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    Steeda Lowering Springs Available

    I know this post is like a month ago, but did they use the spec sheet for the previous gen explorer?
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    Steeda Lowering Springs Available

    Did you get your alignment checked yet? Guys with the H&R springs are seeing rear camber over -2.0 degrees.
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    Returning Memeber

    Moderators helped me get back into my old account so still here!
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    shocks/struts for my 2005 ford explorer xls sport

    Probably a bit late for this one as well but I had a pair of Monroe struts fail on my 2005 Limited, one lived about a week, the other that I bought at the same time lasted about 3 months. Had nothing but issues with the vendor on Amazon. I'll never buy Monroe anything ever again.
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    Steeda Lowering Springs Available

    Pictures? I'm leaning towards using the steedas due to how good they have been in my mustang
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    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Keep us posted when they come in, very interested in this swap as well.
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    HID's Worth It?

    I'll take being blinded for a split second over trying to orient myself and keep in my lane as a car that has been approaching me for 10 seconds shines a scattered uncontrolled beam that I cannot avoid looking at short of closing my eyes or orienting my head away from the road. How is your...
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    Magnaflow universal muffler

    I paid a lot more than that... I think I paid $475 or something like that-on sale.
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    Lowering kit? which one lowers the most???

    Re-checked, they are a 9.5 and a 40mm offset. Sorry for the mix-up.
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    Lowering kit? which one lowers the most???

    Ask and you shall receive 265/35 22x9.5 Voodo 407's No rubbing ever. It had just rained and it's a phone pic but gives you a good idea.
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    Have a 4.6L? Here's a problem I bet you all have...

    05 Limited, 130,000KM. Full on copper showing. I had my wife take it into the dealer while I was out of town working for a few weeks, they charged $250 and couldn't find the problem. Thanks for posting this thread, I would have turned the whole wiring harness inside out looking for for that...
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    Compass Problem

    I recalibrated mine when I first bought it and had to do it one other time.
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    5.4 swap 03 Mounty

    There is a lot less room because of the framerails on an explorer. I had the measuring tape out to see if the 5.4 3V from my 2004 F-150 could possibly fit in my 2002 explorer (85 more ft/lbs of torque is something these things could definitely use) and my conclusion is that you'd definitely...
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    3rd Gen Mods, 2.0

    V6 or V8? If it's a 4.6, here are my opinions. Underdrives are a good bang for the buck. Intake manifold: For the powerband needed for a truck the stocker is as good as it gets for the 4.6L. The TFS piece really needs ported heads and lots of RPM, the others out there are very top-end...
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    The infamous blinking od light 03 exp

    I ended up buying a used tranny from a wrecker from an 05 with 25,000 miles on it. I had the same symptoms as you and I'll bet that the fluid will be burnt when you check it. I changed the tranny myself but ended up chewing up the front pump due to not properly seating the torque converter...
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    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    Mines been cracked for a few years now, I've heard that if you replace it with the stock one, it will usually break again as well. I might try making my own out of fiberglass, aluminum, wood (LOL), etc...As another poster said, it already looks like crap, it's not like I can do much worse...
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    limited slip and 411 gears on my 04 v6....

    97AWDX, I'm not an off road guy so I had never even considered Yukon gears, thanks for the correction. As for backlash, sure you can shim the carrier one way or another but any change you get in the number of times the driveshaft rotates versus the axle is due to "slop". There is no good...
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    limited slip and 411 gears on my 04 v6....

    I am not aware of 4.11's for an 8.8. 4.10's for an 8.8 have 41 ring gear and 10 pinion gear teeth, the 4.11's for 9" fords have 37 ring gear teeth and 9 pinion gear teeth-nothing to do with the diameter.
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    painting trim

    I've got to wash it first, it's been pretty wet and messy around here lately...
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    painting trim

    I did mine recently. If I knew it was going to look that much better, I would have done it years ago. I gave the trim a quick roughing up with a scotch-brite pad and primed, then painted. Spent $20 on paint, primer, and scotch-bite pads and I'm very happy with the results.
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    First Time down the strip!

    That beats my stock time. You were running 2.2's in the 60', my truck was in the 2.4 range. My best was a 16.177@82.5mph.
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    Help! Replaced transmission, problems (5r55W, 2002 Explorer).

    I flushed the cooling lines out with compressed air, blew air through the radiator connections, and then pumped Mercon V through them until it ran nice red fluid. I got the converter with the new transmission but only drained it by pouring fluid out of the snout (I didn't realize it had a drain...
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    Help! Replaced transmission, problems (5r55W, 2002 Explorer).

