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    99 4.0 cam sensor alignment

    I have been reading and searching the site, but I can not seem to find the answer if a 1999 Ranger 4.0 uses an alignment tool when removing from one engine and installing the cam sensor AND drive assembly into a different engine. I have not had the pleasure of doing this on my 95/96 Rangers or...
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    96 Explorer radio blues

    I am wanting to install a new radio/CD radio in my son's Explorer, and the more I read here, the more confused I become. For the part number on his radio, F57F-19B165-AG, he has a 1990-1997 premium AM/FM/Cass unit. For all the information here at the site, that tells me it should have a...
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    Transfer case Question

    IZwack; Thanks for the reply. I think I'll do the driveshaft for now. I had read about the brown wire mod, that will be a good rainy day project. I just want to try to get my son back on the road. Thanks again; Tim
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    Transfer case Question

    Hello; I have a 96 Explorer, 4.0, with the 4405 transfer case. It is a bit confusing to me because the control on the dash has 2wd/4wh/4wl. It doesn't say "Auto" anywhere, nor do I have a neutral position for the transfer case. Everything looks original. BTW, I have a 5 speed manual...