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    Solved CA Smog was at the limit last time, would disabling overdrive help?

    We had those tests here in FL a while back. I failed a few, older car, until I learned that changing the oil a day or so before the test was all I needed to do to pass the test. You say you changed plugs and wires but I learned that many wires out of the box won't pass a resistance test as in a...
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    Ford Explorer not starting

    OK, well some good stuff already suggested. But for me it has always been do the simple stuff first. Clean the battery terminals, new trick- I now use a piece of window screen in lieu of sand paper but a brush will do. A light coating of NOALOX, this is an electrical conductive lubricant and...
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    Question for anyone – 2002 Explorer Blend Door Actuator?

    Steve, have you tried a box wrench with a screw driver bit, I assume cross tip? Might have to tape the driver tip into the box end of the wrench. You should be able to get into the tight place with that arrangement but if you need more upward thrust to say break the screw free an appropriately...
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    Any way to bench test fuel injectors?

    A test light in series with the nine volt battery will limit the current flow. You can make your own or purchase one, most any 12V bulb will work for starters. Various voltage and wattage bulbs will give different results but they can give a visual indication of a complete circuit and act as a...
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    Alternator Squeaking: Can it wait?

    Have thought of trying a salvage yard for a used alternator?
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    Shall I say frequent misfire 4th cylinder

    Do the simple inexpensive testing first and proceed from there. Water in the cylinder will rust the liner every night and add to your problems like water in the oil so the longer you wait the worse it will likely get. Magnaflux or dye penetration testing of any used head to test for cracks...
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    Advance or Retard SOHC after hydrolock

    Sorry for your troubles, hydrostatic lock in any engine can produce extensive damage. Collapsed pistons, blown head gaskets, lifted injectors, bent or broken crank shafts and as you have discovered bent connecting rods among the other things that can go wrong. This is why on large engines it is...
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    Need A/C help

    That is why those little caps are so important, it is not uncommon for valves to leak. The same is true of tires.
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    Outside Air Temperature Sensor

    Make sure the electrical contacts at the sensor are free of dirt and corrosion. Poor contact will change the electrical values and mess with the readings.
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    1997 A/C blower question

    Yes the evaporator does have a drain, it is pretty much straight down from the firewall. Check for leaves and trash. Water that gets in near the passenger wiper should flow through this drain. As to the other problem, the air damper is a known issue with that year. You can check the forums for...
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    Serpentine Belt

    The MSN Groups service has closed As we first announced on October 23 2008, the MSN Groups service has closed.
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    lets start another heated debate about electric vs. mechanical vs. hydraulic cooling

    I think a lot has to do with what medium you feel comfortable working with and can afford to pay for be it belt drive, electric, hydraulic or even run off your oil pump. Basically if you design it right it will work. Ah can you have fun doing it? Yes of course even if you ran it off steam. Ok do...
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    Having a little problem??

    My first guess is it is running lean when it is cold. Like marragtop said pull the codes for some ideas of things to check for like a vacuum leak.
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    emergency brake cable adjustment

    Check the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir, it is probably low. Refill it and the light will likely go out as I bet it does after you have driven for a while.
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    Quick battery question

    Ok so you are this far along and I will assume you have a digital volt meter 14.5 VDC with the engine running. Yes hydrometers work and I used them for years before the digital meter was invented but I learned the if you take a charged battery and turn the engine over for fifteen seconds (or use...
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    180 degree thermostat.

    Won't the 180 thermostats burn out the cats among other things due to the low temps and the computer conflicts? That has been my understanding since you would essentially be dumping a lot of extra fuel.
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    Help!! Explorer left me stranded

    Do a search for this thread (Fuel pump inertia switch) it has a good picture, DeRocha and 410Fortune give great explanations of it's operation and testing.
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    Gas Tank Size

    I got 21 gallons in mine once after running it about another mile after it said 0 miles to empty. I get 18 to 19 in mixed driving and not head winds but stop and go with short trips or lots of traffic jams can really kill it. I also try to keep the RPM's below 2K. Oh and I do not use the A/C if...
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    1991 Oil Pressure

    Welcome to the site. Maniak did a nice job of covering the bases. The things that can really help when answering your questions are the details about how many miles, what kind of oil/weight, do you hear any sounds like piston slap or light tapping of any kind and anything else you can include.
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    Busted A/C Pressure hose!