    Update, Fluid is running through the cooler lines and the level drops when the vehicle is running. Car will not move at all. I do remember something odd, when I removed the old transmission, I was able to turn the motor with a socket on the crankshaft quite easily to get at the converter...
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    Help! Replaced transmission, problems (5r55W, 2002 Explorer).

    Hello, I just swapped out my 5r55w with a low miles used one. I put a quart of mercon V in the converter, a new filter, and 4 quarts of fluid in the pan before starting it up. I started it up and clicked it through the gears while up on jackstands. I went to check the fluid level to add more...
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    4.0 Remote Turbo Buildup

    Is it as simple as splicing in more length of wire when relocating the MAF? If I were to vent the bypass to the inlet before the turbocharger and after the MAF is there a minimum distance that it should be done past the Maf? I could picture giving a pretty turbulent blast to the incoming air...
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    4.0 Remote Turbo Buildup

    Great thread guys! I've been contemplating building something similar for my 2002 4.6L. Since the re-sale value of it is kinda hurting and me being a mustang guy that still has faith in the 2v 4.6, it is looking more and more like a good Idea. I have access to Holset HX35's to no end, a whole...
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    Reccommend me a trans cooler and Transmssion improvements from a tune?

    Hello, I am replacing the transmission in my 2002 explorer (5R55W) with a low-miles used one. I plan on getting an X-cal 2 or 3 as well and I'm wondering if the problems that plague these transmissions can be shored up with a tune alone or should I also look into something like a trans-go shift...
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    Help! Wanted Wheels for X!

    The 16" wheels have a ton of offset so I don't think that there would be any danger for rubbing on the inside.
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    Help! Wanted Wheels for X!

    For what it's worth, I test fitted a set of 17x8's with a 25mm offset and they sat nicely. I have no experence with that particular wheel though.
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    Can you strengthen a 5r55w tranny

    Lentech told me that there isn't much internally that can be improved and that the improvements would come with PCM tuning. I do believe that level 10 now makes some parts for these boxes. I'm starting to have trouble with my transmission as well but just like you, I don't want to bother with...
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    7 turns to get 120 inch/lbs on my o/d band!

    I dropped the filter, unbolted the valve body and got about 5 quarts of fluid out and replaced it with 5 fresh quarts and took it for a drive, the shift quality has improved remarkably and 5th will now hold instead of downshifting at the slightest increase in throttle. It did get to the proper...
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    7 turns to get 120 inch/lbs on my o/d band!

    How bad is this? The trans is a 5R55W in my 2002 4.6L. I marked the face of the side that was facing me and it took 7 full turns to get 120 inch-lbs to click. The fluid was in terrible shape and smelled burnt and it had recently put up the code P0735. The pan magnet was coated with a...
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    5r55w Tranny removal Transmission remove

    I hope someone responds as it's looking like I am going to have to do this soon as well. These 5R55W's are definitely flawed...
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    5R55W full fluid change ?? 02XLT 4.6L

    I read up on the band adjustment and I'll make sure that they are in spec first. If they are in spec, I'll replace the overdrive servo seeing as it is an inexpensive part. Thank You.
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    5R55W full fluid change ?? 02XLT 4.6L

    Thanks for the links Brooklyn. Anyways, the code is P0735 "incorrect 5th gear ratio" The shop dripped out a bit of the fluid and it didn't smell burnt and they said that it looked fine. They recommended replacing the solenoid block and/or checking the valve body with a small possiblilty being...
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    5R55W full fluid change ?? 02XLT 4.6L

    By more expensive, which range are we talking about? I know the $90 cheapies are one step above useless but how about the $300-400 scanners? Or do you have to get into the $1000+ Professional setups? The truck is in the shop getting checked right now as I don't have time to wait for a scanner...
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    5R55W full fluid change ?? 02XLT 4.6L

    Can you point me as to which scanners are capable of reading proprietary codes? I'm pretty close to just breaking down and taking it to a shop as it is going to at least need all the fluid swapped out.
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    5R55W full fluid change ?? 02XLT 4.6L

    Hello, right now I'm fearing the worst with my trans in my 02 XLT 4.6L. The previous owner had the dealership change the filter and fluid at 70,000km. I had to replace the solenoid body and replaced the Valve body gasket as well to cure it from hesitating to go into reverse or back into drive...
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    towing package

    Mine doesn't have the towing package-It has a 1 1/4" hitch. I am not positive but I believe the ones with the towing package have a 2" hitch. I checked my axle tags and I only have the 3.55 gears as well.
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    Turbo Kit?

    I've measured and eyeballed what it would take to put a low-mounted turbo in the X and it seems like theres lots of space to play with. I'm just wondering what a good head unit would be as the limited reading on turbos I've done has been around sizing it for cars rather than a fairly heavy...