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    Front Shocks: Stock Air Ride. (Yes, I've Searched...)

    Replace the rear air shocks with the monroe replacements, get a set of monroe specialty non-electronic air shocks for the front. You can get the fronts by ordering them for a 95 limited. Buy yourself a air lift air ride kit for 114 at jcwhitney. You will have to find some air hose that will fit...
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    ARC vs After Market AIR Shocks - Ride Height

    I replaced my air shocks with the oem air shocks from monroe, they look just like the factory ones. I gutted the old arc system and added a kit from air lift to provide the air pressure for the shocks, used the factory valve to control front and rear. I've also added polyurethane sway bar...
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    New 99 Explorer EB: need help with 2 common explorer problems

    Don't convert the shocks to standard ones. I have a 95 Limited that came with 4 corner air ride. We used standard shocks for a year as a temp fix and it rode like crap. Go to ################## and get the new air shocks for 80 a piece. I have these hooked up to a aftermarket compressor from air...
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    Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Saving Oil LOL

    A couple of weeks ago I changed my oil on my 95 limited with the 4.0 v6. I figured I would give this AFS oil a try to see if it actually works. Well here is the interesting thing about this. Normally when using 5w30 full synthetic I get about 400 miles on a full tank of gas (89). Same driving...
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    Limited Explorer Gets XLT Torsion Bars

    I went from the softest spring, code on the door sticker is LH. I mainly did this as an experiment. I've read that people who own xlt's and such say they ride like crap. So I slapped those b torsion bars in, the adjuster screws are barely turned in. Those springs combined with the factory air...
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    Limited Explorer Gets XLT Torsion Bars

    Using spring code B off a xlt explorer.
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    Explorer Rear Suspension in Action

    This is the rear in action going over bumps in the road and a couple of railroad tracks. Using factory air shocks and worn leaf springs. Shocks were pumped up to 30 psi in this test.
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    Weird transmission problem

    I did the work my self, this started before I did all the work. It happened after I was trying to get it out of 4x4 low. I know how to replace the trans, I already pulled it out to do the torque converter. Already planned on putting in a new one this year. This feb I hope to order a new one...
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    Weird transmission problem

    First off, I have a 95 limited with a 4r55e. When driving, after warming up, when slowing down to 15 mph tranny shifts into 1st like normal but when it does it sometimes doesn't engage all the way. Meaning I'll feel the tranny make a slight clunk, and it won't move forward on its own, but it...
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    Explorer Front IFS in Action

    This shows the front suspension of my 95 Limited in action. Suspension is a bit modded in terms of the air suspension now being manually controlled, bump stops removed, and ac delco polyurethane sway bar bushings are installed. 4wd is removed in this video, I'm in the process of rebuilding the...
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    I recently made a video showing the front suspension in action. Made a nice camera mount that screwed into a hole located underneath the driver side step. Video has music, its techno. enjoy.
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    How does yours ride at the moment? What brand shocks are you looking at getting? check out
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    I have videos of my explorer on youtube. Here is my repairs that were done during the past year or so.
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    My parents gave me they're 95 limited to me for graduating high school. It needed: Shocks (auto ride control shocks) ball joints, sway bar links and bushings, tie rod ends, ignition coil pack, egr valve, spark plugs, spark plug wires, water pump, axle shock, alternator, battery (got a red top)...
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    Hey you got the same rims my 95 limited has! Love the limited way better than the others. Never had any major issues with mine, well at least most of it's life. Tranny is showing its age at 168k miles.
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    Project Roadblock

    I love new parts.
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    '96 Transmission Grinds

    Speaking of trans problems... I have a 4r55e that after warming up, when slowing down to 15mph, 1st gear drops out partially. If I brake torque it or shift into 2nd or 1st then back into drive it regains 1st gear. Transmission has 168k miles on it and has had only one fluid change.
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    Engine running like crap

    Replace the mass airflow sensor, its part of the air intake tube, it mounts onto the air filter and has a wire harness going to it.
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    Ticking Sound (no, it's not the exhaust.)

    I had a ticking noise on my 4.0 about a year or two ago, and I replaced the plugs and plug wires and the sound went away. And the plugs were fairly new, only a year old. The plug wires were 15+ years old. Now the only sound I get from time to time is the water pump chirp.
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    Road Noise

    I know I need new seals on my doors, the driver side has a wear in it that has actually ripped at some point, and the funny thing is the wear area lines up with my butt! lol
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    Explorer suspension.

    I've been looking around for an air bag/air ride suspension kit online for my Explorer but can't find any. I would love to get rid of those springs and put bags in. I want the best possible ride out of my Explorer so if anyone can help me out that would be great.