. Noticed black soot at the tip of the exhaust...
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    What does everyone do for work/career???

    I'm an X-Ray/MRI Technologist working in an outpatient facility. Passed both National Board Exams. So my credentials are.....R.T.(R)(MR)A.R.R.T. Looks fancy but still don't make enough money for the goodies I want in my Explorer
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    What year X do you have?

    99 XLT 5.0L here. Bought it used, 1 year ago. Has 42K miles on it now. Love it!! Had a '94 XLT before, but wanted more ooomph for towing camper. I've been lurking around and reading all the interesting stuff on this site. Thanks to you guys, I've cut my airbox and got a Magnaflow catback...