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    2014 XSport Fog light took a rock..

    I've ordered some of these - $170 for the pair:
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    Livernois tune experience

    Have you used DashCommand to measure any power or torque gains? I'm not sure how much I trust the results it's giving me - it's reading 450+ hp and 500+ lbft...
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    HID/LED Headlamps and/or Fog Lamps - GO LIONS!!

    If you're upgrading to HID for any sort of improvement in light output and forward vision I highly suggest doing a proper projector upgrade. There is a great how to here (starts at post #162 ). I started with a coolbulbs retrofit and then did the proper projector retrofit and the difference...
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    gas mileage, tuned

    20mpg driving at 80mph sounds pretty reasonable to be for a 400hp(?) vehicle.
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    Ford Explorer sport body colored door handles

    Mind if I ask what you paid? Looking at the Ford parts site it seems like $100+ per door?
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    flashing third brake light

    I've had vehicles (European) that activate their hazard warning lights when the brake pedal is struck with a certain amount of force and a certain level of deceleration is attained, like during an emergency stop. It doesn't activate each time the brake pedal is touched though which is what the...
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    Nope, if you add them to the cart it adds an additional $56 deposit that is returned when you send your OEM parts. The initial charge is $167! I bought some $5 festoon LEDs and did the work myself.
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    H8 mistake

    You've lost me. 9005 is the headlight bulb. H11 is the stock fog bulb. Why would you want to replace an H11 with an H8 and have less light?
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    $111 for the brightest puddle lights?! Hot damn.
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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    I don't like the outside. I think it's lost some of its identity. The grill looks very cluttered and I really don't like reflector type headlight housings, whether they're LED or not. For some reason it reminds me of a 2008 Suzuki Vitara! I do like the interior though and some of the new...
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    Shift Speed Tap up Tap Down

    Specifically I'd love to be able to adjust: Throttle response Shift points/speed/mapping Front/rear torque split Traction/stability control
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    Shift Speed Tap up Tap Down

    Have you guys figured out how to tweak any of the 4wd settings or things controlled by the terrain response dial?
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    How hard to remove front bumper

    Do you want to remove it completely or just enough to access what is behind it? If you just need to loosen it this post shows you how. If you want to remove it completely there are more screws to remove along the bottom and you need to disconnect the foglights, but it's still not that hard.
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    I finally got round to doing the full conversion over the weekend. WOW! The difference is amazing. I've had factory HIDs, factory halogens, upgraded halogen bulbs, and aftermarket HID bulbs in halogen projectors, and nothing compares to the EVOX-Rs. It is a project but if you're half way...
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    Car seats question

    Ah, the ancient puzzle of fitting car seats in the new Explorer. Before ordering/buying I think it would be useful if the sales team advised potential buyers of the difficulties they might run into if they want to fit one car seat, let alone multiple. In my opinion the middle seat on the...
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    Hella supertones

    Tell me more...
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    NEW, Tranparent Bonnet

    Perhaps I'm just getting old and cynical, but why can't those of you that don't want to reserve/parallel park just use your mirrors? Simply adjust them down so you can see the kerb. I've had cars that even do this automatically when you engage reverse, but it's really not that hard to do...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    How's the MKT? Noticed any torque steer yet? ;)
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    Sport Wheel Paint Color

    I can tell you it's not the Tuxedo Black of the body paint as that's metallic.
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    2nd Row Sliding?

    I had the same problem which is why I traded my old Limited with a bench seat for a Sport with 2nd row buckets before our son outgrew his infant car seat and moved to a convertible. The 2nd row buckets do slide fore and aft, but you probably only gain about ~1" over the bench (they probably...
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    Foglight Bulb Options

    Can you post photos? Particularly of their actual output on the pavement, not straight at the bulb. OEM H11 foglight bulbs are ~1200 lumens. Good quality HIDs are 3000+. Even 420 lumens is pretty dim relatively. They probably appear bright if you look at the bulb but I doubt they have...
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    Question about ALL WHEEL DRIVE??.

    Torque steer on the Sport is a bit of an issue. The AWD system is computer controlled and in Normal mode only sends power to the rear when the fronts are detected as starting to slip, but by this point a bunch of torque has already been sent to the front to cause the slip. I can even feel it...
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    3 Month Update and Review.

