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    accessing my mp3s in Linux (DSL)

    Ok boys and girls here's my sitch: Like most people I am sick of windows and hate microsoft. So after finally having enough, I decided to do something about it. I downloaded Damn Small Linux, it's meant to be a liveCD and installs as debian. I think its great and runs real fast on my comp...
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    Junkyard shut down by the man!

    man if i was closer id be there helpin with that garage, sorry to hear of your lost bro, fight the man as much as you can.
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    Its been a Loooooong while!!!

    finally somebody makes some sense!! how the hell have you been section? still lettin the dog poop? Good to know your alive blee how've you been? btw: please excuse my typing as it goes downhill tonight. you know how it is, some thigns never change.
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    Its been a Loooooong while!!!

    some of the old characters are a show of their own. But I'll give it a chance. Holy Chit Rambo Doug!
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    Its been a Loooooong while!!!

    doug actually went to iraq! i remember when he joined up! crazy ****. Well thanks for reminding me about the new posts, but where the unanswered posts? might as well see what i remember or what i can find. might as well go get a heep now that my site is gone :(
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    As of 8-23-07, what are you paying for gas now...?

    november 6, 07: 1.03.6 Esso in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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    Its been a Loooooong while!!!

    get it done posting? o man ill excuse that cause you werent there in the day (and yes i know how bad that sounds) blee? doug? crankcase? gina? lemme guess they're all gone too?
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    Its been a Loooooong while!!!

    I've been around the world and back again and it's good to know that some things never change. Earlier, last spring, in an attempt to drive my explorer for a weekend, (which has been replaced twice over by am 89 mustang, and then an '06 Yaris) I found my brakes to be... how you say, pooched...
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    extended radius arm's 12"

    you are good with a grinder, I remember that crossmember you made was pretty sic.
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    4.0 ohv engine rebuild

    Pdwight: The gain in power isn't worth switching the motor for but it is there I 5 or something. I think the mileage is why most would/will do it. Senors are just as easy to change as, say, a pcv valve, so it's not a big deal. The reason I chose to do it was because the engine I...
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    Best stang forum?

    I'll get pics later this week when I pick up the car. I paid 3k cdn. As far as mods go, there aren't really too many, it's had the door handles shaved and the paint is a deep red with real gold flaked into the paint. It's got a dual exhaust system and sounds amazing, apparently its one of...
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    Best stang forum?

    Well folks, I just bought a 5.0L stang, an 89 LX, and I figured you guys could tell me the best forum to goto. I know a lot of you guys either have or want one, so who better to ask?
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    99 iac on 91?

    Will the IAC off of a 99 4.0L OHV work on a 91? I have one sitting around and I think mine is pooched.
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    Rear Differnential Covers

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    4.0 ohv engine rebuild

    Ya its fixed now.
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    4.0 ohv engine rebuild

    I have had some problems, but I think they are all parts that I either messed up from stupidity, clumsiness, or parts that wer worn out to begin with. Stupidity :misoiling my K&N Clumisiness: dropped my MAF And the o2 sensor was bad. I'll know for sure tomorrow if I got it fixed now.
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    OHV works better without maf?? help!

    I used the 91 plenum, with the 91 fueal rail, from there down is 99. I changed over all the sensors to the old ones. the bolt righht up and workes fine, only I don't have a low oil light, but who cares? I got a chance to look at it tonight after driving it about 100 km's today to and from...
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    OHV works better without maf?? help!

    I have a k&n cone filter. Apprarently he tried a few different years of mafs. Stock 91 computer.
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    OHV works better without maf?? help!

    O ya he said he wants to try an MAF off of a 99 (nopt sure how tis would be any better or even work but he says he can make it work even tho it has a dif type of connector and is obd2) Just thought I'd add that in.
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    OHV works better without maf?? help!

    Alright the mechanic is havin real problems with this. So I figured the ole faithful board might be able to help me out. As some have seen I swapped in a 98/99 motor, brand new, into my 91. Ran like a top, for 519 kilometres. then stalled once, then again down the road. Then it wouldn't run...
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    4.0 ohv engine rebuild

    Happy swapping!
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    4.0 ohv engine rebuild

    Change a bunch of sensors overs, I just swapped a crate 1999 ohv into my 1991, wasn't hard, just take your time and lable everything. Hell the hardest part is the exhaust manifolds, torque converter nuts, and the engine to trans bolts. Lining up the engine to the TC is a PITA too. Don't forget...
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    410 fortune - 5.0L EFI 4R70W drivertrain conversion

    I bet it was easier to paint it. Looks good anyways!
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    Break in oil?

    Ok my engine came with oil in it...but it doesnt look like oil really... Is it some kind of break in oil? If so how long should I use it? I got the motor ready to start now...welll I already started it..ran fine so how long do I leave it in?
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    99 4.0 ohv into a 91/ 4.0 ohv

    Don't take this the wrong way doug, but I love you. This post helped me so much, I was worried about my new motor until I remembered this post. Just wanted a little clarification on this part. My motor is all brand new so I want to use as many new parts as possible. I can use the new injectors...
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    My engine woes, fixing it right this time.

    Thats great thanks for the info! I got the engine to day and I think I'm gonna eat then go spend some time tearing off the crap I don't need, might put some paint on it too.....Ford red.
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    My engine woes, fixing it right this time.

    BTT Anybody know if this is a eurospec motor? Or maybe what that might be?
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    My engine woes, fixing it right this time.

    Well, as some of you may know I blew a piston in my ohv. So I got a used one out of an aerostar, was supposed to be low mileage, then, one month later, going down the highway, far from home, pop! well there goes that one, same symptoms as the other one (compression in the oil gallery = blown...
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    Bed in Back....

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA This is funny cause I've thought of this for that. I'm sure you were camping too.... :D :D :D
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    no throttle when pedal is pushed!

    Hrmm......Last time it happened to me I was an hour down the freeway and I had a hole in a piston. But thats just me prolly.
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    Utterly useless trivia....

    Sorry Al but I second Jade. It's a Chinese thing from my googling.
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    Utterly useless trivia....

    Not sure of spelling but it was the communication ship SS Laten which wondered into foreign territory over the Indian ocean.
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    Utterly useless trivia....

    29th of July
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    Utterly useless trivia....

    Was this a response to the original question in the thread? lol, a lil delayed :D
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    Utterly useless trivia....

    Born in Ohio in 1876, Kettering was a school teacher turned engineer. After graduating from Ohio State University in 1904, Kettering was hired into the inventions department at the National Cash Register Company (NCR) in Dayton, Ohio. There, he developed an electric motor for cash registers, the...