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    AAMCO trans fluid and additive?

    Aamco Well, never received any feedback from the corporate office. Instead, I got a phone call from the shop owner saying they had been contacted by the corporate office. The shop said the corporate office said I was unhappy with their service, and that the shop would be happy to dain my...
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    AAMCO trans fluid and additive?

    MerconV Thanks again everyone for all the help. After checking around, it does seem as though the additive to dexronIII/mercon is normal practice in many shops in order to meet MerconV spec on the cheap. I can't believe it is as good as MerconV, which is semi-synthetic, but I also don't...
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    AAMCO trans fluid and additive?

    I'm beginning to believe this may be correct. I put in a call to AAMCO's national customer service line. The person took all the info and told me one of their corporate techs would review it to see if this is normal and accepted AAMCO practice and get back to me. We shall see. At any rate I...
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    Man Snaps at McDonalds...

    McDonalds Moose1 is probably not too far off. The cretin used a car to inflict damage with, so he'll get a much, much lesser charge than if he had used a gun.
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    AAMCO trans fluid and additive?

    Had the 5r55E serviced at AAMCO. Just the normal pan drop and filter change. Looking at the reciept, it said four quarts of DexronIII/Mercon. Asked the shop owner and he said that they use an approved additive in the Dex/Merc that meets MerconV specs. Said they use it in all cases that call...
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    Acceleration Problems?

    engine performance. Not sure of your problem, but I can help a little by ruling out the "water wetter" for you. The water wetter does NOT make the coolant 20 degrees cooler. Only a thermostat designed to open 20 degrees cooler than the stock one can do that. What the water wetter is...
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    six great years with a 99 4 door xlt.

    batteries. As far as batteries go, here in the Dallas,Texas area I seem to get about three-four years max with any battery. The heat really does them in. I have high hopes for my new Sears Diehard Gold as consumer reports rated them good for southern climates. People in more...
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    six great years with a 99 4 door xlt.

    Runnin'onEmpty- Darn! completely forgot I replaced the front pads at 40K!
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    Goodyears are thumping

    Goodyear Rt/S Yep! Mine had about 30K on them when I started hearing a Waa-Waa sound that increased with speed and was most noticeable at about 30 mph. Had the tires rotated and the suspension checked. Everything was perfect and the tires had no visible defect. However, the...
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    six great years with a 99 4 door xlt.

    Have had the Ex for six years now! 74,000 miles Update - On the third battery, on the third set of tires, on the second IAC, new Monroe sensatraks at 55K, and replaced one ABS rear sensor. Thats it! Oh, did the Om12 gasket/tentioner recall years ago also. Maintenance ...
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    iac question??

    IAC and trouble codes. My IAC failed and did not throw a code. I tried to clean the IAC and that seemed to work at first - but a week later I was stuck and a new IAC was the only cure. Never threw a code during the whole ordeal. As stated, there are codes that the IAC can set, but it seems...
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    Changing Engine Coolant?? Brands

    flushing Do not flush your system if the fluid is clean looking with no rust, and your system is working properly. You won't improve anything, and you can possibly damage seals, heater cores, etc, if you fail to get all the flush out. A simple drain and fill is all you need, and most...
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    Mobil1 Extended Performance oil

    Motorcraft filters I use Motorcraft FL1-A filters based on oil filter tests from and the fact that they are available about anywhere, cheap, seem well made, and are original equipment. However, I think I will switch to the new Mobil1 extended life oversize filters when...
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    SOHC: What is this !?

    thingie. All right! Now... is it a problem that the black rubber thingie pops off occasionally? Looks almost like its just a bumper for the acctuator rod.
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    SOHC: What is this !?

    thingie Well then.... I don't know what it is. Someone will post with the right answer I'm sure.
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    SOHC: What is this !?

    What??? Well, I don't have access to my 99 SOHC right now, but that looks like the location of the IAC on mine. However, that thingie looks way different than my IAC. EDIT on my 99, the EGR is on the front left of the block.
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    Firestone Destination LE

    Firestone Destination LEs old mechanic - the tires have M+S on the sidewall after the size. I'm not exactly sure what M+S tires are supposed to look like or even what test (if any) a tire has to undergo to meet that designation. After dirving a few more weeks on these tires I am still...
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    Another High Idle Issue

    run high. Idle speed is physically set by the IAC, although the PCM does take into account info from other sensors. The IAC is supposed to send a cel if your idle is over 1000. That being said, my IAC went on the fritz and never threw a single code. Cleaning the iac fixed the problem for a...
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    rippermac - thanks for the first hand report. All my info came via articles from Road and Track, etc.... The articles I read were pretty adament that nitrogen leaks out of car tires slower due to the size of the gas molecules, but I defer to your actual experience in the matter. :)...
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    Nitrogen and air pressure. Checking you air pressure (cold or hot) has no effect on what happens to the air in your tire as the tire heats up. Heat and pressure will increase as the tire warms up either way. A cold check is preferred as it is an easily repeatable baseline - and...
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    Pure nitrogen resists heat build up and transfer in tires better than air, doesn't hold moisture as well as air, and wont leak out of tires as fast as air. Nitrogen is used in airplane tires and heavy use commercial tires. In these uses, the tires are usually recapped, so the inners must last...
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    Firestone Destination LE

