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    2010 sport trac lift kit?

    Skynet808, that looks sweet!
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    What will replace your Sport Trac?

    Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier, if the choice came down to those two?
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    What will replace your Sport Trac?

    Ok, I'm not ready to do this yet, but my '07 V8 Limited Sport Trac just hit 106,000 miles and I'm starting to think about what's going to replace my baby. It's running great, it's paid for and I'd buy another one tomorrow if I could find a low mileage 2009 or 2010 for about the same price I got...
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    Awesome mod!
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    A work in progress

    Looks great! I really like the look of your ST! I've got the same color and wondered what it would look like without the chrome grille. How did you do yours? Plasti-dip? Really nice looking truck!
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    Replaced both front hubs two months ago I had to replace both front hubs this winter and I can tell you, the old ones were noisy as they were going bad. I needed to replace my tires around Thanksgiving because the tread wasn't going to get me through the snow. After I got the new tires on, I...
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    New guy showing off

    Snow pics Yes, we definitely want to see those pictures too! Enjoy all the snow you want--feel free to keep it there, man. I have a feeling we'll be getting it a couple days after you. Merry Christmas!
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    New guy showing off

    GT500Ranger That is definitely the best looking 2nd Gen I've ever seen. I hope mine ends up looking like that....ASAP!
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    Light Bar

    Oops, just saw the date of the original post. Doubt he's still around checking replies. Anybody else know if there would be any rubbing with 265/65/18's on a Trac without any sort of Truxx-type lift?
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    Light Bar

    Tires and lights look great! Do you have the Truxx lift on your Trac? Any problems with fitment with 265/65/18's on the stock rims? I like the way those wheel wells are filled up!
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    Random/Strange Question for fun...

    That looks just like mine! I also love my 3--piece rear window/slider. I looked forever to find a Limited with a V-8, two-tone leather, sunroof and rear slider. It was worth the search. I use the sunroof almost every dry day and my rear slider gets lowered every chance I get.
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    Great looking Adrenalin!! :thumbsup:
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    Who else wants the "World" Ford Ranger...

    Why couldn't Ford just call this an F-100 and bring it here. Problem solved--F-series sales aren't cannibalized, instead they increase. I'd love a new Sport Trac, but I'd happily take this world Ranger design too.
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    My Sport Trac on 24's

    I love the Ironman grill and the black accents on the side--they go great with an XLT. If I didn't have a dark stone metallic Trac, I'd have that grill on mine too. Sweet.
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    New owner w/ questions

    Congrats on your purchase! I know you're going to love your ST! I bought my 07 last summer, similar set up to yours with Nav, OEM tonneau cover and bed extender, V8, black and cream leather and I couldn't be happier with my baby. Get over your buyer's remorse and enjoy every mile you spend in...
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    Fitness centers for those who Travel?

    If you join any Gold's Gym you are able to use any other Gold's Gym across the country (or around the world) for 14 calender days per year per gym. Just pick up a Travel Pass at your home gym and present it to any Gold's Gym you travel to. Check the website to see if they're located where you...
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    07 Sport Trac Lift/Leveling

    Congrats on your sweet new ride! If you do the Truxx lift, please post some pics before and after. I'd love to see the comparison!
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    Keep Getting Worse and Worse MPG

    Your miles to empty on the trip computer is calculated based on your current mpg average showing on the computer. If you are currently averaging 16 mpg, when you fill up, the computer multiplies gallons x avg mpg. If you reset and have a higher mpg when you fill it next time, your miles to...
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    My Trac is Finished! (for now)

    Awesome looking ride. Clean, very clean! Love the roof rail deletion. Really nice work!
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    Great looking Trac! What size are the Generals it's wearing now?
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    New Trac Owner just picked up a ’10 Limited

    Love it! Nice looking ride!
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    Time to replace my tires

    Love my Fortera Triple Treads too, but the one shortcoming most of the reviews have of them is treadlife. Not sure whether to replace them with another set or to get the Truxx lift and some bigger Nitto Terra Grapplers. I like the looks of the bigger tires on the Sport Tracs I've seen on this...
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    That black rose is a sweet color opposite the silver!:thumbsup:
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    That black rose is a sweet color opposite the silver!
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    Awesome Adrenalin! Beautiful STA! Stripes definitely make it even better!
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    Love that color Hey, that looks great? What color is that? Doesn't look like Black Cherry but doesn't look like Red Fire either--maybe just my monitor but its a great color and a sweet looking ride! Good luck with it--I've been loving my Trac since I got it in July!
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    Clean then... All we've gotten for the last week is rain, snow, melt and tomorrow more rain in the forecast. She needs a good bath to get the salt and dirt off--I'm just waiting on the weather. Thanks though!
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    My Sport Trac ,,
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    Something weird...

    Thanks Austin!;)
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    Something weird...

    Hey guys--just had something weird happen to my Trac over the last two weeks. This has happened 3 times, twice within a few minutes of starting my commute and once mid-way through it: my dome lights have just come on while I'm driving. They stay on for a good minute or two then fade out as if...
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    new winch mount

    I love your Trac! Awesome work on the the front and rear end! Is that a Gen 1 rear window vent guard/shade? Really, that is one of the best looking STs I've ever seen!
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    Intake cover question

    Man, I have no idea, but I hope so! It looks great. If you find out either way, please let us know on here.
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    The more I see your Trac without the roof rails, the more I love it!
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    Thinking about buying a 2007 v6 limited

    Didn't that just begin for the 2008's?
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    Thinking about buying a 2007 v6 limited

    differences between XLT and Limited for 07 were: body color molding around wheel wells, 18" wheels instead of 17", tonneau cover, more Limiteds had sliding back window, most (but not all) Limiteds had leather interior, chrome instead of black roof rails....not sure if thats all the differences...
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    Thinking about buying a 2007 v6 limited

    Just bought a 2007 Limited V8 4x4 with 40,000 miles July 8. Did a lot of searching and researching for 3 months before buying. Tried haggling with a local Ford dealer who refused to move more than $225 off their original published price. Truck was mint, every option available but had sat on...
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    2008 Explorer Sport Trac XLT (lift kit)????

    FordxMan, you have to post pics when you get those tires mounted! Can't wait!