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    True 4wd? Or awd?

    All explorers past 2002 are AWD. Meaning, you cannot (normally) put it in 2WD. Once the explorers started being based on the unibody Taurus platform, they incorporated a new AWD system that's biased to the front wheels. I believe it's a 60% 40% split. If you're still confused, I suggest you read...
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    Strange Gurgling Sound

    I have a 2002 ford explorer with the 4.0. It's AWD and has 173k on it. I recently noticed a very quiet, strange gurgling sound after I turn it off. I'm not sure if it does it while running, because it's such a faint sound. I can hear it from inside the cab but when I pop the hood and try to...
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    2003 V6 160,000 miles... Advice.

    Mine went at 162k. There are some who have original transmissions at higher mileage, but it's rare. If there's no rust, I'd absolutely snatch it up for that price. Sounds great. In the interest of preserving the transmission, always let the car warm up for at least 10 seconds when warm and a few...
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    2003 V6 160,000 miles... Advice.

    Expect a transmission rebuild in the next 20-30k miles. Engine should be fine. The other thing is rust. If you're up north where salt is used, open the rear doors and look at the rocker panels. If there is ANY rust there, then there will certainly be rust under the fender flares and that's...
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    key is stuck in ignition

    Try wiggling the steering wheel from side to side while trying to remove the key. Also, make sure the transmission is in park all the way.
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    06 Mountaineer Lift

    please don't :thumbdwn:
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    265/70/r17 will they fit

    i thought the biggest size possible was 265/75/16.. that extra inch in diameter will definitely cause rubbing
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    Frame bent

    get a new one lol, unless it's gold plated
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    Labor cost for engine replacement?

    I'd do it myself, but I'm 18 and I'm not mechanically inclined enough to take on an entire engine replacement.
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    New Transfer Case or New Car?

    Assuming you haven't already, you've got the engine and transmission to worry about. There's always the possibility of head gasket failure, and then the infamous timing chain guide going bad. Look at the rust on your car. Get under it and look at the rust on the body, then the frame. Frame rust...
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    Fix it. My dad has a 13 explorer with the same problem and it spread to about a foot of chipped off paint. It'l get a lot worse really fast if you don't take care of it. Also, it should be free for them to fix it, so why wouldn't you do it?
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    Labor cost for engine replacement?

    Jesus, that's scary. I only paid 750 for the rocker panels but I'm not looking forward to shelling out almost 3 grand for the engine. Maybe I'll sell it? Who knows. This car is causing a growing money-eating cancer in my bank account.
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    Labor cost for engine replacement?

    It could possibly be something else, but I think I'm starting to hear some timing chain rattle. Considering I have access to the exact same engine, what would a typical mechanic charge for labor? Most of the mechanics around here charge $60 an hour. And I really don't want to fix the timing...
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    Passing Emissions

    I have an 02 ex w/ a third cat delete. I also have a 12 inch glasspack, which I know has nothing to do with emissions, but it's pretty loud. I did a dB test at idle, once it was warmed up, and it's right at 89 dB. I still have the two pre cats and my state has no dB restriction on cars. What are...
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    4th gen 4.6 in 3rd gen explorer with FBW throttle

    But why? If you can even find a 4th gen in a scrapyard with a good engine, it'll cost a little, then to have it swapped is gonna cost a lot. I'm guessing they're not really compatible since it seems nobody else has done it on this forum. It'd probably be cheaper and easier to just buy a fourth...
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    Can my alternator handle this?

    It's 500 watts RMS, not sure what the peak wattage is because that figure really doesn't matter. It's a newer kicker 12" comp R sub so it sucks up a decent amount of power when it's going, and I listen to music that generally has a lot of bass. The amp may not always be using 500 watts but i can...
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    Help with Explorer

    That might be just about the biggest you can go without rubbing. The biggest with 16 inch rims and no lift is 265/75/16..
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    Bulb color?

    Nevermind, answered my own question. Thanks again for the input! :)
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    Bulb color?

    Is it plug and play, or do you need some type of adapter for it to work correctly? Thanks for the response!
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    Can my alternator handle this?

    Yeah, I forgot to say I have a 12 inch sub and it's sucking up 500 RMS watts. Thanks for the info though :)
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    Bulb color?