    Bought some Firestone Destination LE 255/70/16s for my 99 Explorer XLT last week. I must say they are by far the nicest riding and handling truck tires I have ever owned. They are M+S rated, not off-road tires, but handled some light gravel and dirt trails just fine. If you are looking for a...
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    15-35% mileage increase

    Well...duh....if it was round, things would fall off.
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    15-35% mileage increase

    Gas mileage. C'mon guys. A simple, cost effective, mechanically and environmentally friendly way of increasing your gas mileage doesn't exist. If it did it would be common knowledge and included in fuels or the cars themselves. Big oil companies and auto manufacturers do not have some...
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    Mods To Make My 01 Last Longer

    All the mods you want to do will cost a whole lot more than switching to synthetics like the new Mobil 1. Also, the switch to synthetics combined with proper maintenance will probably be more effective in making your EX last longer than the mods you mentioned.
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    Is my IAC just too old

    Iac Yep, same here. Cleaning fixed the problems for a few months, then I just bought a new one. Wish I did it sooner as idle and start-up are smoother now.
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    Mercon V vs. Mobil 1 ATF

    Mobil 1 ATF Mobil 1 ATF does not say compatible with Mercon V on the label, only Mercon. Although Al has used it with no problems, I would be leery of using it if Mobil doesn't recommend it on the label.
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    Do you guys think making ammends for the past is a good idea

    apologizing. Like I said, if it was recent, its a good idea - as long as your concern is for the other person's feelings and not your own. If it's been years, its too late to do the right thing.
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    Do you guys think making ammends for the past is a good idea

    Things in the past. Suddenly apologizing to people that you no longer keep in contact with from your past is a bad and selfish idea. Often,the only real purpose is to make yourself feel better - not somehow help the other person deal with what you did to them. If you truly cared so much about...
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    Thermostat Gauge Going Crazy

    Thermostat ohe boy. You have some incorrect info. A thermostat is ALWAYS necessary - period. Engines are designed to run at a certain temperature, and this is what the thermostat regulates. The climate where you live has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. I don't know how to state this more...
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    Explorer not idling

    Iac The problem is most definitely your IAC!!!!!!!!! You can try cleaning it - it sometimes works. Mine kept misbehaving even after cleaning so I just replaced it. Much better than holding in the gas to keep revs up to2k. Much better idle now too. Make sure to get the...
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    jehovah witnesses?

    Jehovahs Witness. I know one interesting fact. Jehovah's witnesses will not accept blood products. In other words, they cannot recieve a blood transfusion. Some will accept plasma (the liquid part of the blood), but they wont accept the part with red-blood cells in it. I know as I...
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    best once a year wax for dark paint.

    Best wax for me. Wow, thanks for all the speedy replies! JDrapers recommendation of Nu-Finish sounds perfect for me and I even remember seeing it at Wally-world. Thanks again.
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    best once a year wax for dark paint.

    O.K.- I like to wax my truck only once a year and don't want to spend a week doing it. I have that deep wedgewood blue color that shows swirls in it if the wind blows. :( What is the best wax for me (available at most autoparts stores)???
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    What would you have done? Helping in a accident.

    accident I think you did just fine. You were just trying to help. I probably would have left after seeing she was O.K. and didn't want help. She was probably either drunk, driving on a suspended, had warrants, was afraid of her insurance going up, etc... and decided to take out...
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    The Da Vinci Code

    Da Vinci Code. A pretty good read. What I call a "vacation book". As far as historic content goes, the author mixed in just enough truth so that the novel seemed real and believable. That is a benchmark for all novelist. I am somewhat amazed that so many take this novel as...
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    Want a smoother ride....Help..

    smooth riding First off, you have the roughest riding Ex there is. Second of all, there isn't much you can do about. Tip 1, Keep your tires inflated on the low side of normal instead of the high side. This will allow your tires to flex easier and help absorb bumps. Downside -...
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    Just bought new Sensatrac shocks.

    After 60K I decided it was time for new shocks on the 99XLT four door 2wd. After much thought and searching on this site, I decided on the Monroe Sensatracs. Plus, Sears had a buy four and get them installed free deal. $172 with tax and out the door. :) Impressions after a few days -...
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    Martha Stewart sentenced to five months in prison

    Insider info. One does not hire a broker for "insider info" Our system of publically owned companies would tank along with our economy. It is a federal crime (and a true crime at that) to act on insider info. From a moral and personal standpoint, lets say you had inside info that a...
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    Explain this to me cause my dad is freaking out

    Dad Just read through some of the thread: 1. Don't call your Dad a dumbass. Possibly be a bit more respectful. This also makes you sound like a spoiled brat. 2. Ask for permission before doing stuff to the Explorer. You didn't answer, but I assume your Dad paid for it- or at...