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    chasing misfires.... thinking egr valve??

    I forgot to mention, when I go start testing and checking items that could be the issue/ ruling out I'm going to check the EGR stuff as well. Here is a link on some basic testing stuff from prior models. Might be useful, it's not for our specific years but could be of some help in the process...
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    chasing misfires.... thinking egr valve??

    Weird I'm dealing with a similar problem. Recently just had to replace my intake manifold, had a coil go bad on a trip and the bolt with the intake went bad, had to rip the coil and and rig in a replacement till I got home and then did the swap. I went on ahead after that swap and replaced any...
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    Vehicle specs

    Thanks, that confirmed my original beliefs. Much appreciated all!
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    Vehicle specs

    Good Morning. Okay so I bought my Monty over a year ago and still love. Well the family is growing and now I need it to pull double duty in towing our family camper which weighs approx 2600 lbs fully loaded. I was pretty sure when we bought it that it was the 6880 lbs max tow, tow package...
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    CV boot or CV Axle assembly and which one?

    Okay so when I was replacing my sway bar links the other day I discovered that one of my CV axle boots had a rip and some grease spilled out. Now I don't think this rip is bad as it is very small and right where it attaches with the boot. I would rather keep the stock OEM in there and do the...
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    02 Explorer struggling at 40 mph and 60 mph

    I would definitely do the tune up, probably check on the fuel filter, air filter, throttle body cleaning, clean the MAF ect and see if that stuff helps. Good luck!
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    Display issue?

    Thanks I think that's exactly what I need to do too! Happy 4th to all!
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    Display issue?

    Well an update to this, my display on my cluster is now blank not even the E anymore when I got home from work! Thoughts anyone on this please?
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    Freshening up the MERC

    Thanks for the info greatly appreciated!
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    Display issue?

    Alright looking for a little knowledge here hoping that someone has seen this before or knows whats up. Took the Merc out to work this morning, a short bit into the drive the display that shows the mileage and and all the info when you hit the button changed to just an "E" only. Not sure why...
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    My Ex so far, give me your thoughts!

    Very sharp and inspirational!
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    Painting grille and tail light covers

    Youtube it! They have everything on how to do this stuff! Just remember any idiot can put stuff up on there. Good luck!
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    Freshening up the MERC

    Well the Merc is doing well! Were loving it. Unfortunately the dealer I got it off of did replace the battery but the idiot replaced it with one that was to small for the vehicle. He probably grabbed one he had sitting in the lot lol. So it got the proper size a couple of weeks ago and is...
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    Air Intake Mod

    That video was hilarious:notworthy lol
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    Freshening up the MERC

    Good Call on the fuel filter. It's pretty dirty under the hood doesn't look like the worst I've ever seen though. I'm going to be doing some light towing with this regularly so I don't want to have any doubts though. Antifreeze is probably ok by the looks of it but I want to replace the...
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    Freshening up the MERC

    Hello all, thanks for all the info just wanted to throw that out there. I've already used a lot of it with great success! The other week I picked up an 03 Merc 4.6 AWD with 119k on it. I went into this knowing that I was going to put a ton of work into just to fresh it up for hopefully...
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    Tips on increasing MPG?

    That's what I would do, combined with cleaning of the MAF, Throttle Body, air filter ect. These will only take a few hours and can make an improvement very easily.
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    Explorer Newbie

    Welcome aboard from another new guy!
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    Australian Explorer

    Welcome aboard from another new guy!
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    Hello all, thanks for having me. Just picked up an 03 Mountaineer 4.6 AWD the other week. Semi light on the miles, little wear and tear, just needs some TLC. I'm a pretty decent back yard mechanic and look forward to learning from you all. Have a good one Marx