    This might be a stupid question.. but I'm wondering what color bulb to use for the brake light/turn signal combo bulb? I plan on getting an LED bulb but I'm not sure if I should get red or white..
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    Can my alternator handle this?

    Let me ask this: How much of a load is put on the alternator with 100% stock components? As in, all lights are on, A/C on full blast, music at moderate volume w/ factory sub.. How much can I add to that before I start to really push the limits?
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    Can my alternator handle this?

    I have an 02 ex with the 130 amp alternator and I'm wondering if what I want to do will be too big of a load for it to handle. I have power everything, I believe halogen lights, door speakers then a 500 watt sub. I eventually plan on putting a set of four auxiliary lights, each of which is 27...
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    Rust: To fix or not to fix

    Not exactly. It's only a poblem if there's a lot of rot. My car passed last year with small holes in the rocker panels.
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    Rust: To fix or not to fix

    Not exactly. It's only a poblem if there's a lot of rot. My car passed last year with small holes in the rocker panels.
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    Rust: To fix or not to fix

    I agree, salt does save lives, but it should be used much less. I don't see the point of salt if we're getting a foot of snow, but if there's an ice storm, or anything involving ice than salt is definitely necessary. But most of the time it's just snow, and sand does fine almost all of the time...
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    Tires on 15 inch rims

    I was under the impression that certain 15 inch wheels could fit, but not all, mostly due to the brake calipers being too big. For anybody reading this, I highly recommend bringing your car to where you're buying the wheels and make sure they fit before you buy them.
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    Bucking issue

    Thanks for the updates. I don't have this problem but I'm sure it'll help somebody that does.
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    Rust: To fix or not to fix

    Yes, it must be inspected every year and must pass certain body requirements. Most of the money is in the transmission, then tires, and the sound system, then the rest is random parts that it's needed. I'm starting to think it's not worth it to sell it, becuase I'll get $1000 if I'm lucky. Oh...
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    How to get Better Gas Mileage?

    The absolute biggest thing to save gas mileage, as others have said, is to be easy on the gas. What I did was I got used to the feeling of the gas pedal and learned when my car liked to shift. By perfecting this you can give your car just enough gas before it downshifts, or so that it upshifts...
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    Tires on 15 inch rims

    You should definitely make a post about it! Really want to see an ex with 15 inch rims ;)
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    What do I need?

    Is the arrow just pointing to the wrong letter? If so, I'm pretty sure that's something that can be adjusted. Somebody else can probably chime in though.
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    power steer leak

    Probably just a line. My explorer had the same thing. Just keep a few jugs of power steering fuel with you until you can bring it in to get checked out, unless you can do it yourself. Not too big of a problem :)
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    Rust: To fix or not to fix

    I currently have an 02 explorer that can't get a sticker due to rusty rocker panels and a rusty wheel well. I got quoted at $1200 to do a non-fitted fix on the wheel well and rocker panels (not OEM I believe). For the rocker panels, it was only for about half of the outer on both sides and part...
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    Starting an ex that's been sitting

    I plan on buying another explorer soon. One that I'm looking at has been sitting for two years, but was started last winter successfully. It was a southern car before those two years if that matters. I was just wondering, what should I do? Drain the gas tank, change oil, etc..? I just want to...
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    3V in an 02-05? You might have read this link already, but here you go. It probably isn't easy.
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    Tires on 15 inch rims

    I actually just went and looked at some super swampers online, and found a set of M16's that are 33x10.5x15. This equates to about 267/87/15, and the 25.4 mm difference between 15 and 16 inch rims somewhat makes up for that. So they should fit, but my require some trimming and maybe wheel spacers.
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    I hate my white instrument cluster. What can I do about it?

    You have two options. Your first is to get an aftermarket cluster, which probably costs upwards of $100. And after a quick search on car iD, it seems like nobody really makes an aftermarket cluster for your year explorer. Your next option is to take out the dashboard and change the color of the...
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    Tires on 15 inch rims

    How big of a lift? I plan on doing a 1.5 inch BL and adding 1-1.5 inch hubcentric spacers.
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    Tires on 15 inch rims

    Im looking at getting some 15 inch rims. I know that some will fit. What im wondering is what is the biggest tire i can fit on them?