    I doubt your dealer really checked the headlight alignment or even knows what they're talking about, especially if their advice was to use your foglights. If your wife is being flashed without having her brights on just adjust them down a bit yourself. Park in front of a garage door or wall...
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    Performance/dyno type iPhone apps

    I'm looking for a relatively cheap vehicle performance type of app to track things like 0-60 time, 50-70 time etc. Anyone have any recommendations? Either accelerometer/GPS based or something that links to a module plugged into the OBD-II port.
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    Installing HID? Read this first.

    Short answer is yes. As I understand it, it takes a few seconds for the ball of plasma to stabilize during which time the color of the light output (and perceived brightness) changes slightly. All the vehicles I've owned with OEM HIDs have done the same.
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    2015 Ford Explorer Order Guide & Changes

    No HIDs on the Sport still. I wonder if Ford listen to customer feedback at all?
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    Installing HID? Read this first.

    We can but hope. Not sure about their definition of 'standard' - pretty sure lower spec F150s still come with halogens. Also depends how good they really are. I still think the OEM HIDs in the Explorer are worse than a lot of OEM HIDs in other manufacturers' vehicles.
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    2013 Limited Ds2 Retrofit

    I have a kit and I had to fit a relay harness with a time delay. It was about $10 on ebay. If you have the TRS relay harness you should be able to swap the relay for a time delay one but if you contact TRS directly they should be able to help.
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    Front Valence for Ford Explorer Sport 2013

    I should have clarified, I removed the valance, trimmed it, and put it back on. If you look at yours there are little winglets on the left and right hand side, about 2" deep and maybe 18" long - I cut those off so the valance is the same depth all the way across the front of the vehicle. I...
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    Larger Tires on OEM & Aftermarket Wheels

    Stock is 255/50R20 and the summer tyre option is 265/45R20 - the summer tyre is 10mm wider but 0.65" smaller in overall diameter. I have 265/50R20 winter tyres on my Sport and they fit great. Width is fine on a 9" wide rim, not too much bulge, and they're 0.39" bigger than stock in overall...
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    Front Valence for Ford Explorer Sport 2013

    I believe it's an intake for cooling the transmission, optional on vehicles with the tow pack and standard on Sports. I've always disliked the front valance - I think it's far too low and always catches on curbs when parking. On my last two Explorer's I've removed it and trimmed off the left...
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    Dual 4.2 inch cluster screens - Climate missing

    I wish MFT updates would actually update the cluster displays too. I never really used the feature to adjust climate settings in my '12 Ex but did think it was weird that it was removed in my '14. What annoys me more is that the 'Entertainment' view in the cluster just shows "BlueTooth Audio...
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    Blackberry QNX to Replace Microsoft

    Very interesting. As others have said, since 3.6.2 was released MFT hasn't been all that bad. In fact, I don't think I've had one 'scheduled maintenance' reboot since upgrading. Overall it's also a much better integrated system in the Explorer than in some competitor vehicles (even...
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    Adding / Removing Dash Trim

    Try You can find all the part numbers you're after plus diagrams. The diagrams aren't that detailed and some of the part numbers are generic but it gives you a guide at least. Once you know what you want you're best off going to your local dealer to get actual part numbers...
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    Bumper/headlight removal

    Yeah I read that but it doesn't give all the detail I need. I removed the bolts listed and the bumper is still stuck fast. I don't want to force it and risk breaking something without first confirming I have actually removed all the necessary bolts and screws.
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    Cree LED 9005 Headlight - Question about overheating>>>

    I'd be very surprised if they create a high enough output to be used as headlight bulbs in our projectors. 2400 lumen sounds like a bold claim and even if they were that bright I doubt it would focus and project properly.
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    Bumper/headlight removal

    Has anyone removed the headlights and/or front bumper from their Explorer and could give me some pointers?
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    Ok Crunch Time - Sport or Limited, Who Has Gone From One to The Other ?

    I went from a '12 Limited to a '14 Sport and would second all of what Ajar said. I also went from a middle row bench to the 2 seat second row (which slide fore and aft). I don't regret the change at all. The performance and handling of the Sport is a lot better. I've read that Ford made a...
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    Alternatives to

    I got a kit from and Andrew was really helpful but the 6000K bulbs are a bit too blue for me and I also ended up needing a harness (which I had to buy from ebay - Andrew doesn't supply them). If I were to do it again I'd probably buy from TRS (this is the kit you would need). You...
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    Foglight Bulb Options

    The cheapest I think I've seen is somewhere around $50. You could also try HIR1 bulbs for the headlights - they're about the same price, have a higher output and a longer lifespan but they're not quite as 'white' as the DVs.