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    How To: Replacing Upper Ball Joints on a 3rd Gen 4x4 [Pictures]

    I can say all the ones I have ever done on these trucks have came loose and popped out of the arm. I am a master certified mechanic and work in a busy chain shop, I see a lot of these. When I did mine last weekend I didn't hesitate to get the welder out. These also remind me of the lowers on the...
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    How To: Replacing Upper Ball Joints on a 3rd Gen 4x4 [Pictures]

    Post #77 Brian. There has also been a few other threads started on this problem.
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    2005 explorer lift?

    eBay listing # 220977464488
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    How To: Replacing Upper Ball Joints on a 3rd Gen 4x4 [Pictures]

    I finally got around to doing mine last weekend, I removed the lift spacers at the same time. (they are for sale BTW) I can tell everyone this, you WILL HAVE TO TACK WELD them to the upper arm. I guarantee 100% that they will pop out of the arm if not welded in.
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    wanted: black headlights

    I got mine on ebay, 125 with matching corners.
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    04-- 4.0 all 4 chains replaced. completely gunked why?

    3 Words Cheap Oil Changes!!!!!!!! Quick lubes and just about all chain shops use the cheapest bulk oil they can find! I know this from first hand experience. The chain shop I USED to work at was the worst! They would spend days trying to find the cheapest oil and filters they could, they had...
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    Timing Chain Tensioners

    First what type of oil and filter are you using? Second, the engine has to be removed to change the rear cassette and chain.
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    new lower ball joint front with camber offset?

    The camber correction kits for these trucks go on the upper control arms where they attach to the frame.
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    Abs Light on w/no code

    Yep you need a better scanner! I just upgraded mine, I got a Snap-On Solis Pro, set me back $4,100 bucks!
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    Hub assembly.

    Sounds like you and the 3 "mechanics" have misdiagnosed your problem. Try installing the bearing you removed in the first place on the other side.
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    EGR stuff sucks!!!

    Just a little FYI, Ford parts are many times better then anything aftermarket. To the OP, you broke the tube off trying to install aftermarket parts that will do nothing for you but make your wallet thinner so you have no right to complain about ford ripping you off.
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    V6 to V8 Swap. Just need an answer.. PLEASE

    Easy answer, sell it and buy one with a V8 in it! Mine has a V8!!!
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    will i need a spring compressor/new struts but lowered springs

    Yes, and you better get a damn good one!! The fronts are under serious pressure! I was doing one with a wall mounted strut tool and the spring bent the ears of the tool and the spring popped out! Lucky for me the top nut was still attached!
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    New Dynomax exhaust installed today!!!

    Ignorance is bliss right? You guys crack me up!
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    New Dynomax exhaust installed today!!!

    That is a catalytic converter not a "resonator" and removing it is illegal! Also the OP said the hack, I mean mom and pop shop put a straight pipe in with no spring bolt flange. Over time without some sort of flex piece the exhaust will break somewhere. Not that I know what I am talking about...
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    How to: Install a Class III Hitch

    I love mine! I keep the ball mount in and that keeps the bottom feeders from getting to close at stop lights!!!!!
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    used spacers wanted

    I have a pair of 2" fronts I would part with.
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    For anyone looking to replace struts

    I'm sure the techs just love this!!
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    Used spacers, new spacers, r they safe ?

    I have 1.5" fronts and 1.25" rears. I feel this is as big as you can go without needing extended upper arms. My 265's rub just a little only when backing and turning to the right.
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    horrible oil and plugs..

    Good luck with that!!! Fram filters are the worst oil filters on the planet!!!
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    hitch receiver?

    Not sure what it would cost to ship it to FL? It won't be cheap.
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    hitch receiver?

    I have a class 2 I would part with.
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    That's what it is!!!!!!!!! And its illegal!
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    Just because it is not monitored by the PCM does not make it legal to remove. That is a catalytic converter, not a "resonator" And I hope this thread gets locked, we all know what you are talking about.
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    He is wanting to remove the 3rd converter. It is not a mystery device. Common sense would tell you what it is just from looking at it.
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    Basically it is illegal to remove any catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe.
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    Do you have all of the proper documentation? I would love to see the ford dealer invoice for this. I have been around a long time and have never seen a pipe bender or welder at any ford dealer in SE Michigan! No offense but that looks like some shade tree hack shop work. Those welds are pitiful...
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    35's to be put on friday

    35's on 3.55's and a 4.0 = the suckyest of all time suckyest!
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    I find that very hard to believe.
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    Salvaged Transfer Case for 2002 XLT? You will need to know the part number on the tag as there is many to choose from.
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    Muffler question before I buy...

    Federal law states that removing or tampering with any OE installed emission device is illegal and the shop could be fined as much as $25,000, the tech $2,500 and up to one year of license suspension. Good luck finding a reputable shop in Michigan to do this for you. We do not do this at our...
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    horrible oil and plugs..

    Fram oil filter? Not the good stuff!!!
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    35's to be put on friday

    :bsnicker: LOL!! I am sure this would be my expression :eek: !!!!! I wonder what shape his CV boots are in. Mine were touching the lower arms with 2" spacers! And the ball joint angle was awful! Lets talk about alignment stuff like negative camber, I had to get aftermarket adjuster kits...
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    where to buy lift spacers?

    I have a set of 2" front spacers I would part with.
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    4r44e swap to 4r55e

    The only difference between the two transmissions is the rear gear set. the 5r55e has a 6 planet set and the 5r44e has a 3 planet set. I turned my 5r44e into a 5r55e when I converted the trans to 4wd a few years ago (my ranger).
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    will 275/65/18 fit?

    Mine never touched but were very close!
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    will 275/65/18 fit?

    My 265-75-16"s rubbed when I had 2" spacers. I now have 1.5 front and 1.25 rears. they still rub lol!
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    replaced trasfercase and still Moves in Park

    Sounds like the parking paw inside the transmission is broken.
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    Whose is this

    Looks like mommy and daddy have a lot of money!
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    Rear Struts Changed,now rear axle noise

    Did the parking brake shoes fall off when you removed the rear rotors?