    I kept the ends sealed with tape when I changed out the accumulator then I did a slight purge and thus was able to avoid the system evacuation. A charge of oil is also advised since much of it escapes with the refrigerant.
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    Busted A/C Pressure hose!

    I am going to assume you are referring to a Ford spring connection. If that is the case I was able to split a piece of PVC pipe lengthwise, put a slight bevel on it and that allowed me to expand the spring so I could slide the fitting out. I think this is the same kind of fitting used on the...
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    Fuse box help

    Power distribution box You may have to search around on the AutoZone site.
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    Horrible Gas Mileage!!

    Don't just throw parts at it and hope you guessed the right one. There is enough information on this site, do a search on O2 sensors, to know if your $85 X 4 O2 sensor is good or bad even if you have to purchase a scanner to get there. Like Aldive said they do not fail very often.
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    Think I found my exhaust leak..

    Well at least you found it, I bet it was a PITA to get out.
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    Dual battery

    The battery splitter/isolator is definitely the way to go if you are using more than one battery. The safety side alone would warrant it so you do not kill your starting battery. a larger alternator may help, even a lot, but wire size and proper grounding (a dedicated copper ground) is also very...
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    keyless fob

    Welcome to the site. You may be able to decipher that feature from the vin code, do a search on vin codes, otherwise I would think a trip to a dealer would be in order. The only other option I can think of would be through a locksmith.
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    e-brake light keeps coming on

    That is also an indication that your brake fluid reservoir is low on brake fluid and needs attention before you get air in the system.
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    I have been averaging 18 to 19 MPG in mixed driving, less if I run into stop and go gridlock traffic. I coast as much as possible, it is rather flat here, I also use the cruse control a lot so I can get 25 MPG @ 65 MPH unless there is a head wind and that can drop the instantaneous reading down...
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    Momentary cut off switch for the alternator @ WOT

    I think that would work. Have you considered using a vacuum operated cutout such as the on you A/C currently utilizes for that same purpose? I think you would find it easier to install and maintain.
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    Dual Alternators?

    The battery splitter/isolator is definitely the way to go if you are using more than one battery. The safety side alone would warrant it so you do not kill your starting battery. a larger alternator may help, even a lot, but wire size and proper grounding is also very important. The stock wiring...
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    Mobil 1 extended service 15000 miles?

    I have been using the 5 K for filters and 20 K for the Mobil 1 for years. The even advertised it as a 20 K oil. My daughter even tried to cook one of my engines shortly after she got her drivers license and the oil helped save the engine. Woodword Governors shows a much extended service...
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    Brakes/Rotor Grinding Problems

    This thred should help.
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    Starter Motor Overhaul

    In general as the bearings wear, especially the commutator end, the commutator will wear in an egg shape an that will necessitate having it turned to true it up. A starter is a pretty durable piece of gear so if you are lucky that won't be an issue. Don't forget the solenoid contacts, as they...
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    Starter or Alternator

    Never ever disconnect the battery terminals on vehicle that is running. The resulting changes in the alternators collapsing magnetic field will cause excessively high terminal voltages that will destroy nearly every electrical component that is not designed for voltages in excess of 120 volts...
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    So I thought I had a bearing fail....

    Be very careful of mixing new and old tires even as set of front and rear and especially on a 4x4 due to the difference in diameter. Take a tape measure and check for yourself. It will not take much difference in diameter to pit one axel against the other. Yes this may not be the overall cause...
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    Can you help me

    Overheating can depending on the severity warp the heads and you can even get blown head gaskets. Check all your fluid levels and fluids for contamination. check your plugs for abnormalities and do a compression check.
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    I just blew up my Explorer!!! Ahhh!

    You did not say if it was synthetic oil or not. 410 is right about checking we have all cleaned up at least one mess. You could do some compression checks, use a bore scope and look inside each cylinder, use a stethoscope and narrow down the location of the click but the prognosis is not good...
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    Please Help 95 Explorer dieing when hot

    Just replacing the fuel pressure regulator may not tell you everything that is going on. Take some pressure readings under normal conditions and again when it fails especially if this is something that you can regularly duplicate. Your fuel pump may be failing and you need the pressure readings...
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    Cooler Thermostat

    Rob you may also have a sensor issue such as a poor electrical connection. Try to verify that your gauge is working properly. Also running an engine cold all the time leads to fuel dilution of the oil and that can lead to crankcase explosions and excessive bearing wear.