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    WOW, this guy snapped.......

    two, 1 Ranger, 1 F-250
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    WOW, this guy snapped.......

    Personally I have no sympothy towards the guy and most of you do. I think torching somebodies business is unjustifiable no matter if the person thinks they got screwed or not. Thats fine, we are all entitled to our opinions. Obviosly there is no point in trying to convince somebody one way or...
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    no keg beer

    If the cops come for noise violation/underage drinking or whatever, they charge the people that own the place with no sticker on the keg.
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    WOW, this guy snapped.......

    I agree, there are bad sales people out there. But, no matter what, no body is making you sign your name to buy the car. And no matter what the price is always there for you to see before you sign. If you don't understand the fine print, maybe you shouldnt be buying the car. And if you do sign...
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    WOW, this guy snapped.......

    This nut case burnt a business down just because he was mad. He finnaly relized he screwed up and took the easy way out. If this happened to my in-laws dealership I would be pissed. If you don't want the car, don't buy it. If you do something like torching cars you deserve the punishment. My...
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    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Hahahahaha, LMAO. They were just in the bed of the truck applying Herculiner. :rolleyes:
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    Lift ?

    You might as well buy a 4" lift kit. You are going to need the brake lines, pitman arm, and drop brackets any way. The ride/flex will be alot better with the springs also. I have the 4" Superlift w/ extended arms on my Explorer and love it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or E-mail...
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    91 Eddie Daily Driver and loving it

    Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of info here to help you with your Explorer. For your doors and fender check the "parts for sale" forum. I foy don't see anything there you can post in the "wanted forum". Good luck with the Explorer, -Nick Good
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    How many of yalls 1st Gen. Explorers fuel gauges work?

    My gas gauge does not work. i have aprox. 125,000 miles on it. Nick Good
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    1989 4.9 F-150 Fan Play

    I just went down to the garage and check. The fan and pulley(before the water pump) are both moving up and down. I can not tell if the shaft is also. Also, it has not leaked any fluid since i have had it, aprox. 10,000 miles. Nick Good
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    1989 4.9 F-150 Fan Play

    I have a 1989 F-150 2WD manual 4.9L 6Cyl w/ AC. My problem is that my fan is bouncing around all over the place. The belt tension is correct because it has the auto-tensioner. I just replaced my belt 30 miles ago due to it being chewed up. When the truck is running I can hear it banging around...
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    1992 Mazda Navajo yet again being reborn

    Man, that is some shiny paint. You must have gone all out for the paint job. Definitly not the Maaco special. Looks real good, cant wait to see it finished. -Nick Good
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    GM Non-Serviceable Fuel Filters

    ExplorerDMB, I know a lot of Jeeps have the filter and pump together in the tank. If you need one you have to buy both, my 2000 Wrangler was that way. They said it never needs replacing, I didn't keep it long enough to find out. Bunch of B.S if you ask me. -Nick Good
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    info on lift

    There are many, many, many options. Search Offroad Suspension Forum And you will find the info you need. It all pretty much depends on how much lift you want. -welcome, -Nick Good
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    Is your lifted truck your daily driver?

    Mine is not my DD. I do not dive it that much. my 1989 F-150 is the truck I take to work and back. BTW this forum is a better forum for your poll : -Nick Good
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    mixin it up..

    All I have to say is "Nice"! Way to buck the trend and do something different. Looks really nice. Nick Good
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    boggers the best of the best?

    Lots of info on your old thread:
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    Problems With Lift?

    I agree with "mrboyle". Those tires will put a hurting on the front axle and maybe the rear. With that size tire you should do a SAS and maybe upgrade the rear. Do some research and you will see that the front axle will not be able to handle it, and the rear 8.8 will most likely be feeling the...
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    What are any pros / cons to running a 16 inch rim?

    I'm running the 4" superlift w/ extended arms. I havnt noticed any problem with running this combo. Nick Good
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    What are any pros / cons to running a 16 inch rim?

    On my 1993 I am running 33 10.50's on the stock rims. They work just fine. You have alot better gear ratio than me. I have 3.27. you will be O.K. with the stock 15x7 rims. -Nick Good
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    What color red?

    Got to bring up an old post, just cause I love the second red so much. I think that darker shade will look alot better. The first one is just to bland. -Nick Good
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    Do you have health insurance?

    Here in Virginia, you can pay a $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee. I wouldnt risk it though. I stick to liability. -Nick Good
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    Can't find trim

    Try the "wanted" section of our site. There might be somebody that has it and wants to sell. More than likely it will be cheaper than a dealer. Just post the exact parts that you want and somebody might reply with it. -Nick Good
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    Do you have health insurance?

    $86 per month. $2000 deductable. I am not offered it at work so I have this just incase I get in a bad wreck or something. -Nick Good
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    Im Bored...... So Heres a Poll for Everyone

    Say-leen is the only way I have heard it. Maybe they say it different in the North. -Nick Good
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    BW 1350 Chain the same as the 1354 chain? Great site. I think this will help alot of people out. -Nick Good
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    The one that got away

    I'm really confussed. Give us some details. I don't think any one can understand your post. -Nick Good
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    lift 2wd, why? Check the rules. This is the wrong forum for you post. Try "Shocks, Suspension and Lift Kits. This forum is just for new members to introduce them selves. -Nick Good
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    Extending Radius Arms for Tire Clearance

    I agree with Josh. The axle pivot brackets would not alow the axle to move forward. Nick Good
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    What should I do? Need some input

    I vote for the canvas top. That would be nice during the summer. Nick Good
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    Manual Hub reliability

    I saw those in the summit catalog and am considering them. Does anybody have any personal experience with the Superwinch hubs? Nick Good
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    Show's '90 Ranger James Duff 5.5" lift

    Got any updates? I have been following this project and love watching it come together. It's going to be one sick rig. -Nick Good
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    super swamper friend or foe

    If you are interested in swampers i would go with the truxes MT's. They are good off road and wear fairly good. Boggers will wear down quicker than you can believe on road. I wouldnt even expect 20,000 miles out of them. And for the love of God, stay away from Thornturds. I got a set for free...
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    Bfg M/t

    I have these in 33 10.50's . They seem like most other tires to me in the rain. I have not had any problems with them. As with any tire you should use more caution on rain slicked roads. But overall they are great tires and I love them. -Nick Good
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    new here!

    For the fuse box and wiring harness I would try a local junk yard. It will be a lot cheaper than buying one from the dealer. And im supprised the 91 has more power than the 99. Is the 91 stock or have there been engine mods/re-gearing? If the 91 is stock the 99 should have more power. -Nick Good
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    Lucky Limb.............. (almost whoops)

    Dang DMB. Luck was on your side, you would have been nailed for sure. -Nick Good
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    Hog jawl and black-eyed peas

    for our turnip greens we always just simmer it with ham hock. nick Good
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    Hog jawl and black-eyed peas

    Is ponhose close enough? Its dang good with maple syrup in the mornings. Nick Good