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    Evap leak

    I have 2005 V6 with a small evap leak. i have already replaced the fuel cap twice and wondering if there is a common problem on these cars that i could start with cause i really dont feel like paying a shop or dealer 200 plus dollars to find a problem i could of fixed in 30 min.:salute:
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    think it can fit?

    alright you gave me the insiration, so as soon as i get done with the drawing i put up here.
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    think it can fit?

    one thing that i have think about latley is if the new ford 6.2l engin and tranny could fit in a third gen. what do you think? is it possible?:salute:
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    My explorer how she sits now. A picture thread.

    hey, where did you get that work done, cause thats exactly what i want to do to my 05 then take down and race in the calss 6 baja
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    Ford kuga

    from what i have seen of the new X, it has alot in common with what i have seen with the ford kuga in europe Since ford is considdering making as much of their cars global as they can, i would be surprised f this is wat they are during:salute:
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    Does this sound like a good offer or should I offer more or less?

    Thats cause A) they are great cars/trucks (3rd and fourth gens i consider both) and B) now one knows exactly what kind of vehicle the next X will be. and on this car don not buy it, to me it looks like who ever owned it before did not take good car of it and the dealer is being shady bout the...
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    does this work

    thanks guys, and be sure to worn everyone else to a aviod these things
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    does this work

    does anyone know if these programmers work?
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    Saw the 2011 Explorer today - "naked"

    lets not forget guys, tanks and air craft are of unibody design, done right they can be stronger that a body on chassis design. but alot of time done right doesnt mean done inexpensively.:salute:
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    Saw the 2011 Explorer today - "naked"

    i got that habit from on the official names for, and alot of time unibodies will have sub frames on them.
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    suspension question

    does anyone know of any long travel suspensions available for an 05? and if not, how difficult it would be to fab one up? alonge the same lines, is there any wide body kits for the third gens?:salute:
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    Stock these are decently fast!

    what you dont realize is that these thing put down some pretty impressive torque numbers. my stock 05 v6 makes about 265 ft/lds (using high qual lubes and k&n OE filter) at about 3500 rpm and the v8 puts down around 280ft/lbs at 4000 rpm. so with basic mods youe can get close to 300 ft lbs with...
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    Saw the 2011 Explorer today - "naked"

    i wouldnt have a problem with it, if they didnt call it somthing other than an explorer. but to me it will never be one. however, reaise 2 inches, longe travel front a rear suspension, put 32inch tires and really reinforct the fame with some sorta rol cage, you got your self a mini 6 passenger...
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    major mods

    its just a thought at the moment. i'm looking to turn it into a bit of a desert racing truck and i am looking to get a bit of more control over the tranny.:salute:
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    major mods

    what i am looking for is a good long travel suspension for my '05. i am also considering a tranny swap for a 5 speed in the future ans wondering if it has been tried and what ones will work. and lastly is ther anyone that make 3v heads for the v6 or is that goin to be a completely custom job.
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    3rd Generation Shopper - Price Expectation?

    a kindly used private rental, such as one from interprise is virtually non existent cause no one out there feel as though they are personally liable for the car, but cooperate rentals, like the one a buisness gives in people to drive when on a trip give taken well care of.
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    Low Oil Pressure message in message area

    it should pass just fine, my 05 does.
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    front diff cover gasket

    out of curiousity, is the frond diff gasket the same in the front as in the reat, or is there specific one that i have to get or make for it. and is the front limited slip or is that just the rear:salute:
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    3rd Generation Shopper - Price Expectation?

    depends on trim, miles, engine, condition, and 4wd. a '04 4wd v6 xls with 60,000+ miles lookin at bout 6k. with v8 look for about a 5-15% increase in price depending on seller, dealers add bout another 2,000 to price and private sellers are 50-50 on quality and honesty. best bet is find a kindly...
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    2004 XLT turning vibration

    to me it sounds more like something in your power steering system, make sure that there is no p/s fluid leaking
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    Windshield Wiper Noise

    first make sure its your wiper blades that are whistling then see if it is the type of blades you have on it that are making the noise (eather take oif the blades and go for a drive or put some flex blades on it) and finally make sure the blade arms are at the correct angle
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    K&N Apollo

    Does anyone know anything about these intakes and do you think they are worth the money (bout $250 from summit) thanks
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    2005 V8 Mountaineer Mileage Problem

    also to, if the bearings and diffs havent been serviced, do it before 70,000mi if not sooner, if your past that do it now before major damaged and expensives repaires are needed
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    2005 V8 Mountaineer Mileage Problem

    one thing that you could do is make sure that there is nothing blocking the intake tube. and depending on the milage could also be the torque converter or bad tranny fluid. (always use the good fluid when dealing with fords, ive found that the like the motorcraft or valvoline full synthetics)...
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    K&N intake question.

    does anyone know if the K&N intake for an 05 v8 explorer will work on the v6 explore of the same year. cause form the picture ive seen of the one for the v8, looks like it would fit in the ame area. link to see...