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    Aligning Neutral Safety Switch

    I Have a 04 explorer with the 5r55s transmission, I replace shift solenoid and the range sensor when i went to put the range sensor back on the rod coming out of the transmission will not line up with the range sensor it is showing neutral when it is in park so is there anyway to adjust the rod...
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    Neutral Safety Switch not lining up

    Hello I install a new neutral saftey switch on my 04 explorer 4.0 and the switch is in park when the lines are lined up
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    04 explorer P0135 P2197

    Hello guys i have been having issues with my explorer it has the 4.0 its throwing codes p0135 and p2197 i have changed both front o2 sensors, upper intake gasket, coolant temp sensor, plugs wires, egr valve, air filter and it idles rough but drives fine any help would be appreciated.
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    2004 Explorer XLT 4.0

    Mine does it when its idiling i changed plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets, intake gasket and temp sensor, both front 02 sensors and it stalls out when idling and acts sluggish when i take off it doesnt do it all the time thats the weird thing but it still showing codes for the front 02 sensors...
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    2004 Explorer XLT 4.0

    Hello iam having an idling issue with my explorer the rpm gauge starts fluctuating