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    Better Fogs

    I'm looking to replace my factory fog lights on my 97 EB with something better. One of the lamps is broken so I need to replace it anyway. I have the rectangular-shaped fog lights in the valance below the bumper. What is a good aftermarket lamp that will fit into the rectangular hole, but...
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    Need help on buying an AWD Explorer

    So if I understand the $7k includes the taxes and fees. So that means the dealer is selling for around $5500 - $6000 depending on what taxes are in your area. That's still not a great deal. I would have a look around on, autotrader, craigslist, and kijiji to see what others are...
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    Catalytic converter is bad

    First off, this is illegal for on-road use. If you plan on tampering with any emissions on your vehicle, it renders it off-road only. With that out of the way, the O2 sensors (on my truck anyhow) are on either side of the first/primary (front cats). There are no sensors measuring the...
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    best aal kit

    Yep, they are still there: Question is: Which one goes with our model year Ex? I have a '97 EB.
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    Secondary Cat Removal

    Good to hear! So does this mean you had droning before you gutted the cats with the Mac Exhaust?
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    Warrior shackle intall Question?

    So all you did was add the shackles? No TT? And the truck sits level? Your rear springs must've been (still are if not replaced) pretty worn and tired.
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    Secondary Cat Removal

    No, not the feline type, but the exhaust type. I have a '97 5.0 which needs a new muffler. After looking around for a bit, I think I've settled on a Mac Cat-back. I'll be adding a Mac CAI at the same time. I'm also debating on removing the secondary cats as well. I'm after better...
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    EATC (automatic temperature control) Problems

    As I figured, I had the wires reversed for the plug. Fixed that and the blower speed controller now works perfect. Just for future info, I got the part from, Part # RU539 -- cost $70. It is the exact same part as you will get from Ford with the same manufacturer and same part...
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    EATC (automatic temperature control) Problems

    Didn't really splice in a new module, just a new plug. The plug on the new module was different than the old module. I used a pinout diagram that I got from Ford to match up the wires from the old wiring harness to the pins on the new module. This is getting me thinking....:scratch: I...
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    EATC (automatic temperature control) Problems

    Sorry, don't mean to be confusing... The A/C blower was only working when the switch was placed in the "Max" position. I had heat/cold, just no fan. So I changed out the electronic module which controls the fan in hopes that it would fix the problem. It didn't -- it added another problem...
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    EATC (automatic temperature control) Problems

    Any ideas, anyone?
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    EATC (automatic temperature control) Problems

    I need some help here. First off, I have a 97 EB 5.0L with automatic temp control (EATC). I have been having some problems with my EATC. My blower fan was only operating when I manually set the control to max, and the rest of the settings don't work. So I do a search, and I find this...
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    Bye Bye Sploder

    Oh yeah, good points... I second the water pump, alternator, plugs/wires, and front drive shaft.
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    Bye Bye Sploder

    Welcome to the 5.0 club. :salute: My '97 has had no major issues with either the engine or tranny after 305k km (I'm :can:). Change the oil every 5k, tranny fluid once a year and those parts are good-to-go! On the other hand, everything else has been less reliable: serpentine belt, idler...
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    Another HVAC Problem

    Thanks for the info. From what you said there, I was able to do another search and found these, which pretty much answers my question. Now I just need to find the part, and it looks like neither or have it...
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    Another HVAC Problem

    Here's the history on my 97 EB 5.0 V8 HVAC system: Last year, my blower motor died. I replaced it and all was good for a couple of months. Then, the system started acting up again. I have automatic temperature control, and the fan would only turn on if I manually set it to high. So I did...
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    Front tires leaning badly.

    Do you mean the one that ROCKAUTO lists on their webpage? "MOOG Part # K80065 {Caster Camber Cam Bolt} Frt Susp; Problem Solver; adjustment range from -1-5/8 to +1-5/8 Deg." My last visit to the alignment shop told me that my camber was beyond stock adjustments and I needed a camber kit...
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    broken abs sensor issues

    Huh. I learned something today.
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    broken abs sensor issues

    I don't think that the ABS sensor would cause the AWD to "kick in". From my understanding the transfer case and differentials are a mechanical limited slip design, not an electronic type. My experience with having a ABS sensor gone bad was that the ABS system would kick on whenever you...
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    Front vents don't work, rear ones do???

    Not that I'm an expert, but it sounds like you blower fan is not working properly. My fan quit on me too (96 EB), and I replaced it pretty easily. Do you have automatic temperature control or manual control? Do a search for blower fan or blower fan resistor as it sounds like it is one...
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    will it hurt to remove the front drive shaft to disable AWD?

    Use your e-brake!! I was without a front drive shaft for a while on my 97 EB with AWD and it would slowly, but surely, roll even if it was on a slight incline. I used to carry around a small brick to put in front of one of the wheels to keep it from rolling into someone. Be careful! As a...
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    cant find blower motor resistor....

    So I've got a 97 EB 5.0, and I'm also having trouble with my automatic temp control. The fan only works on full, so I'm planning on changing out the resistor to see if this will fix the problem. I figured I should be able to find the resistor on the bottom right of the blower (from the front...