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  1. delexploder

    How to: Convert V8 AWD to BW 4406 Manual Shift- A how to thread

    that wire goes to the harness that was on the shift motor , do you have the 4406e shift motor?
  2. delexploder

    1997 MM 5.0 excessive outgassing at battery

    I've always just cleaned them , the posts and terminals, with a wire brush and coated them with brown grease , cosmoline gun grease , never have any problems after , i also look very close at the battery cables , they tend to corrode inside if you are are having alot of terminal /post corrosion...
  3. delexploder

    My 98 super charged EX

    it would be nice if you could find a somewhat stock looking wheel to keep the sleeper look going, or have a stock set widened
  4. delexploder

    My 98 super charged EX

    time for 4 drag radials on some light wheels
  5. delexploder

    Solved Wanted: 97 Explorer or mountaineer V8 truck

    I'll check around here , im still looking for an 01 setup for my sport trac
  6. delexploder

    How to: Convert V8 AWD to BW 4406 Manual Shift- A how to thread

    keep your gem from the v6 setup its plug and play , i had an e- shift 4406 in my v8 sport for a while , its a very tight fit but it will fit
  7. delexploder

    1997 V8 Explorer PCM w/harness and transmission transplant in my 1977 351w F150

    Cause 351 efi intakes aint cheep , ive been looking for one myself
  8. delexploder

    2001 Ranger 4x4 V8 swap with 97.5 drivetrain

    hey , do you get plugged in when you go through inspection? im gathering parts for the 01sport trac and here anything 98 up gets plugged in at inspection ( we have 2 year inspection at the DMV ) just wondering if they can tell what year i have under the hood , if it doesn't matter ill strip my...
  9. delexploder

    What's for dinner?

    More filet and salad , my daughters loved it
  10. delexploder

    How many tools does it take to add oil to the rear diff?

    Yes one more tool , plumbers torch , watch your cardboard when using said torch , i too have been a cardboard fan for most of my life , i sometimes use it even if im using a lift just to make cleanup easier
  11. delexploder

    302 swap sport

    Yes my 96 was like this , i sold it to a friend who has passed it around between his kids so i do see it around from time to time , ill try to see what the build date on it is
  12. delexploder

    302 swap sport

    Mine all had what looked like the obd2 port but its missing pins that are under the hood in an obd1 port , kinda a bastard half and half setup , not saying a 96 cant be all the way obd2 fords bad about in between models
  13. delexploder

    302 swap sport

    I'm not saying obd has anything to do with the fuel , just that he's got more wiring issues than the standard V8 swap , ive had and worked on several 96 V6s and they were all obd 1
  14. delexploder

    302 swap sport

    Like i said , your gonna have other issues if the orange one is a 96 , obd 1 , vacuum disco front diff will be in the way of a V8 oil pan , not huge problems since you already have a functional setup to rob parts from
  15. delexploder

    302 swap sport

    Swap your drivetrain over as is and reuse your pump assembly and ignore the extra line or remove it , id just swap tanks , now if it is a 96 you may have to swap all the wiring to get along with your obd
  16. delexploder

    What's for dinner?

    Got a whole black angus loin , ao we had filet and asparagus with chedder rice
  17. delexploder

    Heat/ac/defrost know blows fuse.

    Unplug the heat/ac blower motor and run two jumper wires to it to make sure it works , ive seen a few either siezed up or jammed with rodent nests blow the fuse
  18. delexploder

    delexploder's "Vader" 97 v8 sport

    just an update , Vaders ( my V8 sport ) origanal 300,000+ mile 21 year old window motors started acting stupid about a month ago , so today i finally got around to fixing them , had to drill the 1/2 inch holes ford forgot on the little divits , three bolts and out came the motors , typical...
  19. delexploder

    supercharged 5.0 true fire 98 explorer sport

    awesome! cant wait to see it after its next step
  20. delexploder

    supercharged 5.0 true fire 98 explorer sport

    You're right , i googled e force for sbf , it shows one on summit that sure looks like sbf by the pic but it says sbc , either way Tims setup is similar to an e force and something they should have done
  21. delexploder

    supercharged 5.0 true fire 98 explorer sport

    edelbrock E-force for explorers, they do have a small block version but with their blower with the dual 4 or twin tb on top it looks too tall , not to mention over 4 grand u.s. , awesome work cant wait to see it done
  22. delexploder

    is possible install wheel hubs Ranger 98 in Explorer 98 to convert manual locking Hubs

    Mine have held up and performed very well , i dont rock crawl or anything that abusive but i have used them in muddy fields and snow , also i have pulled some pretty crazy weight in 4wd with the 4406 in low range and the 5.0 screaming lol, i do keep them under the stock center hubcaps , keeps...