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    Instrument Panel Lights

    It's not hard at all, i found it to be a bit time consuming though. But, it was well worth it to have all the gauges lit. That thread was very helpful for me. Two things that I'd add, if you're big boned (like I am), you might find removing the driver's seat helpful. Sure makes things...
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    Hello everyone

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    Some one dented my door

    I had a dork back into mine while I was at work, so I know how you feel. I had to replce my door panel, that's just how deep my dent was. Ended up around $1900 with paint and labor. Do you have paint damage? If ya just have a dent, and your dent isn't that deep, try a plunger. I've...
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    I'm in the same boat with my Explorer. I need seat foam, but haven't been able to track it down. I'm thinking I may just have to go with an entire seat. I have seen seat cover on eBay, so you should find something in that dept. Good lick
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    2nd Gen Shock installation write up - All four corners

    Thanks!!! This thread was a great help!! I feel like Super Woman after installing my own shocks!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!
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    Need Help: Circuit City - Polk Audio DB 570

    Unless they've changed something in the last two years, Crutchfield does not offer extended warranties. If and item you bought from them goes bad while under warranty, they'll refer you to your local authorized service shop. If there's not one, they'll tell you where to mail it. I have...
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    Daytime pics with Red...

    Black, If you're still aorund......So two years later your caliper paint looks ______? Just wondering cause a few $$bucks for a can of Duli-color is much cheaper that the $40.00 for the G2 kit. Just wondering how your method is holding up
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    Opinion On Goodyear Wranglers?

    YUCK YUCK and more YUCK!!! I hated these tires. I got mine from the recall thing a few years back. I wished I had lucked up and gotten the Michelins. If you have a few extra bucks, buy better tire. We dont get much ice and snow here, so I can't vouch for the weather issues. But as for...
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    FS: '03 17" Limited Chrome wheels & tires

    Can you send me a pic please? If you still have them that is.
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    Hokie ROCKS!!! The post office sucks though!! They took about three weeks to send out this package. HE SENT IT PRORITY MAIL!!! Anyway, by the time it came I'd found another one on eBay, and Hokie was cool enough to accept his back. I'd buy from him again!!! HOKIE ROCKS!!!!
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    Cargo Liner

    You can check eBay. When i was shopping for one a few months back there were quite a few out there. i went with one of the vinyl/nylon ones. It goes from under the rear windows, over the back of the rear seats, and has a piece to protect the inside of the rear hatch.
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    Adding Audio Outputs to a Factory HU

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post!!!:confused: Just wondering how I could rig some audio/video outputs to my factory HU? I have a TV, and a VHS?DVD combo player (each with audio outputs) that I use for camping and tailgating, just wondering how i could rig these play through my X's speakers.
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    How long do you plan on keeping you explorer?

    Until I die, it dies, or I hit the lottery (which ever comes first)!!!
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    eBay Seller - Grille Tech

    Anybody ever buy anything from these people? Grille Tech
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    anybody have these rims???

    XonDubs, Two of my buddies have those wheels on X's. Well one has Eagle, and the other has the same style in the Mickey Thompson line, they will rock on your X!!! Oh, check your local tire shops before you bid on those. That wheel is going from $100 to $118 each INSTALLED in my area (the...
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    Goodyear AT/S

    Sca, Are you suuuuuuuuuuuure you want those tires? You might want to research this board and get some feedback from Tire Rack . I have a set of AT/S’s 235/75/15 on my X now. Next to a set of Faulkens that I got suckered into putting on my Accord a few years back (wtf was I thinking I only...
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    Rim Question

    Exactly what do ya mean by "full". Are you trying to go for the off-road look? Something like this maybe? Baja
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    any cheap rims forsale?

    FRG, Ok Just let m eknow. Mine are not Black, but they are the stock rims that came on my X. let m eknow, if not I'll try to unload em in the Trade/Sale area
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    Attn: 95 - 97 X Owners With Grill Inserts

    Gi, they actually changed the hood lacth location from my model (97) to yours (98), so it is different. My latch is on the left side behind my grill. Section, Our should be the same. How did you rig yours?
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    What should I do with this?

    Are you sure you posted the correct link? Or is my clicker acting like a dolt?
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    Attn: 95 - 97 X Owners With Grill Inserts

    I'm getting ready to add a grill insert to my 97 Sport. Just wondering how those of you that have already done this mod rigged your hood latch?
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    Side View Mirror Switch

    Thanks!! I will mark this one off my "To Figure Out" list. :confused:
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    Mustang 5.0 Exhaust Sound on an Explorer

    Anyway to get the Mustang 5.0 sound, or close to it on my X? Short of doing a 5.0 engine conversion
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    any cheap rims forsale?

    FRG, I have a set of Chrome Steel Wheels if ya want em. They have 85K miles on them and show some rust on the edges od the rims. The dolts at the tire shop kept putting the balancing weights on the outside of the wheels. I do know that at least one of them is bent, slightly. Not sure how...
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    Tires: dress or not dress???

    I dress to impress with each wash as well. I use this this stuff that I get for $2 at Dollar General. It's called Black We Shine or Black Shine, someting like that. It's clear, not the crappy stuff they carry in the black/white bottle. I usually mix it 1 to 1 with Wesley's Tire Shine. Oh...
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    How to: Install Front and Rear Courtesy Lamps

    I have a 97 and I'm wanting to rig the courtesy lights under my X, suppose this process would work? I was thinking about rigginf some fog lights under my doors
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    pictures wanted

    This isn't my truck, but you might get some ideas from it: Green/Tan Eddie Bower
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    Please Help Me Shop

    I found some rims!!!!! I will post pics tomorrow
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    Side View Mirror Switch

    Yes that's the one. Mine doesn't light up. Anybody ever change the bulb on one of these?
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    Black Magic Stock vs. Now!

    Okay I'm gonna go out on a limb here and try to run a little scam..... I'm gonna say that you have the ugliest X Sport that I have ever seen, and that you should be embarrassed to put that piece of ugly crap on the road. What a shame all of that money and time to turn out something that...
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    Courtesy Light Circuit

    This should do it.....I'm wanting to rig some lights under my X to work with the enterior courtesy lights.
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    Courtesy Light Circuit

    A diagram works if you have it........if not the location works
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    Puddle Lamp Conversion

    Doesn't sound too complicated. Where does one find the lower dome light circuit?
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    Courtesy Light Circuit

    Any idea where i can find the courtesy light circuit on my 97?
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    Side View Mirror Switch

    Couldn't find this by searching. Anyway, is the side view mirror switch in my 97 supposed to light up?
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    Puddle Lamp Conversion

    Boy I woke up an old one here............. Anyway, Hornz, just wondering if ya ever made the switch? If so were ya bale to just plug and go?
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    Got My Duelers

    I would think your milege would DECREASE. In fact most people I know that do larger tires gripe about losing milege. that's one major reason that I haven't done it ye (gas is too dang high to be losing out) Heck, if it's going up 40 miles at tank, I'm getting bigger tires!!!!!.:eek: :eek...
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    New Yok's

    Sweet!! nice looking truck. What kind of wheels are those? If ya don't mind me asking, how much did those yok's set cha back?
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    polishing wheels

    You can also try "Never Dull" or "Eagle Aluminum Wheel Polish" Your local autoparts or department store should have them.