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    Worst Wiper Blades Ever

    Ive had Bosch blades on my 95 and they have been fine, I did step up to 20" blades which effectively give me wall to wall wipes, and no issues with the curve of the glass
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    Erratic Temperature Sensor Readings

    I burp mine with this trick. Leave the cap off, and with it running fill it to the brim and fill the overflow to the half way mark. Cover the filler neck on the rad with your hand, and squeeze the upper hose a few times, this ill get the air out of the upper hose and into the T-stat, as you do...
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    Uh-oh..I broke my 95..

    Put it all back together with a new chain set, tensioner, cleaned the oil pressure sender port out and it started up and runs nice and quiet. No more clatter.
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    Uh-oh..I broke my 95..

    Well the good news... it didn't exactly jump time. the bad news is I have to find a new key for the crankshaft and toss a new timing set on it. as the crank sprocket is cracked and missing a tooth.
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    Uh-oh..I broke my 95..

    Well a quick diag in the garage, since I haven't had a chance to really do anything save shove it into the garage and not look at it. It tried to start but failed, and I hear chuffs through the intake or exhaust like its trying to fire up. I think its jumped enough teeth that its no longer in...
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    Uh-oh..I broke my 95..

    So I have a 323,000 mile 1995 XLT with the pushrod 4.0 and automatic. Last night I was getting on the highway and working it rather hard, got it to 70 and wound up the engine to 4,000 rpm (nothing new for this mill) it cruised along for a bit then lost all engine power. Coasted off the...
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    Alternator melted the wiring

    bad ground on the alternator wouldn't cause this unless it shorted internally. Theres 3 bolts that hold it on, so you'd have to lose all 3 of them to even get it that hot. I'm thinking the bad battery burned the B+ terminal.
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    Transmission Electrical Issue

    I'm going to second Ricks suggestion. Drop the pan and check the harness inside the transmission for damage, and make sure the TCC solenoid is bolted securely to the valve body. If you can borrow a scan tool and hook it up and drive it to observe any transient information the computer is...
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    Code 214 on my 95

    I had forgotten I had done that to mine... It runs like it always does, even at 316,000 miles. mileage didnt change, it didn't start any easier or harder after I did it. Mine's (March '95 build) kind of an oddball when it comes to engine sensors since 95 was the only year that the 2nd...
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    Overhead console display fix

    I just fixed the one on my '95 W/Sunroof. It seems the early second gens are slightly different than the later ones as far as the guts go, Mine has the display connected with a cable, and there are NO 501 resistors in this design. What I found in the 3 that I have, is the capacitor by...
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    Rear brake pad changout..

    I tend to get the best pads/shoes a place sells, and that's held well for me. You can see the area where the stock pads have worn the rotor down a bit, and the fresher area where the new pads have started to polish it up. The stock pads extend to the bottom of the caliper in height...
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    early style overhead console fix?

    Ok, so my early style Overhead Console has started fritzing out, figured it was the module itself so I pulled two from the yard and swapped them in. no change. It acts like its losing power somewhere down the line from the roof itself. Does anyone know where there are other connectors to check...
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    Rear brake pad changout..

    Yeah, there is that issue. Mine aren't that old, but do have some light surface rust that polished off... after pulling a 1500 pound trailer with 1,000 pounds of scrap steel to the recycler. Also living where rust really isn't much of an issue helps as well. I looked and the fronts are...
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    Rear brake pad changout..

    Sounds easy right? After getting the wrong pads at Autozone, I went to exchange them for the correct ones.. their catalog is wrong. Anyway we went all over the Ford 8.8 and rear disc combos to find the right pads and wind up calling it a 2005 instead of a 1995. Pads looked right, took...
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    No kidding! :thumbsup:
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    Question for the trans gurus out there...

    1995 Explorer 2wd- 312,000 miles on it. 90,000 miles on rebuilt 4R55E, since rebuild trans has been serviced every 20-30,000 miles. Question; Does a '97-00 4r55e work identically-electrically to the '95? When I had the trans rebuilt in 06 due to broken intermediate band, and it was...
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    Grr, and I thought I was done with coolant issues!

    I just use the city water from the hose, and no the last time I pressure flushed it was when the original radiator clogged up, that was 150,000 miles ago and 8 years ago, and at least 4 radiators, 3 heater cores and 3 sets of head gaskets. Last time I had the heads off I had them checked...
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    Radiator interchange?

    I recall seeing at the autoshows that an '10 Ranger uses the same radiator or similar. I know they use the same heater core.
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    Grr, and I thought I was done with coolant issues!

    Ok, so my neverending saga of coolant issues on my '95 is about to drive me to either sell it, or drinking. I've put 5 (FIVE) radiators in this stinkin thing, 4 heater cores, and 4 sets of head gaskets. ALL in the last 140,000 miles. the first 160,000 miles was cake! Head gaskets were...
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    Probably an extremely terrible idea....

    I tied mine off to my 4200 pound 70s sedan, at least pulled it out enough to get the spare down. I wound up replacing the bumper twice, due to incompetent drives that don't see a large red SUV in front of them.
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    A/C Clutch Bearing Replacement

    I've replaced mine a few times, the hardest part is getting the bolt off. Once thats off, a thin screwdriver to work the plate back and forth a bit to get the clutch face off. a big snap-ring holds the pulley bearing on, and its almost a press-fit, you can work it off without a puller if you...
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    5th shock?

    My '95 has the 5th shock, and after 308,000 miles, its never ever been replaced or unbolted to check to see if its any good..(i seriously doubt its doing any good now)
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    98 explorer 373 limited slip rear end rebuild info

    Best bet, which is what I used, was a Mustang video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GsLDg3C6Hc&playnext=1&list=PLB2011A03E75399A2&feature=results_main I did replace my clutch packs with the Cobra kevlar clutches, as my LS was done at 275,000 miles. I also had a leaky axle seal to...
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    Somewhere in this thread I had posted mine, but I'll toss it back out there.... As of last night - 308,433 miles.
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    Code 646 error on 95 Ex.

    Will do next chance I get. Probably wednesday before I can get to it. I can let it sit till then - gives me a chance to drive my '77 Chevelle and check out the results of my tune-up efforts on it. I do need to crawl under the Explorer anyway and replace the engine oil pan gasket. I might as...